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  1. 1. Blog: AllStoreDisplays.com DISPLAY ADDS TO YOUR STORES PROFIT Displays are very important for a store and it makes a lot of difference as to what kind of display idea you use or what method you use to make sure that your products are visible to the customers who would be walking into the store. If one looks closely at the statistics related to sales and promotions one would notice that even though advertising is very important, it is also important that the products one wants to sell should be visible. There are different ways by which you can draw attention of your customers to the products that you are selling depending upon the nature of the products and the size as well as the price range. One way to put expensive and exclusive products on display is to make use of floral displays and this can also be used for those which are feminine in nature. The best quality retail store displays would make your products stand out and they would be highly visible and this is the second way by which you can put your products on display. This method is best suited for large stores who have a wide selection of products to put on display. The same concept applies to wire display racks. This is another method by which you can put a lot of different items on display at the same time. Whatever method you choose you have to make sure that the fixtures you use are of good quality and they would be able to sustain for a long period of time.