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Page 1: Dinosauri Simonetta
Page 2: Dinosauri Simonetta

Millions of years ago, on the earth there

were any people but dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs lived on the earth for over

165 million years but then they

mysteriously became extinct.

Page 3: Dinosauri Simonetta

There are lots of different kinds of

dinosaurs, some are HUGE……

…and some are small.

Page 4: Dinosauri Simonetta

Some dinosaurs run fast on two legs.

Some dinosaurs walk on four legs and are

very slow

Page 5: Dinosauri Simonetta

Dinosaurs eat different things.

Diplodocus eats leaves.

It is herbivore.

velociraptor and T-Rex, eat meat.

They are carnivore.

Page 6: Dinosauri Simonetta

There are many kinds of dinosaurs. They have…

…armour plating,…horns,

…bumpy skin


Page 7: Dinosauri Simonetta

Nobody knows exactly what

happened to the dinosaurs.

Some people believe that an asteroid

caused changes on the earth that the

dinosaurs could not adapt to.

Page 8: Dinosauri Simonetta

All that is left of the dinosaurs are fossils.

These are dinosaur bones that have been discovered

in the earth and rock.

Page 9: Dinosauri Simonetta


The dinosaurs collection in

this museum is the most

important in the world Visit the museum website


Page 10: Dinosauri Simonetta

There are ten thousand (10.000)dinosaurs specimens

Page 11: Dinosauri Simonetta
Page 12: Dinosauri Simonetta

Children are wellcome to the museum, they can enjoy dinosaurs

through plays and activities

Page 13: Dinosauri Simonetta
Page 14: Dinosauri Simonetta

Produced by Bev Evans,adapted by Simonetta Leonardi