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http://partyinvitationshq.com/dinosaur-party-invitations/RAWR! So you are planning an exciting dinosaur party for your kids upcoming birthday? We have invitation cards in a wide variety of styles so I am sure you can find one thats perfect for you.


<ul><li> 1. Are you planning an Average, Typical and Booooooring birthday party?Yes: go get the average, typical and boring invitationsfrom drugstores.No: enjoy these colorful and cheerful creations andfind out where you can get them!</li></ul> <p> 2. I loved this simple,fun design butmost of all I lovethe quality of thepaperJenmarie,Texas 3. KLJohnson,OhioHe isnt into any specific kids showsyet, so I wanted to do something fun,but semi-adult looking. Very moderncard, everyone I sent it to loved it!Good quality, and fast shipping. 4. The dino invitationwas perfect for mysons birthdayparty. Heabsolutely loved it.I loved the dino onthe invite and thecolors you guysused! Marciac21, Connecticut 5. Bought these for mysons 4th birthdayparty as he is currently Perobsessed withdinosaurs.Farnkie2, Virginia 6. Meflee,South CarolinaI bought thisinvitation for mysons 4 year oldbirthday party. Lovethe quality andquickness of delivery! 7. Perfect way toshowcase my Perbirthday theme! 8. Love this invitation! Super cuteand high quality! Most dinosaurdecor for parties are prettycheesy. This card looks classierand more suited for younger Perkids. Helped the "design" of thewhole party! Felt the price wasgood and received my orderquickly. Highly recommend!Leah1443,Kentucky 9. These invites were such ahit! I submitted a photofrom an iphone and myphoto came out great! They Perwere a perfect addition toour dino themed party!MrsGautier, California 10. This was so perfect formy sons 2nd birthday -a dino-themed party atthe childrens museum.The characters could notbe cuter and justcaptures so muchpersonality in such littledrawings.AllysonH,Texas 11. STOP Getting Cards From The Drugstore!Instead, take these cute, fun andexciting invitations with a modern twistavailable at your finger tips!http://PartyInvitationsHQ.com/dinosaur-party-invitations/Find out where you can get them here inthe link below.</p>