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  • DIGITIZATION PARTNERSHIPSThe National Archives and Records Administration

  • National Archives and Records Administration

    Digitization Strategy

  • NARAs Strategic Plan, 2006-2016Strategic Goal 4: We will provide prompt, easy, and secure access to our holdings anywhere, anytime.By 2012, 1 percent of archival holdings are available online.

    Strategy Two: NARA will establish partnerships with organizations from a variety of sectors to accomplish this.

  • NARA Principles forDigitization Partnerships Partners will digitize full series or file segments of records, not just selected documents: To provide for full access and effective preservation.To retain an archival view of the records.

    Online access to the products of the partnerships will always remain free in NARA research rooms.

  • NARA Principles forDigitization Partnerships

    After an agreed-upon period of time, NARA gains unrestricted rights to the digital copies.

    The partner shall pay all direct costs associated with the digitizing partnerships.

  • National Archives and Records Administration

    Current Status

  • Current Digitization Partners

    iArchives, operating Footnote.com website

    Family Search (formerly known as Genealogical Society of Utah)

    The Generations Network, operating Ancestry.com website

  • Current Digitization Partners

    Digitized NARA holdings now online:

    Footnote.com - 50 million images

    Ancestry.com - 70 million images

  • Digitization Partnerships for Archival Institutions

    Issues& Challenges

  • Issues and Challenges: Start-upIssue: Start-up of a partnership and each subsequent project requires significant resources:Development of the initial partnership agreement Selection of projectsDevelopment of project plans

    Challenge: Institutions must develop and use standard practices to the extent possible but remain flexible to adjust to unique circumstances.

  • Issues and Challenges: Start-up (2)NARA is committed to non-exclusive partnerships: We will have multiple partnerships but any original records series will be digitized only once. For any institution that follows suit, bear in mind:Issue: Partners are competitors. Issue: All records are not equal.Issue: Partners are not equal.

    Challenge: Institutions must develop a fair and equitable way of assigning records to be digitized by partners.

  • Issues and Challenges: Start-up (3)Selected NARA Partnership Project Plan Elements Information about records to be digitizedWork plan (equipment, formats, image sizes, etc)Description metadata required to be delivered to NARAPartner personnel for projectNARA personnel for projectDocument preparation issuesEstimated NARA costs to be paid by partnerSpecial issues

  • Issues and Challenges: Capture

    The vast majority of the online images were obtained from NARA microfilm publications. Issue: Digitizing original records is enormously more time-consuming for both partners and the archival institution, especially with older, less standardized records.

    Challenge: Institutions should continuously strive to find appropriate ways to achieve greater efficiency in digitizing original records.

  • Issues and Challenges: CaptureIssue: Many archival series will include records that require some specialized effort, such as those that are oversize or require treatment before imaging.

    Challenge: Institutions must develop efficient and cost-effective ways to address special issues that arise during the capture process.

  • Issues and Challenges: CaptureIssue: Partnerships bring certain costs to archival institutions in the areas of management, coordination, training, space requirements, and follow-up quality assurance and storage.

    Challenge: An institution must realistically assess the impact partnerships will have on resources and work plans.

  • Digitization Partnerships for Archival Institutions

    A Balanced View

  • A Balanced View: BenefitsInstitutions may gain from a partnership: Increased understanding of digitization Opportunities to see effect of different digitization and presentation strategiesVast increase in numbers of documents digitizedDevelopment of additional descriptive metadata Enhanced public access to holdingsPreservation benefits as documents are retired from the research room

  • A Balanced View: Cautionary NotesInstitutions entering into a partnership should be prepared for:Significant coordination and management effortsLess control than with an in-house projectSlower progress than anticipatedOngoing discussions with the partner to overcome unexpected developments and ensure that the results match the promise

  • National Archives and Records AdministrationWeb addresses for resourcesNARA Strategic plan:http://www.archives.gov/about/plans-reports/strategic-plan/2007/nara-strategic-plan-2006-2016.pdfNARA Digitization Strategy:http://www.archives.gov/digitization/strategy.htmlNARA Digitization Partnerships:http://www.archives.gov/digitization/partnerships.html

    One of 6 strategic goals. The primary goal is access, but we recognize a preservation benefit by reducing wear and tear on the originals. (Served to many more people, but never in original form once digitized.)

    In the decades to come, the expectation of easy online access to our holdings will grow.By online we mean that the public can retrieve copies over the Internet without an interaction with NARA staff, and the archival context of these records is available in our online catalog.

    Non-Exclusive: we will not be seeking a single partner to digitize all of our materials, but that we will welcome different partners for different sets of materials.Transfer: Partners shall provide NARA without charge a full set of the digital copies produced by the partnership. These copies shall adhere to NARA's technical specifications.Likewise: Partners shall provide NARA without charge a set of metadata generated by the project sufficient to make the digitized copies usable by NARA, and that adheres to NARA's descriptive standards. Ultimately NARA will have unrestricted ownership of this metadata.

    Our rights, after period of time, include the right to give or sell unrestricted digital copies in whole or part to other entities. Each currently has either two or three workstations at Archives I or II. Footnote: WWII USAAC Photos, Vietnam Photos, SCC approved filesFamily Search: pilot project of Civil War widows pension certificate filesTGN: Department of State reports of deaths of US citizens abroad, INS accessioned microfilm of passenger arrival records


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