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<ul><li><p>Daywise Breakup for "Digital Yuva"Duration : 2 months</p><p>Lab Assignment</p><p>Day 1 Windows 7</p><p>Interaction with </p><p>students.</p><p>Course Introduction.</p><p>How computer is useful </p><p>in our day-to-day life.</p><p>Day 2 Windows 7 Getting Started</p><p>Logging On to </p><p>Windows7</p><p>Exploring the Desktop</p><p>Turn On your computer.</p><p>Turn Off your Computer.</p><p>Restart your computer</p><p>Explorer Windows Desktop</p><p>Find Icons available on the desktop.</p><p>Use Taskbar and Start button to open various applications.</p><p>Identify use of Recycle bin.</p><p>Day 3 Windows 7 Personalizing Windows7</p><p>Changing the Desktop </p><p>Background</p><p>Applying a Screen Saver</p><p>Change wallpaper of your desktop. Use various.</p><p>Apply various picture positions and picture settings</p><p>Applying Screen saver</p><p>Day 4 Windows 7 Personalizing Windows7</p><p>Applying Themes</p><p>Changing Mouse </p><p>Settings</p><p>Apply various themes available in Windows Operating System.</p><p>Customize your desktop for various events such as Birthday, </p><p>Teachers Day, Friendship Day etc.</p><p>Change mouse pointer </p><p>Day 5 Windows 7 Using Applications Windows Media Player</p><p>Open Windows Media Player.</p><p>Change mode of windows Media Player. </p><p>Use Windows Media Player to listen your favourite songs.</p><p>Listen songs and enjoy your day!</p><p>Day 6 Windows 7 Using Applications PaintOpen Paint application and use various tools available in Paint </p><p>application. Save the picture file.</p><p>Digital Yuva Day Wise Break Up</p><p>Hands on (1 hour)Days (Daily 2 </p><p>Hrs.)</p><p>Learning through ERA (1 hour)</p><p>Topic</p><p>Page 1</p></li><li><p>Daywise Breakup for "Digital Yuva"</p><p>Lab AssignmentHands on (1 hour)</p><p>Days (Daily 2 </p><p>Hrs.)</p><p>Learning through ERA (1 hour)</p><p>Topic</p><p>Day 7 Windows 7 Using Applications PaintCreate Scenery / Greeting Card / Your Classroom picture and set </p><p>it as a wallpaper.</p><p>Day 8 Windows 7 Using Applications Notepad</p><p>Open Notepad application.</p><p>Type your name and address and save the file. </p><p>Open existing file and print the document.</p><p>Day 9 Windows 7 Using Applications WordPad</p><p>Starting WordPad</p><p>Use Word Wrap</p><p>Format Text by applying bold, Italic, Underline styles</p><p>Increase Font Size of selected text and Save the document.</p><p>Day 10 Windows 7 Using Applications WordPad</p><p>Opening WordPad Document, Find and Replace Text, Move and </p><p>Copy Text.</p><p>Insert and Resize Picture.</p><p>Day 11 Windows 7 Using Applications Windows Movie Maker Create your own movie using Windows Movie Maker.</p><p>Day 12 Windows 7 Using Applications</p><p>Calculator</p><p>Snipping Tool</p><p>Sticky Notes</p><p>Open Calculator and perform various calculations.</p><p>Change mode and view history of your calculations.</p><p>Using Snipping Tool, take a snapshot of your desktop </p><p>background.</p><p>Use Sticky Notes to prepare list of tasks.</p><p>Day 13 Windows 7 Using ApplicationsGames</p><p>Math Input Panel</p><p>Using Games Explorer play various Games available in Windows </p><p>Operating System.</p><p>Use Math Input Panel to write down Math Expressions.</p><p>Day 14 Windows 7 Working With Windows</p><p>Parts of a Window</p><p>Copying Between </p><p>Applications</p><p>Explorer various buttons present on Title Bar. Use Menu Bar and </p><p>scroll bar</p><p>Copy picture from one application and paste into other </p><p>application.</p><p>Page 2</p></li><li><p>Daywise Breakup for "Digital Yuva"</p><p>Lab AssignmentHands on (1 hour)</p><p>Days (Daily 2 </p><p>Hrs.)</p><p>Learning through ERA (1 hour)</p><p>Topic</p><p>Day 15 Windows 7Windows Explorer</p><p>Customization</p><p>Files, Folders and </p><p>Libraries</p><p>Creating Folders and </p><p>Libraries</p><p>Date &amp; Time Settings</p><p>Gadgets</p><p>Open Windows Explorer</p><p>What is File?</p><p>Use of Folders.</p><p>Use of Libraries</p><p>Create Files, Folders and Libraries.</p><p>Change Date &amp; Time of your system.</p><p>Change Calendar Setting</p><p>View or Hide Gadgets</p><p>Day 16 Windows 7</p><p>Day 17 Internet Getting Started</p><p>What is Internet</p><p>Browsers</p><p>Internet Explorer 9</p><p>Uses of internet</p><p>Social Networking</p><p>Learn internet and web with Tiri-Miri </p><p>Learn browsers (Tiri-Miri Video)</p><p>Learn domain name with Tiri-Miri </p><p>Open Internet Explore.</p><p>Use Address bar and Refresh buttons</p><p>Set as Home Page</p><p>Internet for Entertainment (Tiri-Miri Video)</p><p>Internet for Education (Tiri-Miri Video)</p><p>Social Networking (Tiri-Miri Video)</p><p>Day 18 Internet Hindi Typing Using Google IME Use Google IME to type in Hindi</p><p>Day 19 Internet Exploriments Using Exploriments</p><p>Learn by doing Approach</p><p>Sensitive &amp; Proactive Environments</p><p>Unusual &amp; Imaginary Devices</p><p>Day 20 Internet</p><p>Using Google map</p><p>Online shopping with </p><p>Flipkart</p><p>Journey planning using </p><p>Google map</p><p>Online shopping with </p><p>Flipkart</p><p>Use Google Map to arrange your picnic.</p><p>Online shopping with Flipkart</p><p>Day 21 InternetCommunication through </p><p>Email</p><p>Create Email Account</p><p>Compose and Send </p><p>Email</p><p>SPAM mails</p><p>Invitations</p><p>Uses of internet for communication (Tiri-Miri Video)</p><p>Create Gmail, Hotmail, Rediffmail or Yahoo account</p><p>Email (Tiri-Miri Video)</p><p>Compose and Send Email in Gmail</p><p>Send email in other than English language</p><p>Information regarding the spam emails</p><p>Create an invitation for birthday party</p><p>Interim Performance Test (IPT) 1 : Windows 7</p><p>Page 3</p></li><li><p>Daywise Breakup for "Digital Yuva"</p><p>Lab AssignmentHands on (1 hour)</p><p>Days (Daily 2 </p><p>Hrs.)</p><p>Learning through ERA (1 hour)</p><p>Topic</p><p>Day 22 Internet Talks</p><p>Google Talk</p><p>Skype</p><p>Yahoo messenger</p><p>Download and Install Google Talk</p><p>Instant Messaging (Tiri-Miri Video)</p><p>Voice chat using Google talk</p><p>Download Skype and create Skype account</p><p>Download and install yahoo messenger</p><p>Voice chat using yahoo messenger</p><p>Day 23 Internet Online Search</p><p>Information</p><p>Hobby or interest</p><p>Maps</p><p>Search information using Google</p><p>Use Wikipedia to search information</p><p>Wikipedia (Tiri-Miri Video)</p><p>Information about a hobby or interest</p><p>Search For a Map Or Driving Directions</p><p>Day 24 Internet Online Search</p><p>Product or service</p><p>Information for </p><p>children</p><p>Search for baby names</p><p>Research on a product or service before buying</p><p>E-commerce (Tiri-Miri video)</p><p>Electronic Commerce-Security (Tiri-Miri Video)</p><p>Search jokes, activities, poems, sketches for children's</p><p>Day 25 InternetOnline TV</p><p>Online Games</p><p>Live TV</p><p>3D Games</p><p>Watch live TV online</p><p>Play 3D games online</p><p>Day 26 InternetDownload data from </p><p>internet</p><p>Wallpapers</p><p>Songs</p><p>Videos</p><p>Screensavers</p><p>Download wallpaper on your PC</p><p>Download songs on your PC</p><p>Download videos</p><p>Download screensavers</p><p>Day 27 InternetLearn languages on </p><p>internet</p><p>Learn Language</p><p>Language </p><p>Transliteration</p><p>eTemple</p><p>Learn foreign language online</p><p>Learn French online</p><p>Using Google transliteration</p><p>Live darshan of Shirdi Saibaba online</p><p>Day 28 Internet</p><p>Courier &amp; Speed post: </p><p>online information</p><p>Read eBook using </p><p>internet</p><p>Create Blogs and Forums</p><p>Create Photo Albums </p><p>online</p><p>Status of the post and </p><p>courier</p><p>eBook Reading</p><p>Create blog</p><p>Download photos</p><p>Edit Photo Album</p><p>Live Cricket Matches</p><p>Check the status of courier online</p><p>Read ebook using Google</p><p>Create your own blog</p><p>Install photo album and edit your photos</p><p>Watch live cricket matches online</p><p>Day 29 Internet Interim Performance Test (IPT) 2 : Internet</p><p>Page 4</p></li><li><p>Daywise Breakup for "Digital Yuva"</p><p>Lab AssignmentHands on (1 hour)</p><p>Days (Daily 2 </p><p>Hrs.)</p><p>Learning through ERA (1 hour)</p><p>Topic</p><p>Day 30All About </p><p>Computer</p><p>Introduction to </p><p>Computers</p><p>What is a Computer ?</p><p>Components of a </p><p>Computer System</p><p>Identify various components of your computer</p><p>Learn data with Tiri-Miri (Video)</p><p>Day 31All About </p><p>Computer</p><p>Introduction to </p><p>ComputersHardware Learn input with Tiri-Miri (Video)</p><p>Day 32All About </p><p>Computer</p><p>Introduction to </p><p>Computers</p><p>Electronic Data and </p><p>InstructionsLearn analog and digital with Tiri-Miri (Video)</p><p>Day 33All About </p><p>Computer</p><p>Day 34SCRATCH </p><p>ProgrammingScratch Introduction What is Scratch?</p><p>Open Scratch application.</p><p>Explorer various options available in Scratch window</p><p>Day 35SCRATCH </p><p>Programming</p><p>Creating a Colorful </p><p>Parrot</p><p>Creating a Whirling </p><p>Lobster</p><p>Creating a Colorful </p><p>Parrot</p><p>Creating a Whirling </p><p>Lobster</p><p>Using control blocks create colorful flowers.</p><p>Apply whirling effect to the image.</p><p>Day 36SCRATCH </p><p>Programming</p><p>Creating a Dancing </p><p>Queen</p><p>Creating a Dialogue</p><p>Creating a Dancing </p><p>Queen</p><p>Creating a Dialogue</p><p>Create your own animation using Scratch application.</p><p>Record your own voice and create dialogues in Scratch</p><p>Day 37SCRATCH </p><p>Programming</p><p>Creating Your Own </p><p>Sprite</p><p>Creating Your Own </p><p>SpriteCreate your own sprite using Image Editor.</p><p>Day 38SCRATCH </p><p>ProgrammingAquarium Aquarium Create your own animation using the same blocks.</p><p>Day 39SCRATCH </p><p>Programming</p><p>Greeting Card</p><p>Emotions</p><p>Greeting Card</p><p>Emotions</p><p>Create animated greeting card for your friend's birthday.</p><p>Creating Emotions</p><p>Day 40Image Editing </p><p>ActivitiesPhotoScape Using PhotoScape</p><p>Open Photoscape application</p><p>Screen capturing</p><p>Save file</p><p>Day 41Image Editing </p><p>ActivitiesPhotoScape Using PhotoScape Edit image, Apply animations</p><p>Day 42Image Editing </p><p>ActivitiesPixia Using Pixia Use Pixia to edit images</p><p>Day 43Image Editing </p><p>ActivitiesTransferring Image Transferring Image</p><p>Transfer image from mobile to computer</p><p>Transfer image from Digital Camera to computer</p><p>Interim Performance Test (IPT) 3 : All About Computers</p><p>Page 5</p></li><li><p>Daywise Breakup for "Digital Yuva"</p><p>Lab AssignmentHands on (1 hour)</p><p>Days (Daily 2 </p><p>Hrs.)</p><p>Learning through ERA (1 hour)</p><p>Topic</p><p>Day 44 General Tools</p><p>Video Editing</p><p>Sound Recording and </p><p>Editing</p><p>Using Avidemux</p><p>Video Convertor</p><p>Using Sound Recorder</p><p>Edit videos using Avidemux</p><p>Convert videos into various other formats</p><p>Use Sound Recorder</p><p>Day 45 General ToolsVoice Recognition </p><p>System</p><p>Using Speech </p><p>RecognitionUse Speech Recognition</p><p>Day 46 General Tools Basics of AutoCAD Basics of AutoCADOpen AutoCAD application, Use various tools</p><p>Save file</p><p>Day 47 General Tools Basics of AutoCAD Drawings Draw your own designing</p><p>Day 48 General Tools Mobile Backup Mobile Backup</p><p>Data Backup</p><p>Backup of Contacts</p><p>Songs backup</p><p>Day 49 General Tools Using QR Code Reader Using QR Code Reader Use QR code reader on your Smartphone's</p><p>Day 50 General Tools CD/ DVD Writing How to write CD/DVD Write CD/ DVD to save all activities created in this course.</p><p>Page 6</p></li></ul>