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This isn’t a pretty document. We know that. We don’t want slick graphics or mini-case studies detracting from what’s really important: substance. Topics are listed in no particular order, and we’re not providing much context for you in this public version. But if you’d like to know more, we’d be happy to chat, as always.


  • Every month, Webbmedia Group makes a Digital Trends Kit availableto our clients along with analysis, background information, keystakeholder connections and...the following trends list. Once our trends kitis distributed to our clients, we make the list available to the public.This list includes our obsessions for May 2013. These are theinnovations, ideas and startups that, for many reasons, arecaptivating us right now. Using our internal tools and assessments,weve spotted patterns and trends. The list is grouped into thosesections.This isnt a pretty document. We know that. We dont want slick graphicsor mini-case studies detracting from whats really important: substance.Topics are listed in no particular order, and were not providing much context foryou in this public version. If youd like to know more, our contact information ison the last page.SECTION 1: FACEBOOK HOME AND GOOGLE NOWWere seeing a rst real launch of always-on personal information networks. Best practices andexamples of innovative initial uses of Facebook Home and Google Now. Includes analysis ofAndroid and (for Home) iOS launches: emphasis on photos, branded statuses, nonlinearanimation, physics engine, personalized content.SECTION 2: APP-BASED SYSTEMS AND MOBILE CROSS PLATFORM CONTENTWith a decline in Facebook popularity among teenagers, were seeing some compellingalternatives launch as well as new developments within existing networks. The most interestingis the advent of cards, or nuggets of information that are personalized for or personalized bythe user at that moment. Facebook Home Google Now Cards Kik Cards
  • SECTION 3: SUMMARIZATION TECHNOLOGYThe $30m Summly acquisition by Yahoo! made headlines everywhere, but it was just anotherexample of technology companies vying for audience via automatically-generated summaries ofaggregated content. Theres a great desire to create personalized news feeds and to distributethat content at the right times of day for the maximum engagement potential. Summly Flipboard developments Pocket developments Google developments LinkedIns content network/ acquisition of PulseSECTION 4: TEXT MININGUsing AI, probability and structured data, an organization can successfully mine data for a wholehost of purposes: predictive analytics, predicting the news, understanding the exact viewpointsof inuencers in a social network, learning which content is most likely to succeed at what timeof day and the like. Were always looking at mining, but these are whats on our radar now: Luminoso Recorded Future Clarabridge Crimson Hexagon Lexalytics Funf, was at MIT, has been acquired by Google Sky Phrase, a new natural language startupSECTION 5: BIG DATA IN REAL TIMEOne of the biggest challenges in big data is processing power and speed. Denormalizingqueries can speed things up and offer more affordable options than maintaining large relationaldatabases. LinkedIns White Elephant: LinkedIns Databus project Kafka
  • SECTION 6: GIFSWith the popularity of GIFs, were now seeing new technologies that mimic the experience aswell as search directories and more. Cinemegram updates VineTune Vine uses: comedy, product launches Gifs used by news orgsWere also tracking news and other content-driven organizations using GIFs for clicks, thoughperhaps not storytelling.SECTION 7: VIRTUAL PERSONAL ASSISTANTSSiri was only the beginning of a burgeoning concierge digital ecosystem. On our radar: Donna Sherpa (Spanish language version, now coming to US/ Android) Siri Google Now Mailbox Tempo Sunrise Poncho for weatherAutomated Assistants IFTTT - changes, now that the Twitter TOS has been modied Atooma - for Android TwilioMusic Sonos Jinni Twitter Music Songza Apples Pandora competitorMedical*Note: There is a lot of activity in this space, from listing services to personal medical assistantsto apps, such as DoctorMole.
  • SECTION 8: VIRTUAL CURRENCIESBitcoin has gained widespread notoriety, and its inspiring new competitors. These neweconomies may ultimately collapse, but theres now widespread interest in digital investing andspending. Bitcoin Opencoin New virtual currencies in Asia: digital stickers, toysSECTION 9: NATIVE ADVERTISING/ CONTENT MARKETINGOur point of view has not changed on this topic: native advertising isnt a new concept. Theexecution of output namely, that in-house editorial teams are creating content packages ratherthan traditional ad agencies is the major change in this space. The biggest trend is in howcompetitors are paying attention to BuzzFeed and how its success is driving signicant growthin this area. Were seeing lots of failed/ poor attempts for every few excellent packages.Were especially paying attention to brands like Pepsi, Virgin, Red Bull, Lowes and AmericanExpress.SECTION 10: MOBILE BROWSER WARSSamsung and Mozilla will collaborate on a next generation Android browser. Meantime, WebKitwill be updated to improve Chrome and iOS experiences. This may ultimately impact the mobileweb and search experience and interfaces, which could affect content-driven websites.SECTION 11: STREAMING LIVE TVFour years ago, we tested phones in Japan that offered over the air broadcast signal pickup tomobile phones. In fact, we observed subway riders in Tokyo watching broadcast television ontheir mobile phones with total delity and no interruption. We waited for similar technology toemerge in the U.S.. Aereo, a startup offering live television broadcast for streaming to apersonal device is now here and dealing with impending legal battles. This hasnt deterredinvestors. Some weve spoken to are more excited about streaming TV than the long-termprospects of Hulu and Netix.
  • SECTION 12: VIDEODigital video is part of the overall 2013 and 2014 digital strategies of nearly all of WebbmediaGroups clients. We continue to urge varied approaches beyond creating original programming.Direct Streaming YouTube Capture Vine Twitter and local television New competitors Netix, HuluLive Streaming HuffPost Cable companies to iOS Breaking news events: Vine, social media TEDSimultaneous Episode Streaming House of Cards Arrested Development Netix - data mining and original programming HBO GOTransmedia/ Multiplatform Deployment Tribeca Film plans HBO GO NBCUSocial Discovery IntoNow Sports discovery Get Glue changesSocial Video - Metrics and Data Peel captures reactions in real time Bluen acquired by Twitter Interpreting the rehose: ideas from big dataReal-time Interpretation Babelverse
  • Visualizations For Brodcast Mass RelevanceImmersive Video Condition Ones platform Other platformsConnected TV and Gear Kinect, AI and observation Kids programming and Kinect PocketTV smart stick running AndroidVideo Content New creators = everyone Brands releasing content outside of media orgsSECTION 13: RESPONSIVE/ ADAPTIVE DESIGNSnowfalls Impact Scaling the package Multimedia across platforms and devicesEverywhere Strategies Quartz and Atlantic FT NYT NBCU Sunacor Social IDs for loginSECTION 14: MAPPINGHyper-personal Geolocation DarkSky Foursquares new featuresTemporal Data/ Mapping TorqueIndoor Mapping Google Microsoft/ Bing
  • Trafc Autonomous vehicle law passes in CA Velo Bike Zim Ride SideCar Googles lobbying Google carNews Mapping Mashups with community data WNYC projects Use maps to discover economic issues: Observatory of Economic Complexity MapBox - Development Seed Google Fusion - Can write to a fusion table Google vs Apple mapsSECTION 15: TABLETS/ DISPLAYSWe are currently updating our tablet guide for June 2013.SECTION 16: NEAR-FUTURE SECOND SCREENSOur point of view is that near-future second screens arent mobile phones or tablets, but lensesand heads-up displays. Were part of the Google Glass Explorer program and have beenmeeting with various industry players, including lens manufacturers, about how various personaldisplays will serve content and utility information/apps.SECTION 17: SOCIAL (GENERAL)Sentiment Mining Peel app IBMs algorithm Social FlowImage Recognition Googles Motorola Mobility acquires Viewdle, integrates with GlassBrowser, App and Search-Based Social Discovery Bings Social Search and magazine content Google+ and editorial content Rockmelt Contactly Brewster
  • Ambient Social Discovery (updates) Rapportive Sonar changes Banjos pivot Highlight Glancee SceneTap Badoo Aka-Aki (Germany)Pinterest - Uses and Clones Updates, new case studies Pinterest for Most Wanted using mugshots Tapiture, Pinterest for menSECTION 18: EDITORIAL/ CONTENTRecommended Content Verticals Women in Business Women in Tech Localized Women in Tech (individual communities) Character or Personality-driven VerticalContent Verication, Vetting SuperPAC App TruthGoggles LazyTruth PageOneX MediaMeterAlgorithm-Created Content Narrative Science Raven Wolfram AlphaAR/ Alive Print New AR innovations and examples Thinglink Hyperlinked text in print
  • SE