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  • 8/2/2019 Digital Storytelling Resources and Tips


    GNMC / Digital Storytelling Resources for Eng 293by Per HoelContact Per if you have digital story-related questions:pkh9@georgetown.eduGelardin New Media Center homagepage: Visitatomiclearning.comfrom a library computer.- Request a consultation AUDIO PRINCIPLES- Record in a quiet space (a sound studio or car interior work really well)- The microphone should be close to the sound source (but not immediately up against it)- One simple equipment solution is the combination of the following equipment: (a) Sony MP3 Audio Recorder, (b) XLR tomini adapter cable, and (c) Sony Wired Lavalier microphone.ADDITIONAL MEDIA- Extreme Music Library ( CDs 2175 and 2176 -- available at Gelardin)- Gelardins Coypright/Multimedia section: downloading Youtube media) CONSIDERATIONS- How can you creatively arrange the story?- What is a tension, problem, or central question that you can evoke and set out to address or resolve?- What is the train or narrative spine of your story? Examples:

    in Super Size Me, the train is the narrators 30-day McDonalds diet. In Roger & Me, Michael Moore sets out to get an interview with the CEO of GM, Roger Smith, about the effect

    on tens of thousands of Americans losing their jobs to overseas companies.

    In Daughter From Danang, a woman and her Vietnamese mother who gave her up, are reunited. Their reunion

    is the vehicle for exploring the cultural and political story of the vietnam war.- Introductions matter! Examples:

    This is a story about the rise of the machines, and why no one believes you can change the world for the betteranymore (All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Graceby Adam Curtis)

    "I used to be the next president of the United States... " -- An Inconvenient Truth... the personal narrative aboutGore,

    "150 years ago the business corporation was a relatively insignificant institution. Today it is all pervasive, likethe church, the monarchy, or the communist party in other times and places. The corporation is today'sdominant institution." - The Corporation

    - Other ways to start a video: Cold Open - start in the middle of the action / drama / important moment -- then back up a bit and fill in the


    Visual Montage - if you have some compelling content, open with that along with music or clips in thebackground. No need to start narrating right away!

    Quote - do you have a prescient quote that might effectively set up your piece? Paste the quote into a textobject and display at the start of your piece. This method can be trite, but it is often effective!

    MISCELLANEOUS Make sure there are pauses, moments of lingering so that the audience can better absorb key information or

    moments. Put yourself in the audiences seat and ask, "am I making too many assumptions"? Don't overuse effects (graphics, "special effects") Really work on the writing / narration

    o Write the way you would speako Keep it simple -- shorter words that don't jar in the ear AND shorter sentences.

  • 8/2/2019 Digital Storytelling Resources and Tips



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