digital storytelling: engage students in collaborative creative writing in class & online

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Powerpoint deck for Catlin Tucker's Discovery Education Virtual Conference: Digital Storytelling: Engage Students in Collaborative Creative Writing. Image on Pg 3: Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano-


  • 1. Digital Storytelling EngageStudents in CollaborativeCreative Writing in Class & Online Catlin Tucker - English Teacher & Curriculum Design Specialist

2. Why Teach Digital Storytelling? Technology Integration Reflection Project-BasedLearningStudentEngagementDigitalStorytelling 3. Creative writing involves playful but rigorous work with languageand requires greater precision in expression.

  • Allows the freedom of artistic expression
  • Challenges students to understand elements of a story
  • Requires them to use language effectively to engage
  • Teaches writing and editing

Benefits of Teaching Creative Writing Image via Silvia Rosenthal 4.

  • If its so great, why didnt I do it?
  • Not enough time in class
  • Students jump into the story
  • without developing elements
  • It is a challenge to edit
  • It substantially adds to my
  • grading load

Challenges of Teaching Creative Writing 5. Blended Instruction: Funky Fairytales Discuss elements of writing in class Write at home & collaborate online Using Online Discussions 6. Get to know your characters first. Whois your heroine, hero, & supernatural character? QuirkyUnstable Eccentric Funny What makes them interesting? Loveable Collaborative Character Sketches 7. Engage students in focused peer editing online... And in-class with writing groups! Replies Meaningful Peer Editing 8. Once Writing is Complete Its time for media! 9. It can be scary for students to read their own writing so have fun with it! How would your story sound coming out of these lips? Use Blabberize To Add Humor 10. Let students create their own digital storybook with original art and photographs using StoryJumper! Create a Digital Storybook 11. Have students make an iMovie to bring their final stories to life. Publish Writing with iMovie 12. Publish Finished Projects Online Step 1: Upload multimedia projects to video hosting site. Step 2: Post to online learning platform with embed code & share! 13. Catlin Tucker Twitter - @CTuckerEnglish Education Blog Collaborize Classroom Blabberize StoryJumper Contact Information


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