digital signage overview. digital signage background conference center wanted digital signs...

Download Digital Signage Overview. Digital Signage Background Conference Center wanted Digital Signs FourWinds selected as software platform Secured UCSF wide

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  • Digital Signage Overview
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  • Digital Signage Background Conference Center wanted Digital Signs FourWinds selected as software platform Secured UCSF wide site license Medical Center came on board: signage for New Hospital and Cafeteria Menus Developed and gained campus stakeholder approval for Digital Signage Standards at UCSF
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  • Digital Signage Abilities Design any look and feel Interactivity touch screen Display and Monitor Real Time Data Conference Room Schedules Shuttle Arrivals Clinic Schedules Bus Drivers speeds and routes Communicate Important Messages Quickly Provide a sustainable way to communicate
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  • Digital Signage Models Department Owns and Manages signs/ CLS manages back end servers & hardware UCSF departments send requests for content to be displayed to owning department CLS IS owns and manages signs Departments send requests for content to be displayed on signs to CLS IS
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  • Digital Sign Current Locations Currently CLS supports 25 signs at: Mission Bay Conference Center Mission Bay Community Center Lobby Mission Bay Housing towers Mission Bay Transportation Office Minnesota Street Lobby Facilities Services offices: Genetech, Nursing, Penthouse, Service Center Mission Center Building Bakar Gym
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  • UC San Francisco Digital Signs Examples
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  • Conference Center
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  • Transportation
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  • Housing
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  • Facilities
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  • Mission Center Building
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  • Digital Signage Active Project Pipeline Fitness Centers Parnassus Food Court New Hospital Clinic Signs, Physician Directory, Caf Menus, Conference Center Mission Hall Lobby
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  • Digital Signage Future Locations Aldea Housing signs Mission Bay Neurology Building Lobby Additional Parnassus Locations
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  • Digital Signage Program Status For CLS IS managed signs: Advertising/content currently in Beta During Beta displaying ads as requested and at no charge & as resources allow All requests go directly to Lael DasGupta
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  • Digital Signage Future Enhancements Touch screens Updated Templates Kinect gesture interactivity QR Codes added to templates Live data beyond conference scheduling
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  • Digital Signage Contacts Lael DasGupta 415-476-3850 Dan Freeman 415-502-6380