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Post en Espaol: Original: Lanzamiento del DSC, Digital Signage Club como plataforma para sumar a agencias, ingenieros, IT, CTO, CMO y especialistas del DOOH alrededor del globo.


<ul><li> 1. DS CLUBThe Digital Signage Agora for Marketers &amp; TechnologistsD i g i t a l S i g n a g e C l u b . c o m </li> <li> 2. SOME HINTSGlobal Digital Signage (ds) market in 2017 will reach B$13,8B$13,8 </li> <li> 3. USA, China &amp; Europeare the leadersDS is still in the marketing push phaseMarketers are more &amp; moreinterested (pull phase)The market is lead by the advertisingdemandMore than 1.000 providers worldwide </li> <li> 4. and a lack of standards, methods andprofessionalism A lot of concurrence instead ofteam spirit M2M is landing into the DSmarket, incrementingproviders Mobile convergence is going tobe a reality for interactivity </li> <li> 5. WHATS THE PURPOSE The Digital Signage Club is a placefor all DS professionals that lookfor information, news, tools,hiring, documents, directory,methods, RFPs and many otherstuff DSCs moderatorsare at the service ofproviders andclients </li> <li> 6. The idea is that theclub is virtuallyowned by theproviders and themembers, they mustshape their club attheir taste.Its the place that both providersand members will exchangerequirements and solutionsIn conclusion is the placeto increase the businessand improve the clientssatisfactionThe main objective is to easy thecommunication between the providersand the clients but also amongst them </li> <li> 7. ORGANIZATIONDS ClubProvidersDirectoryMembership forIndividualsMembersRFPs LibraryAdvertising, SponsoringBlogTools Customer ServiceCentreProvidersCommonAreas Marketers&amp; Others </li> <li> 8. PROVIDER The Provider area is mainly built around thedirectory. A provider can provide all the informationthat he wants Three main groups of providers: DS Providers Advertising providers (media agencies &amp; owners) Events (any company organizing DS events) A provider may also be a member A provider as everybody has access to theblog and advertising services. </li> <li> 9. MEMBER The member area is built around the needs from the marketers Before becoming a member, there is a visitors status for any individual thatlogs into DSCThe visitor can become a member clicking onthe member login (upper right)A member has access to the members areaIf a member wants to have a full access to thefacilities (e.g.: Customer Service Centre), then heneeds to become a Premium member (it cost 4 amonth) </li> <li> 10. MEMBERS AREADocument zone: For the ones interested to look for a document on a specificsubject. The differentiator, is that anyone can propose subjects and could be evensponsored by one of our registered company.Tool box: Here youll find a series of tools that can be used to calculate the TCO,CPM, GRP and so on. Here again a tool could be sponsored.RFP: A company interested in this market could leave its own RFP/ RFI / RFQ and bevisible by a selected number of our providers (selected thru their credentials) that will meetclients criteria (e.g.: geography)Customer service center: It is a service offered only to the Premium membersthat would like to get answers to their questions whatever they could be technical,marketing, content, installation So far this service is offered only thru the email but inshort it will be thru a call center. </li> <li> 11. HIRINGThe candidate can deposit his CV onthe database and would cross thebox confidential or not giving thevisibility that he wantsHiring can be usedby two profiles:the candidate orthe hiringcompanyThe companywould be ableto deposit itsoffers to thedatabase(there is a costfor such aservice)Once that done, thecompany can receivedirectly the candidateinterest or the otherway around </li> <li> 12. I need to make some marketing research I need to find a specific provider for my project I need to know the providers on mygeographical zone. I need to find a partner in a specific country I have a project and would like some providersto tell me how to collaborate I have an announcement for the market I want more visibility for my commercialdocumentation I have to hire a specialist I need some tools for my projects I need to be certified I want to be assessed by an expert on mystrategies. I want to be sponsored I want to advertise my company I need an immediate assessment I need some marketing information on the DS I want to share information from my project inorder to solve a problem What are the mandatorys field in a projectthat we dont have to forgetFREQUENTUSE </li> <li> 13. DS CLUB@ClubSignage </li> </ul>