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An introduction to Posterous Spacecs as a digital portfolio and hints and tips for getting started


<ul><li> 1. ONLINE IDENTITY</li></ul> <p> 2. Study Options 3. As contributor Ican view theseaspects of the Blog.This is all youwill be able to see on thecourse blog. 4. Asadministrator Ican view theseaspects of the Blog. You need toexplore these areas of yourown blog to beEnsure your own site is familiar withyour primary site how your Blog looks. 5. As administrator I can view these aspects of theBlog.You need to explore these areas of your own blog to be familiar with how your Blog looks. 6. Discussion prompts What would you expect to see in the terms and conditionsfor a social media site? What would you be unhappy with signing up to? What risks do you think there are with developing a digitalportfolio &amp; how would you address these? 7. Group tasks 8. Study Options</p>