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Digital Marketing Strategy:

Digital Marketing Strategy: Steps for success in Higher EducationeduWeb Conference 2012Boston, MAJuly 30-August 1, 2012Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC1Just a play on words?We don't believe in digital marketing. We believe in marketing in a digital world, and there's a huge difference." Clive Sirken, CMO, Kimberly-Clark, March 2012Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC2Strategy definedMarketing strategy is a process that can allow an organization to concentrate its limited resources on the greatest opportunities to increase sales and achieve a sustainable competitive Johnson Consulting, LLC3In one month, 320 comments Johnson Consulting, LLC4

to BeginPerils and PitfallsAnd 6 Strategy PointsBob Johnson Consulting, LLC5This is real, but silly Johnson Consulting, LLC6

Flying high for toothpaste

Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC76 really big strategy points#1Social media Marketing and PR cant control the message anymore#2MobilePeople are connected everywhere, all the timeBob Johnson Consulting, LLC8Two more really big things#3PrivacyBig data gives the capacity to know more about people than ever before#4EngagementMost people will like and follow but not actively engage

Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC9And two more#5New technologyNo need to be first in everything, especially if you dont know where it fits in a marketing campaign#6ROIDifficult to measure the individual impact of every step in a marketing campaignBob Johnson Consulting, LLC102 points to carry with usNothing is important forever even Facebook?AOLMySpaceFriendsterGeoCitiesGoogle WavePeople are still peoplePeople like to talk to real people sometimesPeople like getting information that interests themPeople who are online have very little patienceBob Johnson Consulting, LLC11Do marketers fall too quickly in love?

QR codesOnly 5% of U.S. smartphone owners used them in last quarter of 2011Mostly young menWhy so few?Too many code readersPlaced in weird placesLinks to regular websitesEven if mobile-friendly, no benefit to the userBob Johnson Consulting, LLC12SXSW conference a media zooConvergence annual buzz wordIt's a place where the question is always what's next and one has the impression of meandering hordes traipsing the streets of Austin searching for answers to a confusing and ever-evolving media landscape.Jake Coyle, AP, Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC13The backgroundHow we got started and where we are todayBob Johnson Consulting, LLC14Smartphones enabled the revolution

Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC15And tablets are expanding itBob Johnson Consulting, LLC16

Marketing sector revenue in 2010ChannelChange from 2009Video/broadband $127.4B+6.5%Cable networks$51.9B+8.6%Broadcast TV$29.2B+14.0%Digital$23.2B+17.7%Newspapers$18.3B-5.1%Magazines$12.8B-0.8%Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC17Major digital revenue in 2010CompanyChange from 2009Google (w/ YouTube)$9.3B+27.4%Yahoo$3.3B-6.2%Microsoft family$1.6B+8.2%InterActiveCorp$1.2B+20.0%Facebook$1.2B+116.1%AOL$0.9B-11.5%AdAge, October 3, 2011Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC18Today traditional media is onlineRadioNewspaperBob Johnson Consulting, LLC19

And email remains importantBob Johnson Consulting, LLC20

New options keep luring us

Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC21

What research tells us about Social MediaPew Internet and American LifeBob Johnson Consulting, LLC22Top 10 social media sites, 3/17/12 Johnson Consulting, LLC23Adult activity on social media, all ages Johnson Consulting, LLC24Adults in February 2012 report adults (85%) are happy with social media64% of online adults use SM18 to 29 years highest at 87%30 to 49 years high at 68%Older age groups less than 50%Over 60% by ethnicity, income, educationBlack, non-Hispanic highest at 70%Less than $30,000 household income highest at 68%Some college highest at 73%87% have a Facebook profile11% with Twitter profile10% with LinkedIn profileBob Johnson Consulting, LLC25At least daily use of social media62% for Teens, 12 -1762% for Millennials, 18 - 3456% for GenEx, 35 - 46 Less than 50% for everyone else

Important to remember: Lifespan of a new item on Facebook, Twitter is very shortIf something is important, post it more than once Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC26Facebook the digital Giant we cant ignoreMarketers fly to Facebook like moths to a flame and some get burnedBob Johnson Consulting, LLC27Social media experts often insistA two-way conversation between marketers and consumers is the whole point of socialAnything less is a reflection of outdated broadcast-style thinking.Consider an alternate realityMost people follow and friend brands to listen, not to engage in a conversation.Numbers do count the more listening the betterReality makes ROI extremely challenging to measureWhat are all those followers and friends actually doing?When will they take a desired action?Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC28Key point about Facebook901 million members in April, 2012526 million daily usersMost people who use FB will never care about your brand

Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC29Facebook is todays mass mediaAbout 1% of people who follow major brands actively engage with them almost everyone just listens. Thats OK.People need to understand what Facebook can do for a brand and what it cant do. It doesnt really differ from mass media. Its great to get decent reach, but to change the way people interact with a brand overnight is just unrealistic.Karen Nelson-Field, (Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, Australia), based on FB metrics People Talking About ThisBob Johnson Consulting, LLC30Is Facebook a place for advertising?Facebook is like a bar where people go to hang outThe best place for advertising?FB click through on ads is well below industry averageBut FB is hugePeople spent 18% of their online time on FB in 2011Up from 8% in 2010More time on FB = less opportunity to engage elsewhereFB advertising can be successful just because so many people spend so much time there that a high click through rate isnt always necessaryWhy Facebook is becoming the media worlds black hole, Simon Dumenco, 3 October 2011

Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC31Burning on the Facebook flameEager to monetize the large followings they had built on Facebook, many large brands set up shop on the social network for the first time last year (2011). J.C. Penny, Gap, NordstromNow many of those Facebook stores are closing.In most cases, retailers have entered the f-commerce market by importing their online catalogs and making them available for purchase in a Facebook app. The experience is nearly identical to shopping on their websites, with two major differences: 1) Shoppers can complete their entire browsing and checkout experience without leaving; and 2) the Facebook apps tend to work more slowly.Why are brands shutting their Facebook stores? at

Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC32But Facebook moves peopleFacebook has become an important traffic driver to retailers websites. For instance, 1.9% of traffic to Burberrys website in September 2010 came from Facebook; a year later, 29.1% of site traffic was from the social network, Mullen wrote in an email to Mashable.[Burberry is] using the platform to drive traffic at a fraction of the cost of what it would have to pay on Google and other search engines. In addition a significant portion of that traffic and resulting sales is likely incremental, she added.Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC33This combo works for Burberry

Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC34

More than one Facebook site?

Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC35Content StrategyIn a nutshellBob Johnson Consulting, LLC36The truth is hard to admitNobody cares as much about your 100th birthday celebrations as your family doesBob Johnson Consulting, LLC37

Inside the nutshell75 percent of the content on your website is garbage.Identify and remove it to thrive in a mobile world focus on top tasksExample: University of Richmond eliminated about 50 percent of overall web contentAbout 75 percent of admissions and financial aid content

Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC38

Top Tasks 9 of 60 dominateBob Johnson Consulting, LLC39

Most important tasks Costs, financial aid available and what investment return to expect after graduating.Also popular were the details of earning a degreeHow long to earn a degree and flexible scheduling were high interest tasksBob Johnson Consulting, LLC40Topics among the bottom 20 tasksSocial media connectionsInfo about alumni, presidents, and deansSchool newsProfiles and connections to current students

Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC4141Advertising in the Digital World Where are your dollars going now?Targeting for Facebook and all elseBob Johnson Consulting, LLC42Many places for ad $$$, old & new

Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC43Forrester on online advertising spendOnline grows from 21% of total $$ in 2012 to 35% in 2016Search $33 billion but falls from 55% to 44% of total.Display $28 billion or 36%... The big growth sectorMobile $8.2 billion by 2016 or 11%Social media $4.4 billion or 7%Email $2.5 billion or 3%Daily deals fading out as people tire of themForbes magazine report at Johnson Consulting, LLC44Is Facebook a place for advertising?The best place for advertising?FB click through on ads is well below industry averageBut FB is hugePeople spent 18% of their online time on FB in 2011Up from 8% in 2010More time on FB = less opportunity to engage elsewhereFB advertising c