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Digital Libraries Go To School. USU UCAR SUNY-Cortland. Goals. 1. help teachers learn to use NSDL resources in ways that meaningfully affect their practice in STEM - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Digital Libraries Go To SchoolUSUUCARSUNY-Cortland

  • Goals1. help teachers learn to use NSDL resources in ways that meaningfully affect their practice in STEM2. help teachers effectively increase a) technology integration and b) STEM content knowledge by engaging in sustained use of NSDL resources

  • Objectives (Table 1)1. Design and implement a teacher development model2. Design and implement a STEM content development model3. Contribute teacher-designed learning activities to NSDL4. Use evaluation and research to measure impact on teaching

  • Objectives 1 & 2Develop PD model and workshops, focusing on mechanics and designUse PBLUse the Instructional ArchitectDevelop support networks

  • Objective 3Contribute teacher-created content to the NSDLReview Committee will develop rubric for quality assessment, and core alignmentDevelop metadata for quality and pedagogy

  • Objective 4 - Evaluation (Table 3)

    1&2: Teacher and content development model

    What variables influence use and perceived utility of the program?

    How are teachers using online resources?

    What kinds of artifacts are workshop participants creating?

    How are the teacher and content development models working (pedagogy and content)?

    3: Contribution of content to NSDL

    What is the quality of rubric?

    How easy is it to apply to the evaluation of teacher projects?

    Secondary objectives

    Does the program result in increased technology integration?

    Does the program have impact on content knowledge?

  • Work Plan (Table 2)Pilot teacher/STEM content development workshops with in-service teachers (Fig 2)Support in-service teachers' use of STEM content in classrooms (Fig 2)Pilot adapted curriculum with SUNY-Cortland and USU pre-service teachers (Fig 2)Review teacher created resources

  • Project Leadership Responsibilities (Figure 5)Mimi Recker, Andy Walker, Kaye Howe, Sarah Giersch, Susan Van Gundy, Rena Janke, grad studentsRC: Kim Lightle, Jim Dorward, Kaye Howe, Ed Caffarella, Jim Dorward, Wes Shumar, Julie HerronKim Lawless (external evaluator)IRB

  • 3-year budget: $361,144



    Grand total361


    Direct USU1600.4432132964

    Grad Students30

    Senior Personnel20



    4 consultants340.0941828255

    2 Teachers160.0443213296

    External Eval90.0249307479

    USU net1010.2797783934


    UCAR subaward570.1578947368

    UCAR net730.2022160665