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Storytelling Through Video: How Latinas Are Sharing Culture OnlineTodays Latina woman is vastly different from her mothers generation. Living bi-cultural lives and sometimes navigating two languages, U.S. Latinos often feel the need to hold on to cultural traditions to preserve their heritage and pass it down to new generations. With social media allowing for easy sharing of stories, many Latinas have taken to blogging and video for storytelling. These digital Latinas are producing content online in English, Spanish, and sometimes both! Learn what type of stories these women are telling and how using video has helped them in sharing their culture with audiences worldwide.Presentation from the SheStreams 2012 conference.


  • 1. STORYTELLINGTHROUGH VIDEO:HOW LATINAS ARESHARING CULTURE ONLINE Melanie Edwards - - @EllaMedia #SheStreamsLatinaVid #SheStreams
  • 2. Background Blogging/social media since 2006 Growing number of Latinas using social media Growing number of brands partnering with Latinas since 2010 Why is this important?@EllaMedia #SheStreamsLatinaVid #SheStreams
  • 3. Importance of Digital Latinas 48 million Latinos in the United States1 Buying power in excess 1 of $1 trillion Nueva Latina largest, fastest-growing Hispanic woman sub- segment with marketing size of 4 million2 Over 2000 documented Latina-owned blogs31 Latino Consumers: Demographic Patterns and Spending Trends among Hispanic Americans, 8th Edition, January 20112 Engage: Hispanics, July 20103 Blogs by Latinas Online Directory
  • 4. Latinas & Culture 2010: only 21% U.S. Hispanic women felt social networks 4 met needs Lack of content for Latinas Latinas sharing culture online & creating own content Photo: Dariela Cruz, MamiTalks.com4 The Use of Social Networks by Latin Women, Sophia Mind, 2010
  • 5. Sharing Culture Online some stories just need to be seen to really be understood ...sounds, facial expressions, hand movements make a huge difference when youre telling a story with Latin flavor. Carrie Weir - TikiTikiBlog.comPhoto: Blanca Stella, @EllaMedia #SheStreamsLatinaVid #SheStreams
  • 6. Sharing Culture OnlineSharing my culture online is Storytellingimportant because it just is who I Parenting, Fashion,am... I could not NOTcelebratemy culturethat wouldnt be me. Food, Lifestyle,Videoallows my voice to come Entertainment, Politicsout with all its tone, colordistinctdialect and accent. RecipesAna Flores Heritage Language Video @EllaMedia #SheStreamsLatinaVid #SheStreams
  • 7. Latinas & Video
  • 8. Latinas & Video
  • 9. How Can You Share Culture? Stories told to you Traditions Recipes Lessons learned Songs Games You & your children
  • 10. We share the stories of growing up, and living, Latinoto remind ourselves of our roots [and] interesting traditionsI am trying to hang onto the uniqueness of my culturePhoto: Rona Proudfoot/Flickr Carrie Weir, I just wanted to show others how my family and I express ourroots without the negative stereotypes. Divina Rodriguez,
  • 11. Questions? How do you share your culture online? Melanie Edwards | @EllaMedia #SheStreamsLatinaVid #SheStreams