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  • Digital Bank of Learning Resources.Suresh Gopichand Isave,Lecturer,Tilak College of Education,Pune 30. Maharashtra. (India)E-mail


    12 & 13 March 2010Organized by,Department of Education & ExtensionUniversity of Pune, Pune- 411007India.

  • Types of Digital Learning Resources Off-line Digital Learning Resources Bank.On-line Digital Learning Resources Bank.

  • A. Off-line Learning Resources BankDigital Resources which can be used without internet facilities. In following devices we can observe resources bank.

  • Off-line Learning Resources Bank1. CD-ROM Various educational CDs are very useful. Curriculum based CDs are already popular among the students of 5th to 12th std. students. These are based on self learning. Also with colorful interface, multimedia support and interesting animations the learning is really very effective and long lasting.2. C.A.I. - Computer Assisted Instruction are the programs which are prepared as per the planning of teacher. These programs are also based on self learning. CAI has lots of advantages like. Step by step content, immediate feedback, encouragement, improvement of logic etc.

  • Off-line Learning Resources Bank3. Application Software General Application software are very useful learning resources. Mathematical operation (Spreadsheet), sketching (paint), presentation (power point) etc. teacher and parents can use this software as a learning resource.4. PC Games there are various educational games like cross-word, mathematical calculation, communication skills, finding the objects etc. These games can be installed and played on the computer.

  • B) Online Digital Learning Resources

  • B) Online Digital Learning Resources

    These resources are available with internet only. Some can be installed in the computer some can use only when internet is connected. Web sites, blogs, wiki are really treasure of knowledge. But we can not believe blindly on Online Digital Learning Resources.

  • Precautions for using Online Digital Learning ResourcesLearner must know the speed of internet speed. i.e. dial-up/broadband. Because to use some facilities we must need high speed internet facility.Learner should be aware of all the facilities of the browser. Internet explorer, Mozilla Fire Fox, Opera, Crome etc.Learner should know the possible mistakes during the saving of learning resource that he downloads from the net. Proper name and location should be given to downloaded material.

  • PrecautionsIf learner wants to use Online Digital Learning Resources, he must have a regular e-mail account.Sometimes the permission of the holder is required for using Online Digital Learning Resources. In that case he should take proper permission. and he should give proper credits to the respective resource holder.

  • PrecautionsLearner should verify the authenticity the Online Digital Learning Resources from the expert.Generally Online Digital Learning Resources are in English language; hence learner should be get command on this language.Search engine should be used wisely to get proper data from this digital bank.There should be a license copy of updated antivirus software.

  • There are so many web sites which can be used as a bank of Digital Learning Resources. This is an open bank. One can get resources free of cost. One can develop digital resources by using some online tools itself. The liberty of getting the Online Digital Learning Resources from a web site is a right of user.We can observe freedom-equality-brotherhood on the internet.N number of Online Digital Learning Resources is there on the internet.

  • e-bank can be in following categories.

  • Question-answer ResourcesStudents always have some questions from various subjects in the form of theory, practical, project, assignment etc. There are some web sites which provide answers of variety of questions :

  • Encyclopedia and dictionary These references are really very popular amongst teacher and students. There are online encyclopedia and dictionaries where we can get ready and latest learning resources.

  • Facts and Figures Most of time in books we can get recent facts and figures because of its print form. In this case, from Online Digital Learning Resources students can get latest facts:

  • Maps and Diagrams Students and teachers always need maps from local to world with there types. They are available with library; but not enough and not latest also. Here also Online Digital Learning Resources bank will help needier. Great quality and with minor detailed satellite maps are easily available on various sites:

  • Educational Computer Games Education should be a joyful activity. Teacher can perform some activity in classroom or on ground; but it is not enough, when so many educational games are available on digital form with minimum cost. Games are based on crosswords; mathemagic, general knowledge, logic, coloring, drawing, strategy, language games etc. can be downloaded free and played lots of time. So why not visit to following sites:

  • Lesson Plans For student teacher or teacher or researcher, learning resources are available on the net. In the Online Digital Learning Resources bank, there is an account for teacher also. They can also use these resources from following site. Readymade lesson plans for various levels, subjects, methods can be utilized:

  • Fonts To prepare any kind of document, presentation students, teachers need variety of fonts of English or local language i.e. Marathi, Hindi. They may not available with the computer; but they are easily available on Online Digital Learning Resources, free of cost.

  • Clip Art When student or teacher prepares a presentation they need some appropriate pictures to insert in slide show to increase the effectiveness of the content. These small pictures are called clip art. Those are available in MS office also; still we required more and different clip arts. So there are very simple and effective clip arts an especially for education.

  • Readymade Power Point Presentations- For self learning students can get readymade presentation of expert and teachers. So they can see a presentation and understand the concept. Even for teacher also they can get presentation for understanding new and latest concept in syllabus. :

  • Video Resources Video are one of the most effective learning material. Online video has variety of ranges. Some videos are real some are animated. Both are having the content of variety of subjects from plantation to projection of satellite. Teacher can use it in classroom or students can do self learning with these videos.

  • Parental Resources Online Digital Learning Resources are also useful for parents. Especially for the parents of different abilities, there is expertise guidance on caring parameters of old ages, child-care, healthy food for kids, recipes for Tiffin of children, medical treatments, career options etc. given in this online bank of digital resources.

  • In this way online and offline learning resources are tremendous in their ability of utility and effectiveness. They are available in easily in cities. Still rural area is waiting for this huge bank of digital resources. If teachers attitude is their, he can bring some offline learning resources in the school and use it. Once students and parents understand its importance, they will try for getting it. Then there will no digital divide in the society and these Digital Learning Resources will be useful to all members of society !

  • Thanks !