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Digipak - Original Images: However, I also organised a photography shoot, in which I could capture other necessary images that I wanted to use during the production of my digipak and advert. All of these images were taken during the 4 day shoot. In which my main priority was getting footage for the music video, but often paused in specific locations to capture relevant images.

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  • Digipak - Original Images:

    However, I also organised a photography shoot, in which I could capture other

    necessary images that I wanted to use during the production of my digipak and advert.

    All of these images were taken during the 4 day shoot. In which my main priority was getting

    footage for the music video, but often paused in specific locations to capture relevant images.

  • Digipak - Panel 1:The process of editing this possibility for panel 1; this idea was my first

    initial idea. Originally, I intended the format of the image to just be of the females head, but after editing that as a possible version I didn't like the

    composition of the shot and the image didn't seem appropriate for what Iwanted the design of my panel to be. So I adapted that to this version;

    using an image of the tree branches with reduced opacity as a layer over the image to create this pattern over her body. Then cutting out that

    image to make it more defined. Additionally, I added a smaller image of her extended hands out, an image which is a motif from my music video with the focus being on her travelling with the growing sapling. I did the same thing with this image by adding a top layer with reduced opacity to

    have the branches melding with the photo. Also, the text with information about the artist and track name in a white colour to

    contrast against the back sky colour.Due to the positioning of this product for consumers, the front panel will be something instant that they see, therefore the image I use must be both appealing to the audience and powerful enough to

    grab the attention of passing possible customers. The presentation needs to be bold yet still respectable and recognisable to the desired audience and genre of the EP.

    The already existing audience may be able to recognise these images that I have designed from motifs or shots in my music video. This may make the images more familiar to the audience, providing

    necessary and needed information for the possible audience member; having these clear images of my female character and her extended arms cupping the growing sapling. Having this idea of nature and nurturing growth on the front cover of the album may be a clear link to the indie-folk genre of music

    that this is; often starting as small artists, growing into the mainstream music industry with their acoustic originality in their sound. This translates into the album cover design with the simplistic

    images reflecting the raw and honest portrayal of lyrics and music of Orla Gartland.

  • Digipak - Panel 1:

    This was my first edited design for the front panel of my digipak. It was inspired by Troy Sivans Wild and Amy Whinehouses Back to Black album art. The idea to have this paper-like tare across her eyes, which

    would be where the placement of the EP title and artists name. This idea was something that I developed, as represented in the spectrum of images above.

    However, after receiving feedback; I was told that it may be best to re-think this design idea, as it seems misleading and not too appropriate for the genre and audience of my track. So I am now leaving this idea

    and will continue to develop other possibilities.

    During the development of those images, I changed the path of direction by removing the part across the females eyes. Instead, leaving the image

    so that the trees blending into her seem a lot more clear. Her image contrast to the background, yet they are still complimentary of each other. Ensuring the different layers do work together in a smooth image, which I

    think I have managed to achieve in this edit.Additionally, having a black banner across the bottom of the front panel

    allows a place for the text to be located. Having the necessary text information of track title and the artists name. The white luna font is appropriate to the genre and audience of my artist. The overall panel

    design being able to be linked to the relevance of the track.

  • Digipak - Panel 1:The original image shows the female carrying the sapling through her

    life, I edited and colour graded this image to make the lighting and colours more vibrant and clear.

    Editing the vibrance, brightness and contrast, exposure, colour balance and saturation; as seen in the two images on the left, the

    bottom image is the outcome from the edit. Although its not massively different, the image has enhanced colour, which I think

    adds to the overall picture due to it brightening the natural colour of the sunset, but not to the degree where it looks heavily edited or a

    manipulated unnatural photo.I think the image is appropriate in relation to my genre and therefore

    the target audience that my production is aimed at. The young and predominately female audience may be able to appreciate the

    reflectiveness and the sense of travelling that the image connotes.

    With this text design; I used the font Luna and in a black colour to contrast with the golden sunset in the image. I have altered the position of the font multiple

    times before settling on one of these two designs.The font positioning in the panel needs to be clear and somewhere with a balance to not take away from the

    image design but also needs to be clear enough to provide the necessary information. The first possibility is arranged to be a single word on each line, which fits

    into the available image space. Secondly, having the artists name on one line makes it clear and fits

    between the edge and her body.

  • This was my first design idea for Panel 2; I discarded it after it looked to chaotic with all of the lyrics not being easy to

    read and it didn't seem to fit the theme and colouration of the rest of my design

    ideas for other panels. Although the image is representative of the music

    video, i don't think the appeal for the audience is strong enough.

    Digipak - Panel 2:

    The original image I used when constructing the second panel was a photograph I took on location while filming the music video. An over-the-shoulder shot including the railway tracks

    leading to a vanishing point was something that featured in my music video. The image conveyed the idea of travelling,

    reflecting the journey of the young female, as shown in the music video with her carrying the sapling wherever she goes. Before

    the dissolve into the older version of herself.

    When editing this image, I chose to develop the original photo my making it a lot more clearer and defined. A sharper image which emphasises outlines and

    with a higher contrast I was able to create an image which I think fits with the overall themes and look of the packaging.

    Fitting with the idea of nature and connoting a journey; the image therefore links to the appropriate music genre, appealing to the audience because of its

    defined contrast in colour and the sharpness of the image.

  • Digipak - Panel 3:This panel would be where the CD disk is placed in my packaging.

    My design of the third panel would therefore be an image placed under the CD itself, so when the consumer picks up the CD from its positioning, the

    image that I have designed would be revelled from underneath the CD case. This has influenced my design as the image needs to relate to the fact the CD will be there, incorporating the circular shape of the disk may be

    more appealing to the audience.Therefore, I kept this in mind as I designed an image which would

    incorporate this feature into my design.

    The image with my female character holding the plant and train ticket is an image from my music video; referencing lyrics from the track. The image having a central focus would also work well with panel 3 as

    the main part of the image is centred. This would therefore work as the rest of the image would be visible around the CDs shape, but the main and important part of the image not visible until removing the CD.

    Additionally, during the photography shoot for panel ideas, I took some stills of my female characters hands extended out. An birds-eye view shot looking down on the sapling cradled in her hands, which is the central image of the photo and the main focus. I then cut out the background from the image,

    leaving just her hands holding the plant. The basic style would be effective but complimentary to the idea of the CD dominating the purpose of this panel.This style and design idea may appeal to my target audience who could have

    an interest in nature and ecological issues that our society faces. The metaphoric imagery of the female carefully holding and supporting the plant as she travels may be a representative symbol for being an active campaigned for green issues and a political statement about new opinions and views the

    youth and next generation have about the problem.

  • Digipak - Panel 4:The fourth and final panel in my packaging design is as important as the first in the way the visuals must entice the audience to want to purchase the product.

    Due to the way music stores package the products, the consumer may only be able to visually access the first and fourth panel, so both must be appealing to them.

    My idea of this panel is to display the information about the rest of the EP tracks and other pieces of information. My design was to place scrabble pieces spelling ROOTS out not the tree. This influence of nature and the ability to display the

    main track title in a creative way, appealing to my target audience.The editing of this panel involved the addition of text, using the same font as the front pane lot ensure continuity with the packaging. The

    artists name and other tracks that feature of the EP; being clear enough to be easily readable for the audience with information like a barcode and

    the production record company in order to make my packaging of a professional and realistic standard.

    I also edited the colouration of this panel, from the original image

    sharpening the definition of the image, making the EP title a lot stronger and standing out more, getting attention.

    Having the colour green more enhanced in the grading process allowed the connotations with nature, making the image have a higher contrast,

    as before, defining the image more clearly. Having an overall green colour filter over the image secures a more vibrant and colourful panel, in turn reflecting the up-beat nature of the music, recognisable to the

    target audience of the genre.

  • Advert - Original Images:

    These images are photos that I took during the filming shoot as well as a separate photography shoot I planned

    to fit other ideas that I planned to developed.

    This image of the dark tree silhouettes against the paler sky is the base and background layer of my design. These dark colour will contrast with my white line

    tracing idea, as explained on the next slide.

    These two images below are the shapes I am using in my tracing design; the outlines of her hands cupping the

    sapling and a head shot of the female character from my music video turned to the side.

  • Advert - Editing Process:

    Placed in the top left and bottom right corners of the advert image. Not being stand out and obvious, the more important and eye-catching part of the advert is the title of the track, artist name and dates of the

    debut E.P. release. This necessary and important information is central to my design features. I believe this to be the most needed part in order to successfully market and advertise my artist; the bold and bright font

    immediately attracts attention and is easy to read, therefore providing the service to promote the artists music and make possible consumers aware of the product.

    This image of the dark tree silhouettes against the paler sky is the base and background layer of my design.

    Using this as the background will help my idea of having white coloured drawings over the top of the

    image. These white drawings will be a contrast to the darker branch colours. Blending into the image, to be

    subtle yet still noticeable. I think the stand out bit from my advert should be the crucial information, my image closely following this and complimenting the

    genre and lyrics with the design features.My advert design incorporates the genre style through effecting imagery with my female and the relevance of

    the plant in her hands, alongside necessary information.

    These are the raw tracings of my female characters headshot image and her hands cupping the sapling plant. I traced

    these images from still photographs and I am using them as the top layer of my image design. The simplistic nature of

    the white single lines adds detail to my image, complimentary with the contrasting tones.