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http://lnx2.co/14I If you are already doing Search Engine Optimisation or Web Marketing for quite some time, you are most likely already conscious that getting backlinks to your site can dramatically help enhance your site's rankings. It is tricky to find damaged links, especially if your site has a Large amount of content. The best thing is, you may have an autopilot system that salvage all those damaged links for you! Introducing, Andy Fletcher's DigiLink Doctor WordPress plugin. We installed the Digi Link Doctor on our sites and it worked like sorcery! Who should be using the DigiLink Doctor plugin for WordPress? http://lnx2.co/14I


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    A Helpful Digi Link Doctor Review---------------------------------------------------------5

    Curing Broken Links with a Digi Link Doctor WordPress Plugin-------------------7

    Digi Link Doctor: The Most Amazing Broken Link Checker-------------------------9

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    Digi Link Doctor Review, DigiLink Doctor Bonus A WordPress Plugin that

    Repairs Broken Links on A 100% Autopilot--------------------------------------------17

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    Digi Link Doctor-The Cure for Your Broken Links Dilemma

    Imagine your site visitor clicks on a link to your website, but your link is broken, or

    the page is already inactive. What do you think will happen next? It is definitely

    disappointing to loose traffic and potential customers due to some broken links.

    The damage can be really costly. For this reason, you should get a reliable broken

    link checker to back you up with this kind of dilemma.

    In case you still dont know, Andy Fletcher a famous internet marketer has

    released a different kind of WordPress plugin that helps you find broken links and

    redirects your site visitors to a page of your choice. With this, your traffic will not

    be put into waste anymore and you can continue to bank in more sales as


    This master backlinks checker will be working for you non-stop. It will be always

    watching out for your bad links and will be continuously repairing them once

    detected. Setting up where you want to redirect people clicking on your backlinks

    will just take you two to three minutes. This is a procedure that will probably take

    a non techie person to accomplish it forever. You can easily control it according

    to your individual internet marketing strategies as to where your visitors should


    As soon as Digi Link Doctor catches a bad link, you will receive an email update

    for it. This amazing creation of Andy Fletcher has made his fellow internet

    marketers jobs a lot easier once more. It is not free of course but it is the kind of

    investment that is really worth it. You will have a fix-linking machine running for

    24 hours to bring in more traffic, better search engine rankings and more sales.

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    Now losing traffic because of technical issues is

    definitely unacceptable. You already have a

    reasonably priced tool that watches out for the

    health and over-all performance of your site.

    In case, all the mentioned benefits earlier are

    still not enough for you then regular updates of

    this plugin comes for free. People that are

    working for the improvement of this product

    are also not resting to give you all the best

    functionalities to help you reach your goals.

    Stop losing traffic every day and stop from driving your site visitors away. The

    best solution is now available so dont allow any broken links to prevent

    prospective clients or customers discover your wonderful content and offers. You

    have no excuse because there are already many website constructing software

    that contains reliable broken link checker like Digi Link Doctor.

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    A Helpful Digi Link Doctor Review

    Digi Link Doctor is one of the greatest WordPress plugin that Andy Fletcher had

    released. Truly, this downloadable plugin can work magic in terms of redirecting

    traffic and backlinks from inactive pages to pages that have powerful links.

    Regardless of the benefits that you can get in this Andy Fletcher Digi Link Doctor,

    you also need to consider searching for the best Digi Link Doctor review first to

    guide you with the right buying decision. One important factor that you should

    know is that Digi Link Doctor is not actually for everyone. Blogs that are still new

    and has only few posts may not need this plugin yet. So before purchasing it, you

    have to make sure that you know all the advantages and disadvantages you can

    get from it. Make sure this will perfectly fit your needs and expectations.

    First thing to bear in mind is that most people say that this plugin is really

    confusing to learn at first. Its real functionalities are actually hard to grasp unless

    you are a techie person. But once you get the hang of it, you will realize the

    power it can offer you.

    It is just easy to download. You can actually upload it directly in the WP

    dashboard and install it right away. The price is also reasonable if you are going to

    consider all the benefits you can get from it. Digi Link Doctor is ideal for a blog

    that has been in existence for quite a long period of time now and it already has

    50 or more posts and pages. Imagine what happens to those pages that are

    already inactive but are still in search engines and traffic is continuously getting

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    sent to them. This wonderful WordPress plugin can actually redirect your visitors

    to go where ever you want them to go. You can even set and apply different

    strategies to maximize your backlinks more.

    The whole process of Digi Link Doctor may seem to be simple but if you are going

    to do the tasks that this tool does, you surely cannot make it. With Digi Link

    Doctor installed, you will have a 24/7 link-fixing machine that still works even at

    your sleep. Broken links can be easily patched and rerouted instantly to get more

    outstanding results in your search engine ranking, traffic and sales.

    The best deal in choosing this plugin is that it has regular updates that you can get

    for free. Moreover, it provides you constant operation as backlinks checker that

    scans non-stop all your incoming traffic and manages all your broken links. Even

    their technical support system is not taking a rest in your concerns and they are

    always prepared to answer all your queries within one working day. Indeed, when

    you have Digi Link Doctor at your side, everything will be working for you

    continuously with no over-time pay.

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    Curing Broken Links with a Digi Link Doctor WordPress Plugin

    Are you wondering why you just cant get the results you have always been

    expecting? You know you have done your part of promoting your website and

    creating all the high quality links you need to achieve the top search engine

    ranking in major search engine results. However, you still think that you should

    be getting more than what you are presently getting. There are numerous reasons

    why you cannot fully optimize your internet marketing strategies. One of the

    major reasons of this is because of some broken links.

    Avoid being caught out by broken links. Make sure all your links are working well

    to make it on the page you truly deserve. Take care of your reputation as well. Do

    not disappoint an interested site visitor with a 404 page. Maintain a good

    reputation by providing ease in the customization of the patch page. Your

    prospective clients will certainly think that you are the authority in this link and

    you will have the full control of the customer experience.

    Get the traffic you really deserve by tapping into a good and promising well of

    backlinks. Set your patch page to your main site and you will be totally sure to

    have a sale in the way. Experience the amount of traffic your hard work should be

    receiving for a best suited reward.

    Treat your weak and broken links by downloading the right WordPress plugin. Digi

    Link Doctor will help you find broken links and help you get the traffic you have

    worked for. This is a very complicated task that only techie individuals can fix. So

    to make your life easier, get a 24/7 backlinks checker. It will not stop scanning for

    broken links and fixing it by patching it with the ready-made web page. In fact

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    this downloadable plugin will keep you constantly informed and up to date by

    providing you email reports on what your Digi Link Doctor has patched.

    Andy Fletcher made sure that you will have the control of professional software

    at your own command. This worthwhile WordPress plugin includes an access to a

    dedicated support team that will always be on call to provide you unlimited

    technical support forever.

    You can be certain that your concern will only be minute since this Digi Link

    Doctor was formulate only by top-class programmers to help provide you a top-

    class plugin as well. Moreover, regular updates will always be available for you

    with no extra fees. This is a one-time investment that will constantly work to

    improve your links and give way to a better search engine ranking.

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    Digi Link Doctor: The Most Amazing Broken Link Checker

    A link of a website that redirects to an

    incorrect web data file is often called a

    broken link. A broken link is brought on by

    defective web addresses that point to a

    page that does not exist. Simply put, the

    page cannot be seen by the viewers because

    the page with that URL is not transferred to

    your server. This is exactly the reason why

    youll need a broken link checker.

    You must run a link check throug