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Post on 08-Jul-2015


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Tim Gregson, Enterprise Strategy at Microsoft and Liz Harrison, Economic Development Manager at Kent County Council talk on Kent Reimagined and Connecting Canterbury - the 'anywhere working' city, the digital layer and potential of augmented reality on our high streets.


  • Kent Reimagined

  • Redefining the relationship with London..

  • Reimagining the high street

  • Online shopping takes just 5 in every 100 away from high street but only if you have an omni-channel approach, suggests eBay-Deloitte study

  • Realising the power of the digital layer

  • Taking it to the next level - intent and


  • Multi-channel and multi-function space

  • Business Reimagined Video

  • Kent Reimagined!

    24th April, 9.00am -1.30pm, Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury

    Dave Coplin Chief Envisioning Officer, Microsoft Ltd James Whittaker Distinguished Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Corp. Eileen Brown Author, journalist, blogger and evangelist Expert panel