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  • 1. Digging GoldTimothy Kirschbaum Eman Sarsour Rajiv Mahay Doug Waara Tyler Blied
  • 2. Background Gold extracted using Cyanide Heap Leaching Enables extraction of gold from low-grade ores Problems with Cyanide
  • 3. Clicker Question Do you think in gold mining process , the benefit exceeds the environmental damage ?1. Yes2. No3. Maybe
  • 4. Problems Most Environmentally Destructive Industries Cyanide Heap-Leaching (Most common technique) Cyanide is one of the most potent poisons Storing Cyanide in Reservoirs Discharging of mining waste directly into waterways
  • 5. http://eoimages.gsfc.nasa.gov/images/imagerecords/42000/42763/superpit_ali_2010045.jpg
  • 7. POLLUTIONConsumptions offuelContribution toglobal warming
  • 8. SmeltersProduces(ACID RAIN)NitrogenSulfur(TOXIC METELS)LeadArsenicCadmium
  • 9. ACID MINEDRAINAGEWhile the aciddrains from themine debris, itgradually picks upother metals , suchasarsenic, mercury, and lead. Whichresults a toxic brewthat can drain rightinto the waterways sierraclubgreatlakes.blogspot.comand groundwater.
  • 10. Clicker Question Do you think the United States should put more regulations and restrictions on gold mining ?1. Yes2. No3. I dont care
  • 11. Changes in Lawsto ban thecitizens cyanide Montana use of voted heap-leach mining in the state.Montanaafterof mine in This was a one the largest in the U.S went out of business costing taxpayers 33 million.
  • 12. What is Being Done In 2005 Congress called for new laws to require mining companies to post adequate bonds. Which is sort of like insurance, incase they go bankrupt.
  • 13. Clicker Question Can we use technology to make gold mining profitable and safe ?1. Yes2. No3. Maybe
  • 14. Efforts for Future PreventionGovernment Efforts General Accounting Office Stricter Environmental Laws (Mostly EU) Heap-Leaching Banning Ex) Montana, Wisconsin
  • 15. Efforts for Future PreventionEarthworks No Dirty Gold Jewelry Retailers Ex) Tiffany & Co., Cartier Madison Dialogue