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<p>4 Great Ways to Use Facebook to Market Your Kindle Book</p> <p>Different Ways to Promote a Kindle Book on Goodreads</p> <p>What is GoodreadsIt is a social cataloging website</p> <p>It permits individuals to sign up and register books to create their library catalogs and reading lists.</p> <p>It also allows users to create their own groups of book suggestions and discussions.</p> <p>In this presentation, we will look at the different ways on how to promote a Kindle book through the Goodreads Author Program. </p> <p>Pimp Your Profile</p> <p>Add a photo to your profile</p> <p>Add information about yourself</p> <p>Link Your blogYour posts will automatically appear on goodreads.Your followers will be notified of your postsThere will be tons of exposure for your books</p> <p>Promoting A Kindle Book With Friends And FansGoodreads has a friends system that works a lot like the friends systems on other sitesJoin a Goodreads GroupJoin discussions.Leave a comment.</p> <p>It's good to have friends but it's even better to have fansFans are best for the egoSet up a Q&amp;A Group for discussion and invite your fans or friends.Goodreads members love to chat with authors</p> <p>You can also send messages to your friends and fansBe sparing with this to avoid being seen as a spammer. Only send messages when there is a major event like giveaway or publication of a new title.</p> <p>Promoting A Kindle Book With Paid Advertising On GoodreadsGoodreads offers pay-per-click contextual ads.Select demographic and genre so that your ads are shown to the right people.Upload a free chapter so they can preview your book directly from the ad.</p> <p>Promoting A Kindle Book With Goodreads GiveawaysOffer a physical copy of your book. Dont worry because you only have to give away one copy. Consider joining the Goodreads advertising program to advertise your giveaway.</p> <p>Responding to Negative ReviewsNEVER post a comment or contact the reviewer through the message system.</p> <p>By commenting, you are pushing bad review up into a more prominent position. </p> <p>Bad reviews can be useful feedback that you can learn from the next time that you write a book. </p> <p>REMEMBER: Every author has some bad reviews.</p> <p>Responding to Positive ReviewsClick the button to like them.Or you can just leave a comment thanking that person.Either one of these actions will help the positive review up toward the top of the list.</p> <p>For more tips, check out my blog at </p> <p>http://amyharrop.com </p>