Different problems faced by the private sector

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>DIFFERENT PROBLEMS FACED BY THE PRIVATE SECTORBY- Dipanway BhabukSectors on the basis of ownershipPRIVATE SECTOR- Reliance Industries Limited, Wipro Limited</p> <p>PUBLIC SECTOR- Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd., Airports Authority of India</p> <p>JOINT SECTOR- Malwa Cotton Spinning Mills LTD Punjab, Gujarat State FertilizersPROBLEMS FACED BY OUR ECONOMY AS A WHOLE</p> <p>INFLATION</p> <p>POOR EDUCATIONAL STANDARDS</p> <p>BALANCE OF PAYMENT DEFICIT</p> <p>POOR INFRASTRUCTURE</p> <p>INCREASE IN INEQUALITY OF INCOME</p> <p>RIGID LABOUR LAWS</p> <p>PROBLEMS FACED BY PRIVATE SECTOR</p> <p>The small and medium scale companies in the private sector of Indian economy suffer from lack of finances to welcome the idea of extending their business to other states or diversify their product range</p> <p>The private sector of Indian economy also suffer from the absence of appropriate regulatory structure, to guide the private sector and this speaks for its unorganized framework. The unorganized framework of the private sector is interrupting the proper management of this sector resulting in the slowdown of its development</p> <p>The most important problem was delays due to regulatory structure. There have been too many regulations imposed by the government on the private sector which often resulted in procedural delays. It is estimated that on an average it takes seven years from the conceptual stage to the production stage for any significant investment project to materialize in IndiaPROBLEMS FACED BY PRIVATE SECTORThe private sector had not been given a significant role in the economic development. The government has entrusted the basic and capital goods industries to the public sector and made it the prime mover of economic development. As a consequence, the private sector has to be satisfied with the secondary role assigned to it</p> <p> Another major problem was the growing industrial sickness due to continuous losses, which resulted in the failure to meet liabilities</p> <p> THANK YOU</p>