Different Pictograms Used for ADA Compliant Signage

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Find out what kinds of pictograms are commonly used when ADA signs are made for use by various businesses and establishments. Check out the ones that you are familiar with in this slideshow.


<ul><li> 1. DifferentPictogramsUsed for ADACompliantSignage</li></ul> <p> 2. Not all ADA signs require the useof pictograms. 3. But a number of these signs douse symbols and pictograms. 4. The signs that use pictogramsoften use the same ones othercompanies use for their signs. 5. This is generally to ensure thatpeople who cannot read can stilleasily understand what thesesigns say. 6. Some of the more commonpictograms used on ADACompliant Signage includethe following: 7. Wheelchair Accessible (ISA) 8. Womens Restroom 9. Mens Restroom 10. Elevator 11. Unisex Bathrooms 12. Stairways or Stairwells 13. And many more. 14. To find out more about ADAsigns, and the pictogramsused on them, visitSignCollection.com andcheck out the many signsand options you have forADA Compliant Signage. </p>