Different Aspects of Black and White Nature Photography

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  1. 1. Different Aspects of Black and White Nature Photography They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder , but still some aspects exist that show the difference between pictures of nature and nature photos that are fine art .First of all, In the first place, the photographer interested in producing art needs to accept the fact that they'll need to take literally hundreds of photos for every photo that is a contender for fine art. Sometimes , there is precious little a photographer can do when their subject cannot be predicted beyond having a stockpile of patience and the reactive reflexes of a stalking spider . The very first aspect relating to black and white nature photography then is trying to capture a moment whenever it occurs . Anyone can photograph lions sleeping in the grass or a rain storm on the water , but it's the patient and focused photographer who catches that airborne moment as the lion pounces, or the first of a thousand spreading raindrop ripples .Another important part of making a photo a fine art photo is to ensure you have the right equipment . For example, your tripod is important when you take nature photos not only for shot consistency , but to help the photographer avoid as much movement as they can so the environment is not disturbed . The proper lens for the type of photography one is doing is essential, for a lens that is 300/4 will create different effects than a 20mm wide angle lens .Yet another aspect to consider is lighting that really shows the difference between black and white nature photography and pictures you took quickly on a zoo trip. Natural light is usually most abundant , and it's usually the best option , but only if it's not midday sun that is harsh. Not only should you know about light sources , but controlling it too . The use of white boards and reflective foils, umbrellas and the like may not be necessary for all nature photography depending on your time of shooting and the landscape you're shooting. Once again , you need to know what equipment is needed and what you don't need to get the desired effects .As mentioned , beauty is in the eye of the beholder , but practices and techniques used will be evident in all photographs that you can really call "fine art." If you want to produce black and white nature photography, the photographer must have patience and be ready, must know what equipment is and is not needed, and finally , must master the range of lighting techniques used to get the effect desired . Everything else is about nature and left to chance.Author: Black and white nature photography captures an instant in time and brings great memories to anyone. Keith Spangler is a professional photographer that specializes in images of black and white nature photography.