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This presentation from GBB Construction Solutions is on the living room. The difference between formal and family living room and related topics topics to living room are given here.


  • 1. #DidYouKnow facts about: living and family rooms

2. About Us: We are construction solutions company Headquartered in Bangalore. We provide Architecture, Interior Design, Home Automation and Construction Consultancy Services. We are a team of dedicated designers and technicians with required expertise. We have an Operations office at Udupi. Designed more than 1,00,000+ square feet in the second year of our inception. Designated as The Best Business in Interior Designing in Bangalore by commonfloor.com in the month of July 2013. 3. Living room Comparison of formal and family living room Formal rooms are often in the front of the house, near the entry way. Formal rooms are more likely to entertain guests on more formal occasions. Family rooms, are generally located in the back of the home, near the kitchen and often adjacent to an outdoor space like a deck or patio. Family rooms are more traditionally reserved for the family itself to use on a daily basis. Family members will be entertained in the family room during more casual gatherings. 4. Living room Project: Mr. Mujeebs Residence Location: Shimoga! Material Usage: Sofa: Milano & Design Cladding: Natural Stone Light: LED (Phillips) Wood Finish:Veneer Tiling: Granite Other decorations:Water Falls,Twigs Pebbles 5. Living room 6. Modern living room furniture 7. In family rooms the furnishings focus on comfort and usually are casual. Family rooms are much more likely to have recliners and easy chairs and plush, comfortable sofas. Formal rooms furnishings tend to be much more stylish and sometimes more formal. For example, wingback chairs and sofas are popular in traditional living rooms. Formal room is the space where valuables and family heirlooms would be displayed. Casual family rooms are also the place where families gather to play games and watch television. The focal point of many family rooms is often a fully stocked entertainment centre, Formal living rooms are more likely to display fine art or formal portraits on wall. For family room choose warm, inviting colours, plush, furnishing and functional items like entertainment systems and bookshelves. Furniture of living room 8. Tiling of living room 9. Depends on the theme we want to make in the room. Themes can be Indian classical, contemporary, European classics and many more. Tiling options are: Marble Granite Wooden Vitrified Clay Cement Natural Stones Epoxy flooring etc. 9 Tiling of living room 10. 10 Keep interchangeable art works Have neutral colours (Including walls, furniture etc.) Have a room that makes you smile Locate the best area for focal point Furniture placement should complement focal point Adding a luxury carpet is always a value add GeneralTips: 11. 11 Our next presentations will be on: Making of a living room Types of Residential interior designing American (Colonial, South Western and Patriotic) Gothic For more information on Formal & Family Living Room: Visit: http://www.gbbcs.com/category/blog/! Sources: homeguides.sfgate.com, houzz.com, 1stdibs.com, paradyz.com and products from Natuzzi 12. Contact Details: Bangalore: GBB Construction Solutions #14/16, ShriVenkateshwara Building DVG Road, Basavanagudi Bangalore 560004 Phone: +91 80 41154894 Mobile: +91 8147209355 Website: www.gbbcs.com Thank you