diary in english, camp 1st week

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  • 7/31/2019 Diary in English, Camp 1st week


    Diary, first we

    Monday July 23rd: Welc

    Today, at around 9.30am a grou

    17 years old. First we had some

    their stuffs.

    They wrote their expectation ab

    camp on little apple-shaped piec

    paper that we stick on a paper-tThey want to have fun, make ne

    friends and learn more about th

    We had the meeting with all the


    ek: from the 23rd

    of J




    of 36 kids from Izmir came to the camp. They a

    meeting games and the kids tidy up theirs new r

    ut the

    e of



    ly to the

    re between 10 and

    oms and unpack

  • 7/31/2019 Diary in English, Camp 1st week


    Tuesday July 24th

    : Instruc

    Today is the second day and the

    problems. We started the day w

    stretching and a little game. The

    breakfast and we continued wit

    games (Sinirsiz Mav which mea

    Blue): the goal is to have them l

    On the afternoon they participa

    activity, trying to find different k

    trees in the school garden. They

    what they collected to the other

    Finally, we saw a documentary

    and ts drying process, which wa

    and useful for the kids. In order

    attention, we made some cinem

    gave them popcorn to simulate



    kids need to take awareness of the sea pollutio

    ith some

    n we had

    the educational

    s Unlimited

    arn while playing.

    ted to Nature Bag

    inds of plants and

    had to present


    bout Aral Lake

    s quite interesting

    o get their

    a tickets and we


    We had the

    volunteers, a

    they were rea

    some activitie

    Tomorrow wil

    deep emotio

    and environmental

    eeting with all the

    d we decided that

    dy to start with

    s in the sea.

    ll be a day full of


  • 7/31/2019 Diary in English, Camp 1st week


    Wednesday July, 25th

    : Sc

    Today is a great day for everybo

    eating a good breakfast we all w

    was so enthusiastic and was sin

    At the Center, the kids were give

    kids at a time while the others w

    (including the little Ula). The vo

    and we make very nice pictures

    After a shower and a little break

    volunteers meeting we had a cl

    very interesting but a bit long fo

    long, full of adrenaline day.

    ba diving

    y. Indeed, after waking up early (7.30), making

    ent to a Scuba Diving Center on the sea side. On

    ing so loud.

    n an initiation class to Scuba diving before the p

    ere swimming. Some of the kids learned how to

    lunteers also had the chance to try it. The experi

    amazing even if th


    We had super san

    and potcha for sna

    very tired when w

    kids burned under

    On the way back e

    f the sleepy faces.

    we had diner and after the

    ss about Astrology. It was

    r the kids who already had a

    some stretching and

    the bus, everybody

    ractice. They dived 5

    swim with us

    ence was really

    ere was a lack of

    wiches for lunch

    ck. Everyone was

    got back and some

    the sun.

    veryone is sleeping

  • 7/31/2019 Diary in English, Camp 1st week


    Tomorrow an even more excitin

    Thursday July 26th

    : Boat


    I feel today is going be a great

    day. The kids have already

    achieved their expectations for

    the camp and whatever we

    propose is going to be received

    with smiles in their faces. We ar

    all happy.

    We wake up early and we make

    some sport before breakfast. W

    take the bus heading up to

    Seferihisars harbor where a boa

    and its crew are waiting for us.

    The day is very good and Osman

    in the town with more

    sandwiches. We can start the tri

    Agean Sea is amazing and the w

    in the boat with our new friends

    qute cold. The chldren can sw















    day is waiting for us!




    ter is very clean and blue. The music starts to s

    we arrive to a little bay. The sea is incredibly be

    n the water wth lfe vests and we will make a

    looked at the stars

    h a telescope while

    ening to some

    sic. Quickly, the

    ronomy practical

    ss turned into THE


    some Hatay

    onstration and a

    of fun. We also saw

    urn or Jupiter (we

    not sure) and the

    on. That was


    und. After one hour

    utiful although ts

    human fence for

  • 7/31/2019 Diary in English, Camp 1st week


    lookng after them. Its 1 ocloc

    rest and have lunch. After that

    captan put some musc and eve

    dance, and we lke t.

    Back n the town, we take the b

    bus drver. After a long shower,

    the dnner: after 2 days of sand

    and the sun s startng to burn some skns, so w

    e have the last bath and some photos, and the

    ryone starts dancng on the deck: We realzed th

    s. Now, anyone s sngng and the only one who

    nd meetng Tereza (the new volunteer from Cz

    ches, we have Doner Kebab and everyone s ve

    In the me

    sayng th

    happy an

    want to l

    cause ev

    the prev

    saw a mo

    dvng ph

    been a b


    tred. Its

    Le Gven

    some fun

    e decde to have a

    arty starts: the

    at Turkish loves to

    snt sleepng s the

    ch Republc) we eat

    ry happy.

    etng, everyone s

    at the kds are very

    d that they dont

    ave the camp,

    ry day s better than

    ous one. Then, we

    ve wth scuba

    otographies. It has

    sy day, full of

    es, and every kd s

    our chance to open

    s Casino and have

    . Water flows!

  • 7/31/2019 Diary in English, Camp 1st week


    Friday July 27th

    : The part

    Today is more calm. We need so

    With Gerard, Tora and Clementi

    time. Sandwiches were lovely. Inis so hot. We watch an environ

    whch s a pretty mpressve plac


    me rest. And its really too hot today.

    e we prepared the Good Bye partys flyers that

    the afternoon we delayed the trp to Seferehisaental friendlys flms: Cars. We finally went to S

    e. 3 walls and thats t! Hopefully everyone had

    end and it was so perfect.

    After dinner and the meeting we sad go

    everybody got ready for LA BOUM. At th

    slide show wth the pctures of the camp

    There were many funny pictures. After a

    up ( the muscal chairs game) every one

    and Las Ketchups song. It was lots of fu

    sweaty at the end! DJ Tora on the M I C ,

    T O P! A great party!

    we gave at lunch

    rs castle because itferihisars castle

    n ice cream at the

    od bye to Kenan and

    e party, we watch a

    ( Tora prepared t) .

    little musical warm-

    anced La Macarena

    , we were all very

    takng ths from the

  • 7/31/2019 Diary in English, Camp 1st week


    Saturday July 28th

    : The la

    Today was very dfferent. After

    tree. The kdss expectatons we

    Everyone was sad and some of tvolunteers are also very emotio

    gong! =(

    Lets meet on Monday for new a

    t day

    a lttle stretchng and the breakfast we unstick t

    re fulflled.

    he kds cred because they dont want to leave tal, we got attached to these lovely kds and ts



    e apples from the

    e camp. All theard to see them

    rard and Clmentine.