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Always examine the tool for damages before use. True

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Always examine the tool for damages before use. True

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2. It is OK to wear loose clothing, dangling objects and jewellery using hand tool.


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3. Keep cords and hoses away from heat, oil and sharp edges.


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Use only tools and equipment in good condition. A. True

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5. It is OK to make adjustments or clear a jam while the power tool is running.


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If any tool breaks or malfunctions, report it to your supervisor immediately.


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7. Before connecting to a power source, make sure the power is on.


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. Safety glasses shall always be worn whenever you are using power hand tool.


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9. There are several types of power tools, including electric, pneumatic, hydraulic.


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. Never use electric tools in wet conditions. True

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When not in use, power tools should be disconnected.

A. True

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. Keep safe distance between your hands and all moving parts of the power tool.

A. True

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Don’t leave a power tool unattended while it is running.


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Use safety guards exactly as they are supposed to be used.


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16. When tightening a nut with an adjustable wrench, always pull the wrench toward you;

never push the wrench away from you. A. True

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17. Plastic covered handles on wire-cutting pliers may be used to cut low-voltage live

electrical wire. true

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Screwdrivers may be used for purposes other than driving or removing screws, for

example as a chisel. False

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19. When selecting a standard screwdriver be certain that the tip is almost as thick and

as wide as the slot of the head of a True

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When using a hacksaw, safety glasses must be worn.


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When you are finished using a hacksaw, tension should be