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Measurement & Geometry

Diagnostic error analysisMeasurement & Geometry44. Congruency

CongruencyTwo figures or objects are ___________ if they have the ______ shape size, or if one is the mirror image of the other.If you place both images on top of one another, GH and BC line up.congruent sameAsk students to pair-share the meaning of congruency. When you think of congruency, what words come to mind. Write them down on your whiteboard.245. Surface area

How many sides of a cube are exposed as the surface area?26 (This includes the bottom of model).What is the surface area of ONE side?3x3=9 sq. in.9x26=234 sq. in.

33What does surface area mean?With your partner, figure out how many cubic sides are found around this model.346. Pythagorean theorem

What clues in the picture inform me that I must use the Pythagorean theorem?a2+b2=c2162+b2=202256+b2=400Solve for b.

a= c=b=?With a partner, discuss what clues are found in the picture.On your whiteboard, solve for b.447. ConversionsNotice the initial units of measurements.Notice the conversions offered in the choices.Youll have to convert the units into seconds or minutes.Divide the hour (60 minutes) into 6 kilometers.60/6 = 10 minutes1 kilometer in 10 minutes.

48. Scale models and proportions

Create the following proportion:

Solve for x.

With a partner, solve for x. 649. Area of triangleWhat is the formula for the area of a triangle?

Correctly identify the base and height.Apply the formula.

baseheightThis is NOT the height.

50. Reflection

Reflection is the_________image across the ____ or _____- axis.According to the question, across which axis will the image cross?It will be across the y-axis.POP QUIZWhat happens when you translate a figure?

mirrorxyReflection vs. translationREFLECTIONA figure can be reflected across the y-axis or across the x-axis.A problem will always direct you to reflect across the ____ or ____ axis.TRANSLATIONA figure can be translated up, down, left or right according to specific instructions.A problem will always direct you to translate with specific directions like the following: 2 units up1 unit down and 3 units to the right1 unit down and 5 units to the leftxy51. Scale and proportion

What is a key word in this problem?Volume is the key word.How do you get the volume of a cube?Multiply the following:(length)(width)(height)We can give variables to the cubes.Small cube: (x)(x)(x)= x3Large cube:(4x)(4x)(4x)=64x3 Clearly, the larger cube is 64 times greater.

xxx4x4x4x52. PERImeterYou must know how to calculate the perimeter. The perimeter is the distance ___________ a figure.What are the measurements of all four sides?25 + 12.5 + 25 + 12.5Question: Why do two sides measure 12.5?Solve the problem.

around53. Proportion

Notice the time measurements.Create a proportion.

Solve for x.Is there another way you can solve this problem?

54. Conversion with formulaIs this too easy?To convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit, plug in the known variable and solve for the unknown.

Solve for F.

55. Area of circleHow do we know that this question is asking for the area?Area is always measured in ___________ units.Question: How do I find the radius if they only give me the diameter?Label the parts of a circle.Solve for the area of one glass top.

square56. Plotting figures on graph

Its easy to plot the points.

Now, you must know the definition of all four shapes.

: two bases, usually two parallel sides and two legs not parallel :same opposite side, diagonals intersect.:all four sides equal in length:each opposite pair is parallel and the same length.


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