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DHV Group Annual Report 2010


  • Annual Report 2010DHV Group

    Consultancy and Engineering

    Gateway to solutions


  • Highlights 2010

    Construction of A2 Motorway, Poland >> SSI Saturday Schools, South Africa >> Earthquake resistant housing and community infrastructure, Indonesia >> Urban traffic control system for Luoyang City, China >> 2nd passenger handling facility at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia >> Nereda for sustainable treatment of municipal wastewater, the Netherlands >> Innovative, demand-based solution for water supply, South Africa >>

    The project illustrated on the cover is the SAISC Award winning 7th Avenue Bridge, Johannesburg, South Africa.

    Key Figures 3

    Profile 5

    Report of the Supervisory Board 6

    Message of the Executive Board 8Strategy and Policy 8Developments 2010 10 Corporate Responsibility 15Financial Performance 19 Outlook 2011 23

    Performance Review 26Consolidated Balance Sheet 26 Consolidated Profit and Loss Account 27Consolidated Cash Flow Statement 28Corporate Responsibility 29

    Addresses 30

    This booklet, together with the Financial and CR Statements forms the Annual Report 2010. Please visit dhvgroup.com/annualreport for a complete overview.


  • 2 3

    TurnoverE 469 millionWorkforce


    Shareholders equityE 69 millionCO2 emission per fte

    3660 kg 100% compensated

    Defi nitionsAdded value Operating income less cost of work subcontracted and other external charges EBITA recurring EBITA excluding non-operational itemsEBITA margin EBITA / TurnoverEarnings per share Net result / Number of ordinary shares issued Net working capital Current assets less current liabilities (excluding cash and cash equivalents less amounts owed to credit institutions)Movement in net cash Movement in cash and cash equivalents less amounts due to credit institutions

    * The 2006 fi gures include 18 months results of the Africa region


    Added value


    EBITA recurring EBITA Net result Return on average shareholders equity (%) EBITA margin, recurring (%) Earnings per share () Dividend per issued class B share ()

    Capital employed

    Total assets Long-term capitalShareholders equity Group equity Group equity as a percentage of total assets (%)

    Financial position

    Net working capital Movement in net cash


    Number of staff (ultimo)

    ( millions, unless otherwise stated)











    15.6 13.0 6.0

    10.2 3.9

    1.24 0.45

    191.7 96.459.9 61.7 32.2

    19.9 -9.6




    21.3 20.8 9.4

    15.3 4.6

    1.97 0.70

    231.9 99.8 63.2 65.3 28.2

    26.2 -23.6




    17.2 14.1 5.0 7.4 3.6

    1.04 0.40

    242.0 123.8 72.5 76.9 31.8

    8.1 37.8






    -1.93 -





    Key Figures


    17% female management













    Turnover by client group (in %)

    Turnover by market (in %)

    Turnover by region (in %)The NetherlandsAfricaAsiaEurope (excl. the Netherlands)North America

    GovernmentIndustryPublic UtilitiesInternational Development Agencies46














    TransportationBuilding and IndustryWaterSpatial Planning and EnvironmentAviation













    Turnover by client group (in %)

    Turnover by market (in %)

    Turnover by region (in %)The NetherlandsAfricaAsiaEurope (excl. the Netherlands)North America

    GovernmentIndustryPublic UtilitiesInternational Development Agencies46














    TransportationBuilding and IndustryWaterSpatial Planning and EnvironmentAviation

  • 4 5


    "The DHV Group is a leading engineering consultancy known for the highest levels of expertise and leadership in innovation and sustainability. We serve clients through local delivery of world-class solutions. The DHV Group is internationally renowned for providing integrated solutions to complex problems, especially in the fields of Transportation, Aviation, Environment, and Water. This is a reputation of which we are proud of and which we will continue to build upon into the future."

    Bertrand van Ee, President Executive Board

    Staff and Offices by RegionEurope 2,750in 20officesAsia 850in 10officesAfrica 1,000in 25officesNorthAmerica 700in 20officesTotal 5,300 in 75 offices


    world-class solutions. The DHV Group actively invests in innovations and collaborates with universities and research foundations to provide leading edge solutions.

    Corporate ResponsibilitySustainability is a core consideration in all our activities. We aim for a positive impact on economies, societies and eco-systems through the services that we provide and in our own operations.

    Local presenceWe are active world-wide through a network of offices in Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America. We operate as one company under three main and several smaller brands, depending on the location. Operations in the following home countries account for the greater part of our total turnover: The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, China, India, Indonesia, South Africa, Canada and the United States of America.

    CertificationOur processes are certified by internationally recognized bodies and we align with global initiatives for Corporate Responsibility.

    VisionWe aim to be a world-wide top 10 employee-owned engineering consultancy, known for the highest levels of expertise and leadership in sustainability.

    Mission We are a company for people from people, working in partnership with our clients to deliver innovative, quality solutions for the sustainable development of our living environment.

    ClientsOur major clients are: Governments Public and Semi-Government Entities Private Industry, Commercial Services, Contractors, and Developers International Development Agencies

    ValuesOur core values Integrity, Respect and Freedom provide a compass for our actions world-wide. With a focus on Leadership, Results and Teamwork we foster a culture of responsibility and partnership. We believe in social responsibility, have zero tolerance for corruption and uphold the letter and spirit of the law.

    Added value to clientsWe work closely with clients to achieve their ambitions, adding value through innovation and local delivery of

    Serving our living environment

  • Report of the Supervisory Board

    Supervisory Board meetingsDuring 2010, the Supervisory Board met with the Executive Board on seven occasions and paid visits to several local DHV companies and projects in the Netherlands as well as abroad. The visits provided the Board with insight into markets, operations and developments at a local level. All board members had a good record of attendance. Ongoing matters were regularly discussed by the Chairmen of the Supervisory and the Executive Board outside the context of these meetings. On several occasions the Supervisory Board discussed the Groups strategy for the longer term, the main risks of the business and the result of the assessment by the Executive Board of the design and effectiveness of internal risk management and control systems.

    Naturally, the impact of the financial and economic crisis and the required measures to deal with its effects were tabled at every meeting of the Supervisory Board. Other items on the agenda were: the adjustment of the Business Framework,

    the Corporate Responsibility Report, the renovation of the Amersfoort office and compliance. As in previous years, the Supervisory Board conducted a Management Development review.

    Audit Committee meetingsIn March 2010 Mr. Van der Poel succeeded Mr. Van der Plas. Mr. Lindenbergh continued as Chair. The Audit Committee met on three occasions. The first meeting dealt with the annual accounts for 2009, the external auditors report and the finalization of the budget for 2010, the second with the mid-year figures, the auditors Audit Plan and the evaluation of the implementation of the management information system. The third meeting was dedicated to the third quarter results, the forecast 2010, compliance with bank covenants, tax structure and the Business Framework.

    Profile of the Supervisory BoardThe Board is properly constituted and its members possess the desired competencies, in accordance with the Profile of

    We have pleasure in presenting the DHV Group Annual Report for 2010. The annual accounts were prepared by the Executive Board, and audited by PwC, and were signed following discussions with the Executive Board and the external accountants. We support the proposal of the Executive Board not to distribute any dividend. We recommend that the annual accounts for 2010 be adopted and we call on you to discharge the Executive Board from liability for its management, and the Supervisory Board for its supervision during the 2010 financial year.

    Recommendations to the Annual Shareholders Meeting

    6 7W. van Vonnomember since 2006

    S.M. Dekkermember since 2007

    J.H.M. Lindenberghmember since 2003

    A.P.M. van der Poelmember since 2004

    C.P. Veermanmember since 2010

    the Board. All members are independent as provided in best practice provision III.2.2 of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code. Mr. Lindenbergh is a financial expert as provided in best practice provision III.3.2 of the Code. The Supervisory Board reviewed the performance, composition and remuneration of the Executive Board. In the judgment of the Supervisory Board, the Executive Board needed an extension in the area of Finance and Control. This has been achieved by the appointment of Mrs. J. de Bakker as Chief Financial Officer and member of the Executive Board, as of 1 June 2010. By this appointment the Supervisory Board judges that the Executive Board both as a group and in terms of its individual members possesses the requisite competencies and functions appropriately.

    Corporate GovernanceDHV Groups Corporate Governance Report and further information concerning the remuneration policy, the Code of Conduct, whistle-blower scheme, and regulations for the Executive Board, Supervisory Board and Audit Committee can be found at dhvgroup.com/corporategovernance. The remuneration of the Supervisory Board is reported in the Financial Statements and is available on dhvgroup.com/annualreport.

    Composition of the Supervisory BoardOn the 2010 Annual Shareholders Meeting, Mr. Van der Plas, completed his maximum term and was succeeded by Mr. C.P. Veerman. Mrs. Dekker was appointed as Vice Chair.

    At the 2011 Annual Shareholders Meeting Mr. Lindenbergh and Mrs. Dekker will have completed their second and first terms respectively. The Supervisory Board nominates both for appointment to a next term.

    In closingThe Chair and Vice Chair of the Supervisory Board and a delegation of the Executive Board met with delegates of Works Councils of DHV B.V. and NACO B.V. to discuss the general course of events of the company. All parties appreciated the open and constructive dialogue. The year 2010 was marked by a continued economic downturn in the Dutch public sector. The financial results are disappointing and the Board notes that this requires firm and rapid measures. An extensive package of measures is adopted and the implementation is in full progress. The Board remains closely informed on the developments. The Supervisory Board wishes to thank all staff for their efforts and loyalty in 2010. With the measures being taken and the support of the staff, we have full confidence in a healthy future for the DHV Group.

    Amersfoort, the Netherlands, 23 February 2011

    W. van Vonno, ChairS.M. Dekker, Vice ChairJ.H.M. LindenberghA.P.M. van der PoelC.P.Veerman

    The CVs of the individual members of the Supervisory Board are available on dhvgroup.com/supervisoryboard.

  • 8Message of the Executive BoardStrategy and Policy


    The DHV Group is a company for people from people. Working with our clients, we have direct impact on supplying the basic needs of people and improving the living environment. Our ambition is to be a world-wide top 10 employee-owned engineering consultancy, known for high level expertise and leadership in sustainability. We approach business with a philosophy of partnership and appropriate reward for value added.

    Bertrand M. van Ee, Presidentmember since 2004

    Piet W. Besselink, Vice Presidentmember since 2006

    Jaska M. de Bakker, CFOmember since 2010

    innovation for and with our clients especially in relation to developing new and sustainable solutions.

    One company One company is about ensuring connectivity and constancy of purpose. Markets are dynamic and we count on our culture, systems, and interpersonal networks to support our people in dealing with change and dilemmas. Our Global Code of Business Principles, with key values of integrity, respect and freedom, guides us in assuming responsibility, making choices, and addressing stakeholder questions. It reflects the spirit that unites and defines us.

    Business units are the building blocks of our organization, operating within the one company framework. The framework provides context and processes to increase efficiency and enhance collaboration in support of client needs. Business unit continuity is subject to minimum performance standards and benchmarking.

    Commitment to sustainable development is central to our company mission and is implemented in our projects, operations, and through community engagement. Home countries are the cornerstone in this process. Different local needs are reflected in individual programs. The one company framework sets out expectations in all three areas, whilst complying with our Business Integrity Management System, and to promote building futures through education and capacity building.

    To ensure that systems remain vital, we seek formal certification, external benchmarking and stakeholder dialogue. Reoccurring targets are formal certification of our Business Integrity Management System, annual GRI B+ ranking, and annual placing in the lead group of the Transparency benchmark of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation. The latter is aligned with the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for stock-listed companies.

    Market Our client base is primarily in the markets of Transportation and Water. Together these will account for 80% of our turnover in 2015, up from the current 68%. In expanding these markets, we will concentrate our portfolio on services that bring higher value and earn a commensurate return. Our targets for profitability are a margin on turnover at par with the average of our peers in 2012 and in first quartile in 2015.

    In the global expertise areas of Aviation, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and Water Treatment we aim for an international top 10 position, with a turnover of 200 million in a global market or 50 million in a niche position. It is anticipated that additional expertise areas will reach this level over time. We aspire to further strengthen our national prominence in other areas; participating in major programs (incl. PPP) for road and rail infrastructure, marine, ports & waterways, water management, and coastal development. Increasingly, the key to success is integrated and sustainable solutions. Markets with substantial potential in which we are pro-actively investing include mining, hydropower, energy, and specialized environmental services.

    Home countriesWe serve our clients through local delivery of world-class solutions. Local relationships, established through a long track record, are the basis for introducing Group solutions in an integrated manner. This emphasizes local pull versus centralized push, enabling us to shift more rapidly to home countries with higher projected growth rates. In mature markets we focus on integrated solutions and new business models. With the continuing constraints in public sector markets, all home countries will move to more private sector work, with a company-wide target of 40% private and 60% public turnover by 2015. 90% of our turnover will be in home countries, where the aim is to reach a sustained top three position, based on market share or minimum turnover of 50 million.

    Innovation In order to gain higher commercial value from innovations and improve the results of the DHV Group, existing ideas and innovations will be brought to market quicker. We will work with partners to implement a strategic and more commercial approach to the development of new innovations in the Group. In the day to day business, we strive for continuous

  • 10

    Corporate Strategy In 2010 we launched the new Group strategy paper: Vision 2015 - Step Change. This took into account a number of world trends that relate directly to our business: increasing population growth, climate change, and a fundamental economic shift from the west to the east. These trends translate to exponentially growing demand for energy, food, clean water, coastal protection, mobility, and natural resources. However, the strain on eco-systems and existing infrastructure creates sharp competition for resources and associated integrity dilemmas. For the foreseeable future, government deficits will continue to have a significant impact on our business.

    We evaluated our strengths in relevant experience and technology, and rediscovered the need to keep these focused and strong. It was confirmed that long term client relations and presence in home countries make a significant difference to our ability to get and do profitable work. Reviewing our one company values, we were inspired by the passion of our people for innovation and sustainability. We also took a hard look at areas to improve. The conclusions were that more discipline is required in selectivity, stronger commercial focus is needed in all areas, and that speed in implementation is critical. In order to achieve our ambitions, the strategy builds on three pillars: Client Centricity, Operational Excellence, and a High Performance Culture.


    Our marketsLeveraging of our international network is progressing well.

    AsiaIn China, our water technologies were promoted at the Shanghai Expo and a number of contracts were signed for new water treatment plants. Spin-offs were created from the Hong Kong Macau bridge and tunnel project in the coastal development market. Repeat business was gained from LEED certification through our expertise in sustainable buildings. Indonesia began its shift to private sector clients by entering the mining business. In India we built local capacity for water treatment and highways. Vietnam is working hard to become a new home country through its water treatment and Mekong Delta projects.

    AfricaIn South Africa SSI provided infrastructure and logistics support for the World Cup. It was awarded a second waste water facility using Nereda technology and is developing business in other aspects of water scarcity and environmental services. The energy business is showing considerable growth and promise. SSI was recognized by the sector with several awards for technical excellence and sustainability. Turgis, our mining consultancy began the year slowly but took an upward turn in the second half with great performance for the year. SEED in Mozambique saw double digit growth on the back of a strong economy.

    AviationWithin Aviation, NACO and InterVISTAS recovered from a dramatic downturn in the industry. Developments in the Middle East have come back strongly. NACO was appointed to design the new terminal for Kuwait International Airport and its long term relations in Saudi Arabia secure NACO with a constant flow of challenging projects. InterVISTAS has won a number of airport privatization and airline consultancy projects.

    North America Transportation projects accounted for the greater part of business in North America. Delcan is continuing its strategy of large projects, increasingly in projects related to the development of new transit systems. Delcan gained a number of prestigious Intelligent Transport System (ITS) projects.

    Developments 20102010 has been a year that will be on our minds for a long time. We played a role in major events, such as the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, an amazing Expo in Shanghai and a highly successful World Cup in South Africa. There was a shift in balance between industrialized nations and emerging economies.

    For the DHV Group it has been a year of change. There were many positive developments, but also serious areas of concern. Our focus on sustainability is recognized as leading in our peer group. In the field of innovation, we have taken significant steps to commercialize Nereda water treatment technology.

    However our financial performance is below par. Parts of our organization, solid performers in the past, did not meet their targets. This led to a substantial adjustment in capacity, primarily in the Netherlands. Turnover for the Group remained relatively stable, showing a modest decrease to 469 million. The recurring operating margin on turnover dropped to 2.2% from 3.6% in the previous year. Recurring EBITA from operations was 10.2 million versus 17.2 million. Taking into account an amount of 15 million for one-off items, mainly for restructuring in the Netherlands, the net result was - 9.3 million versus 5 million in 2009. With the measures being taken, we anticipate sustained improvement during 2011.

    The brand, region and holding directors form, together with the Executive Board, the Executive Council of the DHV Group.

    Eugene Grter Johan van Manen Naren Bhojaram Piet van Helvoort Vic Prins Marga Doneho0 Chris Engelsman Jim Kerr Roel Overakker Arnold Galavazi

  • ClientThe General Directorate forNational Roads and Motorways, Poland

    Impact on theliving environmentAn important European anddomestic link between Berlinand Moscow to meet the transit needs and contribute to theeconomic development of theregion. Animal crossings and sound-absorbing screens will be built in designated areas. ServicesDHV was contracted to execute construction supervision services for the section Lodz to Warsaw with a total length of 91 km to support the client with timely completion before Euro 2012. Timespan2009 - 2012

  • 14 15

    ClientSSI Saturday Schools, South Africa

    Impact on theliving environmentThrough six schools 170 disadvantaged students are coached by employees towards their university entrance exam, enabling them to pursue a technical career.

    ResultsThe 2010 class of the Soshanguve Saturday School near Pretoria achieved a 96% university entrance pass rate and 18 distinctions in Maths, Science and Engineering Graphics & Design.

    Timespan2007 - ongoing

  • ClientLuoyang Police Bureau Traffic Branch, China

    Impact on theliving environmentThe project impact is reduced air pollution, reduced congestion of city traffic, reduced handling time of accidents, improved average speed, and improved police operational efficiency.

    ServicesDHV and Delcan designed and delivered a traffic control and command system. From a new integrated control centre, the client now operates one of the most advanced traffic management systems in China.

    Timespan2007 - 2010

  • ClientMalaysian Airports HoldingBerhad, Malaysia

    Impact on theliving environmentA passenger handling facilitycatering for low cost carriers thatmeets international standards,whilst maintaining the status of agreen airport.

    ServicesNACO was contracted to develop the master plan into a schematic design that will not only meet safety requirements but will be instrumental to the integration of low cost carrier traffic in South East Asia.

    Timespan2009 - 2011

  • ClientWater Board Veluwe, The Netherlands

    Impact on theliving environmentDesign and Constructionof Nereda for sustainabletreatment of municipalwastewater.

    ServicesNereda is DHVs innovativebiological wastewater treatmenttechnology, based on the uniquecharacteristics of granular aerobic biomass.

    Timespan2010 - 2011

    22 23

    Outlook 2011The world economic recovery is expected to progress slowly in 2011, with continued downside risks. Most advanced economies and a few emerging economies face large adjustments, mainly to reduce budgets and curtail expenses. Many emerging and developing economies however, continue to see strong growth, having had less involvement in the financial crises. On balance, 2011 will be a difficult year for engineering consultancy in general.

    In Europe, where more than 50% of the Groups activity occurs, the outlook for growth is low. Public sector budget cuts in the Netherlands over the next five years will have its impact on all sectors, with continuing strain on local authority and building markets. Selectivity and a focus on quality will be critical to protect margins. In Portugal, the already announced austerity measures by the government will lead to less activity in the construction and engineering sector. Involvement in large infrastructure projects will soften the impact somewhat for DHV. In Poland, growth expectations are better, stimulated in part by the European Cup football tournament of 2012. Market conditions have however become increasingly aggressive.

    In Africa, more growth is expected outside of South Africa, which, after the successful World Cup football of 2010, will see a decrease in spending. The South African government has ambitious plans to expand the rail infrastructure and improve access to water. This should partially compensate for the decrease in base load due to the completion of major roads projects. Mining activities in Africa and elsewhere continue

    to grow, providing opportunities for mining and related infrastructure work for the Group.

    The Aviation market has recovered from the lows of 2009, and the expectations for 2011 are better, especially in the Middle East and Asia, where the demand for new airports continues to grow. The consultancy service in this market is also expected to recover.

    The DHV companies in Asia are expected to benefit from the continued strong economic growth in the region. The robust demand for water treatment technology is expected to continue in China. India in particular has substantial need for growing local capability to sell and deliver the services and products available in the Group. Vietnam will be growing from a low base.

    In North America the impact of the economic stimulus packages will still be visible, although there is an increased risk of the government not being able to continue with large projects on the current scale.

  • 25

  • 26 27

    Performance ReviewConsolidated Balance SheetBefore appropriation of result


    Fixed assets Intangible fi xed assets Tangible fi xed assets Financial fi xed asssets Deferred taxation Current assetsWork in progressReceivablesCash and cash equivalents





    44,722 41,658 4,673 1,704

    8,428 115,134 25,671






    45,90944,147 6,365 2,113

    604 119,505 24,609

    Group equity and liabilities

    Group equity Shareholders equity Minority interest Provisions Long-term liabilities Current liabilities







    72,500 4,426







    68,542 3,879

    ( thousands)

    Consolidated Pro t and Loss Account

    Net turnover Movement in work in progress Total revenue Cost of work subcontracted and other external charges Staff costs Depreciation and amortization on tangible and intangible assets Other operating costs Operating cost Operating result Net interest expense Result before taxation Taxation Result on non-consolidated participating interests Result for the period Minority interest Net result









    -3,356 581




    133,810 229,746 10,385 94,171















    ( thousands)

  • 28 29

    Consolidated Cash Flow Statement

    Cash fl ow from operating activitiesOperating resultAdjustments for- Amortization of intangible fi xed assets- Depreciation of tangible fi xed assets- Movement in provisions

    Movement in working capital- Work in progress- Receivables- Current liabilities

    Net cash generated by business operations

    Profi t of non-consolidated participating interestsInterest paidTaxation paid

    Net cash generated by operating activities

    Cash fl ow from investing activitiesAcquisition of group companiesAdditions to intangible fi xed assetsAdditions to tangible fi xed assetsInvestment in non-consolidated participating interestsNet cash utilised in investing activities

    Cash fl ow from fi nancing activitiesProceed from long-term loan raisedRepayment of long-term loansIssue of sharesDividend paidNet cash utilised in/generated from nancing activities

    Exchange rate differences

    Net decrease/increase in cash and cash equivalents

    Cash and cash equivalents at 1 JanuaryAmounts owed to credit institutions at 1 January

    Cash and cash equivalents at 31 DecemberAmounts owed to credit institutions at 31 December

    Movement in net cash




































    - -7,163










    ( thousands)

    1) Base year is 2008. CO2 emission per FTE in 2008 was 3.7 tons (after restatement).2) DHV Group has committed itself to compensate 100% of its CO2 emission for 2010.

    Transparency Scoring on the Transparency benchmark (%)Transparency benchmark ranking

    WorkforceFemale workforce (%) Female management (%) Total workforce (FTE) Total workforce (heads)

    CO2 Emission per FTE (tons) Reduction of CO2 emission per FTE against base year (%) 1

    Emission from electricity (tons) Emission from other building related energy (tons) Emission from car travel (tons) Emission from air travel (tons) Total gross CO2 emission (tons) Emission compensated (tons) Emission compensated (%) 2

    Total net CO2 emission (tons) Community Community investment in cash ( thousands) Community investment in hours



    (of 183)












    (0f 226)










    Corporate Responsibility

    Reporting Scope In line with the DHV Groups CR Reporting policy, the CR statements in-cludes data from entities that are fully owned or majority owned, or those entities where DHV has a controlling interest with respect to CR. CR state-ments include only those entities which have been part of the DHV Group for a full reporting year. The reporting scope differs from the fi nancial statements in that for CR purposes we have excluded our alliance partners Delcan and Planetek, in which we are a minority shareholder. For further detail on our Reporting Scope, please refer to the 2010 CR report, available on our website www.dhvgroup.com in March 2011.

    Restatements In 2010, our South African entity (SSI) reported for the fi rst time on non renewable electricity usage. This caused a signifi cant change of our total CO2 emission from electricity compared to previous years. In order to make it possible for readers to monitor and measure progress year on year we have restated historical electricity usage and corresponding CO2 emission from electricity.

  • 30 31


    [email protected]raflex.nlwww.infraflex.nl

    Protected Storage Engineers (PSE)[email protected]sengineers.nl

    Tunnel Engineering Consultants (TEC)[email protected]-tunnel.com

    EuropeCZECHREPUBLICDHV CRMeteorOfficeParkSokolovsk100/[email protected]

    DHV CR also has offices in Brno and Ostrava.

    POLANDDHV [email protected].comwww.dhv.pl

    DHV Polska also has offices in Szczecin and Gdansk.

    [email protected]jekt.com.plwww.hydroprojekt.com.pl

    Hydroprojekt also has offices in Sosnowiec and Wloclawek.

    DHV GroupLaan1914no353818EXAmers[email protected]dhv.comwww.dhvgroup.com

    TheNetherlandsDHVLaan1914no[email protected]dhv.comwww.dhv.com

    DHV also has offices in Deventer, Eindhoven, Groningen, Maastricht, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, and Zaandam.

    [email protected].eu

    NPC is an integral part of the DHV Group with offices in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Rotterdam, and Zwolle.

    NACO, Netherlands Airport ConsultantsAnnavanSaksenlaan10[email protected]naco.dhv.comwww.naco.nl

    InterVISTAS [email protected]tervistas.comwww.intervistas.com

    PORTUGALDHVEstradadeAlfragide,[email protected]

    DHV also has an office in Oporto.

    UNITEDKINGDOMDelcanTheWhiteCottage19WestStreetEpsom,[email protected]

    InterVISTAS [email protected]tas.comwww.intervistas.com

    Turgis ConsultingSuite1528ShephardMarket,[email protected]turgisconsulting.co.uk

    NearEastISRAELDHV MED1GadManel[email protected]dhvmed.comwww.dhvmed.com

    PGL & Delcan Israel43HaAliyaHaShniyaStreetAzur,[email protected]

    AsiaCHINADHV (Beijing) EnvironmentalEngineering Co.West3rdfloor,Building8,WanguochengNo.1Xiangh[email protected]dhv.comwww.dhv.cn

    DHV Engineering Consultancy(Shanghai) Co.Floor25,Building19,PhoenixParkofShanghaiCaohejing[email protected]dhv.comwww.dhv.cn

    HONGKONGDelcanUnit11-12,Level35,Tower1MillenniumCity1388KwunTongRoadKwunTong,[email protected]

    INDIADHV Global Engineering CenterIndiaBranchOffice13&14,IBlockSDFN[email protected]dhv.com

    DHV IndiaB-1/I-1,1stFloorMohanCooperativeIndustrialEstat[email protected]dhv.comwww.dhvindia.com

    DHV India also has offices in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Lucknow.

    INDONESIAMitra Lingkungan DutaconsultVenturaBuilding,4thfloor,Suite405Jl.R.A.KartiniNo.26(OuterRingRoad)CilandakJ[email protected]dhv.comwww.mld.co.id

    SAUDIARABIASADECODaral-HijazBuildingNo.25thFloorApartmentNo.25PrinceMohamedbinAbdulazizStreet(TahliyaStreet)[email protected]

    TAIWANDHV Planetek12F-1,No.77,LiwenRoadZuoyingDistrictKaohsiungCity,[email protected]

    DHV Planetek also has an office in Taipei.

    VIETNAMDHV9thFloor-ArtexportBu[email protected]dhv.vnwww.dhv.vn

    DHV Vietnam also has an office in Ho Chi Minh City.

    AfricaBOTSWANASSI1stFloor,ModiriHou[email protected]ssi.co.bwwww.ssi-dhv.com

    MOZAMBIQUESEEDRuadeKassuende,118-8andarMaputoT+25821485917/[email protected]

    SOUTHAFRICADelcanUnitB37,SanlamBusinessParkKoebergRoadMilnerton,[email protected]

    SSIBuildingNo.5CountryClubEstate21WoodlandsDriveWoodmead2191P.O.Box867GalloManor2052GautengT+2711798[email protected]

    SSI also has offices in Buffalo City (East London), Cape Town, Chris Hani (Queenstown), Ekurhuleni (Bedfordview), Emnambithi (Ladysmith), eThekwini (Durban), George, iLembe (Ballito), Knysna, Mafikeng, Mangaung (Bloemfontein), Mbombela (Nelspruit), Mossel Bay, Msunduzi (Pietermaritzburg), Nelson Mandela Bay (Port Elizabeth), Newcastle, Plettenburg Bay, Polokwane, Sol Plaatje (Kimberley), Tshwane (Pretoria), and Ugu (Port Shepstone).

    Turgis ConsultingBuilding1299Pendoring[email protected]turgis.co.zawww.turgis.co.za

    ZIMBABWESSI10thFloor,PaxHouse87-89KwameNkrumahAveP.O.Box1748HarareT+2634797108/[email protected]

    NorthAmericaCANADADelcan625CochraneDrive,Suite500MarkhamOntario,[email protected]

    Delcan also has offices in Burlington, Calgary, Edmonton, Hamilton, Kingston, Kitchener, London, Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Vancouver, and Victoria.

    InterVISTAS Consulting1200West73rdAvenue,Suite550Vancouver,[email protected]

    InterVISTAS also has offices in Ottawa and Winnipeg.

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