Developmental Psychology Psychology 117 Sue A. Kelley.

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Slide 1 Developmental Psychology Psychology 117 Sue A. Kelley Slide 2 Webpage n develop.htm develop.htm develop.htm n Chapter objectives n Powerpoint slides Slide 3 Index cards n Name n Major n Phone number n Email n What you hope to learn in this course/why are you taking this course? Slide 4 What is Developmental Psychology? n the study of systematic continuities and changes in humans that occur from the time of conception to the time of death n systematic means that the continuities and changes are orderly, they follow a pattern n developmental psychology covers the lifespan Slide 5 Slide 6 n I would like you to identify assumptions about children that lie behind the following practices: Having ratings on movies or television programs (G, PG, PG-13, NC-17, R) Having age-segregated classrooms Slide 7 Historical Foundations n Child in Premodern Times Active infanticide prior to 4 th century A.D. Seen as possessions, no rights n Medieval Times 6 th to 15 th centuries Childhood separate phase of life, but few distinctions Miniature, already formed - preformationism Slide 8 ALTICHIERO da Zevio (The Execution of Saint George) 1330-1390 Slide 9 BARNABA DA MODENA (Virgin and Child) 1392-1412 Slide 10 GADDI, Taddeo (Madonna and Child) 1300-1366 Slide 11 Historical Foundations n Medieval (cont) Church defended innocence of children Parents to provide spiritual training Fragility in medical literature Some laws protected children Implications? Slide 12 Historical Foundations n Reformation Religious movement revised image of childhood Original sin (Hobbes) Protected but also reformed Implications? Slide 13 Historical Foundations n The Enlightenment 17 th century, more humane Slide 14 Historical Foundations n John Locke Tabula rasa Shaped by experiences Praise, no punishment Slide 15 Historical Foundations n Jean Jacques Rousseau Noble savages; innate purity Natural endowment of right and wrong Society often corrupts Implications? Slide 16 Historical Foundations n Darwin Mid 19 th century Natural selection Survival of the fittest Science of child study was born One of the first baby biographies Slide 17 Study of the Child n Scientific study of children evolved quickly during early part of 20 th century n Began with baby biographies Darwin Piaget Different people studied different aspects Biased observations Case studies Step in right direction thoughthus began the scientific study of children Slide 18 Historical Foundations n 20 th century Early, belief was that infants had little sensory capability Countered in 1960s Implications? Recognition of adolescence as a distinct phase of life n Leaving childhood, not yet entering adult responsibility n After WWII, postponing marriage for education


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