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  • 41 www.educatepakistan.com40Annual Report 2006

    Development Activities Tameer-e-Millat City of Education TMCE

    Khalil Gibran

    You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.

    In 2006, Dr. Zaheer Ahmad, Chairman TMF, visited United States twice and had interactive sessions with representatives of expatriate Pakistani communities at New York City, Long Island, Hartford (CT), Columbia (MD), Orlando (FL), Baltimore (MD), Olean (NY), Binghamton (NY), Des Moines (IA) and Jersey City (NJ) etc. He also addressed Jumma gathering at Islamic Society of Baltimore, USA and appreciated ISB's continued support for our educational ventures in Pakistan.

    During the first week of September, Chairman TMF visited UK and had meaningful meetings with Sheikh Abdul Khaliq, President Educate International, Mr. Haris Nazir Ahmad, Director Educate International, Mr. Muhammad Salim Kiyani, eminent Islamic Scholar and Mr. Humayun A. Mughal, Chief Executive Akhter Computers. The Chairman also met with a number of distinguished physicians, entrepreneurs, and other representatives of Pakistani communities in Manchester, Birmingham, Leicester and London.

    Chairman TMF also traveled within the country and met with several business sector personalities. He attended a Fund-raising Dinner at Faisalabad, organized to introduce Tameer-e-Jannat to the business community and solicit their support for the project.

    Chairman's Visits and Social Interactions

    During 2006, 5 secondary schools were added in

    Sindh Region. (2 schools in Karachi and Khairpur

    each , 1 school in Shikarpur).

    In April 2006, 20 primary schools were established in

    Khushab (Western Punjab region), in association

    with the Provincial Government.

    Expanding Network In the Spotlight Print MediaSeasoned journalist and

    credible media personality

    Mr. Irshad Ahmad

    Haqqani wrote

    noteworthy newspaper

    columns about TMF

    educational services in the

    country. Mr. Haqqani's

    meticulous and

    inspirational writing

    provided information

    about our projects and encouraged public to support

    the great cause.

    Electronic MediaChairman TMF Dr. Zaheer Ahmad was invited as

    guest /participant in significant television talk shows,

    where he shared his views and opinions about

    educational conditions in the country and measures

    required for their improvement.

    Teachers' Training WorkshopsIn 2006, Teachers' Professional Training Workshops

    were carried out in 17 TMF Model Schools. Each

    2-3 day training session revolved around lesson

    developing, record keeping, modern teaching

    practices combined with moral/ethical values and

    utilization of teaching aids. Issues like mental health

    of students, activity based learning and pre-primary

    education were also discussed. These workshops

    were conducted by qualified trainers and participants

    were awarded attendance certificates.

    TMCE with its majestic

    panoramic landscape, greenery

    and vast playgrounds is an ideal

    abode for knowledge seekers and

    budding, promising scholars. In

    the year 2006, Education City

    has undergone spectacular

    developments. Some of them are

    as follows: 2 additional floors of Tameer-e-Jannat

    building have been developed in 2006. 3 floors of TMSEB hostel have been developed

    and central dining hall has been expanded with the

    addition of two floors. 3 fish farms have been developed at the campus. As part of the tree plantation program, over

    15,000 fruit and flower saplings have been planted. More livestock was added to TMCE dairy farm

    making a total of 8 buffaloes and 4 Australian cows. Central Library is being developed with the

    generous contribution of Shaikh Muhammad

    Amin, a renowned photographer and long-time

    friend of TMF. Islamic Center and Mosque will soon be

    developed, with a separate prayer and study area for

    females. TMF plans to develop botanical gardens at TMCE

    in near future. A visual gallery is also being designed at TMCE

    that will showcase steady development of our

    educational institutions and highlight their key



    TMCE Residential Blocks

    TMSEB Library

    Please help us in providing education to

    children in Pakistan6 million out-of-schoolPledge form

    given at the end

    Dairy Farm

    No trace of slavery ought to mix with the studies of the freeborn man...No study, pursued under compulsion, remains rooted in the memory.


  • 42Annual Report 2006

    To actualize its mission and vision, and benefit from the knowledge and expertise of seasoned intellectuals,

    educationists and scholars, Tameer-e-Millat has instituted a think tank comprising eminent thinkers and

    educational analysts. The scholarly group is titled TMF Forum and is mandated to hold frequent brain

    storming sessions, focus group discussions and intellectual sittings. The opening meeting of TMF forum was

    held in 2006 at TMF Head Office in Islamabad. The participants included Professor Anis Ahmad (Vice

    Chancellor Riphah International University Islamabad), Mr. Masood Mazhar Biabani (Vice Chancellor

    National Textile University Faisalabad), Dr. S. M. Zaman, Dr. Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi, Mr. Tarik Jan,

    Dr. Muhammad Amin (Dean Shifa College of Medicine), Mr. M. A. Latif Ulfat, Mr. Amer Farooq (Editor

    Shifa Publications) and Dr. Zaheer Ahmad (Chairman TMF).

    The participants unanimously stressed upon establishing a sound educational culture in the country that would

    encourage analytical and critical thinking in youth and help them track highest degree of learning. Members of

    the group also reiterated the need for collective, cohesive and undaunted efforts for developing reliable

    knowledge-base and educational resources in the country.

    TMF Forum will have periodic meetings and idea-sharing exercises in months to come. Intellectuals and

    educationists from all across the country would be invited to share their vision and ideas with the forum

    members and furnish valuable suggestions regarding TMF educational strategy and performance.

    Tameer-e-Millat THINK TANK

    of primary school building at TM Model School, Dheryala

    Jalip district Jhelum. The newly developed Maria Helena

    Primary School will be managed by TMF.

    Tameer-e-Millat Educational Complex Dhariwal, district

    Gujranwala comprises TM Primary School, TM Secondary

    School and TM Girls College. The building design and

    construction work (up to plinth level) has been completed. Mr.

    Zafar Ullah Khan from Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) has generously

    contributed for this project. TM Primary School will start its

    first academic session in 2007.

    Darul Shifa, a Health and Educational Complex at Faisalabad,

    is swiftly developing. The health facility is expected to start

    functioning by mid of 2007. Land for this project was

    graciously donated by Sheikh Muhammad Ahsan

    (entrepreneur) and his family

    Maria Helena Foundation has approved a generous grant for

    constructing a Primary school at Nushki Balochistan, as part of

    TM Educational Complex. Project will be started by mid of


    Re-construction of Hazara Tameer-e-Millat School,

    Shinkiari (N.W.F.P.) is progressing with the financial

    assistance of Maria-Helena Foundation. Project completion

    is expected by March 2007.

    Tameer-e-Millat Foundation has undertaken a Primary School

    project at Wajianwala, district Khanewal, in association with

    Maria Helena Foundation. This school will be developed over

    6 acre of land donated by a local philanthropist Major Retd.

    Mustafa Shaheen.

    Maria Helena Foundation is contributing for the expansion

    Rapidly Developing Projects

    Tameer-e-Millat Foundation is educating students through a network of 402 educational institutions across Pakistan.


    Your cooperation and support can help increase this number.Please come forward and support Educate Pakistan Program

    TM Maria Helena

    Secondary School,

    Dheryala Jalip (Jhelum)

    TM Primary School and Girls College,

    Dhariwal (Gujarnwala)

    Darul Shifa / TM School, Faisalabad


    The best loved by God are those that are rich, yet have the humility of the poor, and those that are poor and have the magnanimity of the rich.

    Sheikh Saadi

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    Life's most precious lessons are sometimes learnt from

    simplest experiences. TMF has devised a means of sharing

    these wise experiences with the younger lot through

    interesting, informative and entertaining stories. In this

    regard, over one hundred audio stories have been developed

    on varying topics such as geography, history, science and

    general knowledge. Each story contains a moral lesson for

    the listeners and is meant to facilitate their understanding of

    every-day life matters. Dramatized narration and expert

    enactment of different characters render these stories great

    fun to listen to!

    Story cassettes will be provided to TM Primary School

    teachers who will also be trained to use these academic

    supplements in the most effective manner.