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Developing TeraGrid Campus Partnerships An Initial Collaboration between TeraGrid, Internet2, and Open Science Grid Fall Internet2 Member Meeting. Gary Bertoline , Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies and Professor Computer Graphics, Purdue University - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Gary Bertoline, Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies and Professor Computer Graphics, Purdue UniversityScott Lathrop, Education, Outreach & Training/External Relation TeraGrid, University of Chicago and Argonne National LabsCharlie Catlett, TeraGrid Director, University of Chicago and Argonne National LabsMANY OthersDeveloping TeraGrid Campus PartnershipsAn Initial Collaboration between TeraGrid, Internet2, and Open Science GridFall Internet2 Member Meeting

  • TeraGrid MissionTeraGrid provides integrated, persistent, and pioneering computational resources that will significantly improve our nations ability and capacity to gain new insights into our most challenging research questions and societal problems. Our vision requires an integrated approach to the scientific workflow including obtaining access, application development and execution, data analysis, collaboration and data management.These capabilities must be accessible broadly to the science, engineering, and education community.

  • TeraGrid A National Production CI FacilitySDSCTACCUC/ANLNCSAORNLPUIUPSCNCARUSC/ISICaltechUNCUWPhase I: 2001-2004 Design, Deploy, Expand Phase II: 2005-2010 Operation & Enhancement20+ Distinct Computing Resources (>150TF today; ~600TF by 8/2007)100+ Data CollectionsResource ProviderSoftware Partner

  • TeraGrid ObjectivesDEEP Science: Enabling Petascale ScienceMake Science More Productive through an integrated set of very-high capability resourcesAddress key challenges prioritized by usersWIDE Impact: Empowering CommunitiesBring TeraGrid capabilities to the broad science communityPartner with science community leaders - Science GatewaysOPEN Infrastructure, OPEN PartnershipProvide a coordinated, general purpose, reliable set of services and resourcesPartner with campuses and facilities

  • TeraGrid Projects by InstitutionBlue: 10 or more PIsRed: 5-9 PIsYellow: 2-4 PIsGreen: 1 PI1000 projects, 3200 users

  • Open Science Grid (OSG)The Open Science Grid is a distributed computing infrastructure for large-scale scientific research, built and operated by a consortium of universities, national laboratories, scientific collaborations and software developers. The OSG Consortium's unique community alliance brings petascale computing and storage resources into a uniform grid computing environment. Members of the OSG Consortium contribute effort and resources and reap the benefits of a shared infrastructure that integrates computing and storage resources from more than 50 sites in the United States, Asia and South America.

  • OSG Sites

  • Internet2Internet2 is an advanced networking consortium led by the research and education community since 1996.Internet2 promotes the missions of its members by providing both leading-edge network capabilities and unique partnership opportunities that together facilitate the development, deployment and use of revolutionary Internet technologies.By bringing research and academia together with technology leaders from industry, government and the international community, Internet2 promotes collaboration and innovation that has a fundamental impact on the future of the Internet.

  • NSFs Views on PartnershipsNSF will also promote the development of partnerships to facilitate the sharing and integration of distributed technological components deployed and supported at national, international, regional, local, community, and campus levels. Significant resources already exist at the academic institution level. It is important to integrate such resources into the national cyberinfrastructure fabric.NSF will promote the integration of campus-based cyberinfrastructure through interactions with campus CIOs and their organizations as well as with departments and individual faculty, to achieve holistic end-to-end cyberinfrastructure systems.

    NSFS CYBERINFRASTRUCTURE VISION FOR 21ST CENTURY DISCOVERY, July 2006 (v 7.1)See (Office of Cyberinfrastructure)

  • Broader EngagementHow can TeraGrid engage the broader science, engineering, and education communities?TeraGrid Strategies for EngagementScience GatewaysEmpower community-designed, led, supported infrastructureEducation and Training InitiativesCreate and support a community of educators and facultyCampus Partnerships New partnership programs (TeraGrid, OSG, Internet2, others)

  • TeraGrid ObjectivesCampus Partnership Requirements Analysis Team (RAT)Facilitators Gary Bertoline (Purdue University) and Scott Lathrop (University of Chicago)Partnership GoalsFrameworks for collaboration in key areas of cyberinfrastructureEmbedded and operating within their natural habitats (e.g. EDUCAUSE, Internet2, OSG, campus infrastructure)Designed, facilitated, and guided by Campus and national grid leaders together

  • Partnership Areas to Explore (1 of 2)Integrated Authorization & AuthenticationImprove CI usability for scientists and engineers on campuses, while increasing the security of CIS. Goasguen (Clemson), J. Kyriannis (NYU), C. McMahon (LSU)Integrated HPC and Data ManagementDevelop and deploy frameworks to support access to the increasingly powerful campus and national HPC investments, providing both capability and capacity services, and a storage and data management infrastructure to support open, extensible, evolvable science and engineering data collectionsJ. Boisseau (TACC), V. Agarwala (PSU), S. Corbato (Utah/Internet2)

  • Partnership Areas to Explore (2 of 2)Integrated Data Collections and Digital AssetsDevelop and deploy frameworks for assembly, management, access to, and curation of digital assets. R. Moore (SDSC), S. Sivagnanam (SDSC), A. Doyle (UM/Internet2)Expand CI Beyond only R1 InstitutionsDevelop and Cultivate an Affiliate Partnership Program to foster partnerships with and participation from underrepresented people, groups, and institutions.J. Arnold (Internet2), G. Fox (Indiana), A. Ramirez (HACU), Gwen Jacobs (Montana State)Expanded CI Education and Training CapabilitiesDevelop and harvest best-of-breed education and training materials; facilitate expanded education and training opportunities.M. Sheddon (SDSC), K. Madhavan (Clemson), P. Teller (UTEP)

  • A Few Recommendations from the TeraGrid Campus Partnership RATAuthentication & AuthorizationIt is recommended that TeraGrid enable attribute-based authorization to provide a growing community of users with access to computing and storage resources across all TeraGrid sites. User Types:Portal-based communitiesInterGrid-based communitiesIndividual users from campuses (allocation on TeraGrid)Users with individual credentials (no allocation on TeraGrid)Educational users

  • A Few Recommendations from the TeraGrid Campus Partnership RATCooperative Sharing of Digital Assets / Data Collections Data Grids to support shared collections that reside on TeraGrid storage as well as campus storage. The shared collections are then available for analysis under Teragrid computer allocations.Digital Libraries for publishing research data. This improves the ability to conduct research by improving access. Again the digital libraries can be distributed between campuses and the TeraGrid.Persistent Archives for preserving records. Scientific data that are assessed as the digital holdings needed to support future research should be preserved. An example project is Chronopolis, a collaboration between UCSD, NCAR, U Md.

  • A Few Recommendations from the TeraGrid Campus Partnership RATAffiliates Partner ProgramOrganizational Affiliate: Affiliates like TeraGrid itself that naturally organize or create the National Cyberinfrastructure. Industry Affiliate: Companies with interest in Cyberinfrastructure.Centers of Excellence: An Affiliate that provides expertise to help others enhance their participation in the National Cyberinfrastructure, such as a supercomputer centerNational Cyberinfrastructure Grid Operations Center: The set of affiliates providing distributed support to the distributed operation of the National Cyberinfrastructure. It works with dedicated support teams of resource providers.Campus Partner: A campus affiliate.Resource Provider: An affiliate providing National Cyberinfrastructure data, compute, sensor, instrument or network resources.Access Site: An affiliate that accesses the National Cyberinfrastructure.Community Affiliate: An affiliate or set of affiliates with a common interest. For example, one can expect individual MSIs to be campus affiliates while organizations like MSICIEC, AIHEC, HACU and NAFEO are community affiliates. Emerging communities: Communities that historically have been underrepresented in the high performance computing and Cyberinfrastructure arenas.

  • A Few Recommendations from the TeraGrid Campus Partnership RATAffilliates Partner ProgramThe TeraGrid should work with all players in the National Cyberinfrastructure Centers of Excellence are required to advise and support Campus Partners A broad pro-active program to enable Emerging Communities to become equal participants in the National Cyberinfrastructure

  • A Few Recommendations from the TeraGrid Campus Partnership RATOther recommendations related to MSIs and emerging communities include:Need for Centers of Excellence to help Cyberinfrastructure-enable emerging communities. Need a Nation Cyberinfrastructure Operations Center to help production use of the National Cyberinfrastructure by institutions that will initially not have local expertise to cope with complexity of problems in using distributed resources. Need for a simpler more robust CI-Lite software stack as current Grid software requires significant staff to support, although the level of support that is needed appears not to be clearly documented. Need for a plan to provide Systemic education and training at facul


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