Developing Attributes of the Whole Student

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Developing Attributes of the Whole Student. William Huitt Liam Browne Marsha Huitt Glenn Lawler. International Schools. Variety of missions National focus in another country Transnational International Global. International Schools. Variety of curricula Product oriented - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Developing Attributes of the Whole Student</p> <p>Developing Attributes of the Whole StudentWilliam HuittLiam BrowneMarsha HuittGlenn LawlerInternational SchoolsVariety of missionsNational focus in another countryTransnationalInternationalGlobalInternational SchoolsVariety of curriculaProduct orientedSpecific nationalNational, accepted internationallyIGCSEA LevelsAPInternationalIB DiplomaProcess, holistic orientedIB PYP, MYPIPCMontessoriReggio EmiliaWaldorfInternational SchoolsVariety of assessments Standardized external examsTeacher constructed exams and projectsActivitiesParticipationFramework NeededTo assist in curriculum articulation and analysisTwo primary alternativesTraditionalSpecific academic knowledgeCritical thinkingHolisticConceptual, integrated academic knowledgeProcesses of thinkingEmotional and Social DevelopmentMoral CharacterBecoming a Brilliant StarDefined domains of capacities and virtues/strengthsStarted with Gardners work on Multiple Intelligences</p> <p>The Eight DomainsSelf and Conscious Construction of Self-ViewsSelfTemperament biological foundationPersonality patterns of thinking, feeling, intending, and actingIntroversion vs ExtroversionOpen/Options/Perceiving vs Closed/Structured/JudgingSelf-viewsSelf-conceptSelf-esteemSelf-efficacy</p> <p>The Eight DomainsCognitive/Thinking IntelligenceOften equated to IQ and academic achievementMultiple researchers identified componentsFeurerstein Instrumental EnrichmentSternberg Analytical, Creative, PracticalWegner 22 specific processesCosta &amp; Kallick 7 of 16 identified habitsThink like a(n) Artist Historian Scientist Mathematician Philosopher Writer/Story TellerThe Eight DomainsCognitive/Thinking IntelligenceOften equated to IQ and academic achievementMultiple researchers identified componentsFeurerstein Instrumental EnrichmentSternberg Analytical, Creative, PracticalWegner 22 specific processesCosta &amp; Kallick 7 of 16 identified habitsCognitive Processes Association Conservation Analysis Implication Correlation &amp; Causation Synthesis Evaluation ClosureThe Eight DomainsEmotional/Affective IntelligenceCapacity to deal with ones feelings and emotionsMajor researchersMayer and Salovey GolemanDenhamSaarniCapacities/CompetenciesAwareness of ones own emotions and emotions of othersConnecting empathically with othersExpression Differentiate subjective feelings and external expressional expressionSelf-management and self-regulation Hype up or dampen down</p> <p>The Eight DomainsConative/Volitional IntelligenceAddresses issue of personal agencyResearchersRogersBanduraCapacities/CompetenciesIntentionalitythe ability to originate a purposeful actionForethoughtthe ability to think about the future and to make plansSelf-reactivenessthe ability to monitor ones actions and make corrections to achieve ones goalsSelf-reflectionthe ability to evaluate ones purpose, values, and goals with respect to ones plans and actions</p> <p>The Eight DomainsPhysical/Kinesthetic IntelligenceAbility to be aware of ones body in space and motionDimensionsGross vs fine motorBasic vs advancedBasic physical competenceCardiovascular enduranceMuscular strengthMuscular enduranceFlexibility</p> <p>The Eight DomainsSocial/Interpersonal IntelligenceAbility to deal with other people and relationshipsGolemanSocial Awareness Primal empathyAttunementEmpathetic accuracySocial cognitionSocial Facility SynchronySelf-preservationInfluenceConcern</p> <p>The Eight DomainsSpiritual/Transpersonal Intelligencethe ability to generate meaning and purpose for ones life ability to create deep, personal relationships with ones self, with others, with nature, and universal unknownsKesslerYearning for Deep ConnectionLonging for Silence &amp; SolitudeSearch for Meaning &amp; PurposeHunger for Joy &amp; DelightCreative DriveUrge of TranscendenceNeed for InitiationThe Eight DomainsMoral/Character IntelligenceAbility to develop habits and patterns of thought, emotions, intentions, and behavior associated with issues of right and wrong, especially in a social context Narvaez and associatesEthical sensitivityEthical judgmentEthical motivationEthical action</p> <p>Virtues, Strengths, HabitsPatterns of actualized capacitiesCaringPattern or habit of demonstrating empathyAbility to recognize and label own emotionsAbility to recognize and label others emotionsAbility to connect the twoVolitionally choosing to act on empathetic emotionSelf-regulation and/or social awareness and skill to do so habituallyVirtues, Strengths, HabitsPatterns of actualized capacitiesThinkers and/or ThoughtfulnessCognitive processing skillsMaking associationsSeriationIdentityEquivalenceAnalogyAnalysis and classificationCritical and creative thinkingProblem solvingVirtues, Strengths, HabitsPatterns of actualized capacitiesThinkers and/or ThoughtfulnessHabits of MindGather data through the sensesThink and communicate with clarity and precisionStrive for accuracyThinking flexiblyCreate, imagine, innovateQuestion and pose problemsComparison of Framework Domains and Virtues, Strengths, &amp; HabitsFramework of capacitiesExamples of virtuesIBIPCExamples of specific capacitiesHabits of Mind</p> <p>Lesson Plans and UnitsElementaryMiddle SchoolUpper SchoolCurriculum Mapping and AssessmentNeed to Specifically place holistic objectives in curriculum mapping and assessment activitiesCollect data on focus within specific lessonsAnalyze classroom lessonsMake adjustments</p> <p></p>