developing a year-end plan osps year-end mini-conference

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Developing a Year-end Plan OSPS Year-end Mini-Conference. Presented by: Katherine Bremser Date: October 19, 2009. Old Adage. He who fails to plan, plans to fail. Purpose. Timely and Accurate W-2 Forms Minimum number of W-2 corrections Better service to employees Less risk for the agency. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Developing a Year-end PlanOSPS Year-end Mini-ConferencePresented by: Katherine BremserDate: October 19, 2009

  • Old AdageHe who fails to plan, plans to fail

  • PurposeTimely and Accurate W-2 FormsMinimum number of W-2 correctionsBetter service to employeesLess risk for the agency

  • Key ResourcesStatewide Payroll Processing CalendarRecommended Payroll Practice Year End Payroll ProcessingSystem reportsYear-end calendar or check list

  • Planning Starts January 1Part of your annual strategic business planningMany issues are all year Have controls in place throughout the yearYear end should be a review and finalizationA safety net to ensure W-2 accuracy

  • Developing Your PlanWritten formatIdentify all tasksAssign tasks to staffSchedule meetings with key business partnersSchedule communications

  • Developing Your PlanReview problem areas from last yearDevelop a check list or other way to be sure you are on trackEstablish check pointsEnsure training and consistency in processing year-end terminationsSteal Shamelessly -- good ideas are everywhere!

  • Enlist SupportMake sure that your manager understands and supports your year-end planProvide a list of all of the risks associated with non-complianceAsk for support in enforcing expectations of key business partners

  • Lessons LearnedConsider a year-end review of what worked and what didntLog issues to help in the following years planning

  • 2009 Gold Star WinnersDepartment of Justice Verlene Patton, ManagerDepartment of Forestry Betsy Kelly, Manager

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