deutsch für anfänger introduction to german verb conjugation

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  • Deutsch fr AnfngerIntroduction to German Verb Conjugation

  • Guten TagIch heie Alex.Und du?Wie heit du?

  • Wie heit du?Ich heie ~~~~~.

    Wie heit du?t duI am called ... (My name is ~)How are you called? (Whats your name?)

  • Verbs = Action wordsVerbs can express many different types of action:a physical activityto run, to sit, to stand, (rennen, sitzen, stehen)a mental activityto dream, to think, to believe, to hope (trumen, denken, glauben, hoffen)a conditionto be, to become, (sein, werden,)

  • VerbsA verb is vital to form a complete sentence. The subject performs the action of the verb.Any sentence consists of a subject plus a verb.

  • Verbs in GermanAll German verbs consist of two parts.A verb stem is combined with the general ending ~en.heien = to be called

  • ConjugationConjugation is the changing of the verb endingConjugation depends on who is doing the verb

  • ichestduIyouIch heisse Alex.Wie heisst du?Verb Endings = Conjugation

  • ichestduIyouIch lerne Deutsch.Was lernst du?Verb Endings = Conjugation

  • ichestduIyouwohnenIch wohne in Perth.Wo wohnst du?Verb Endings = Conjugation

  • ichestduIyouarbeitenIch arbeite bei USF.Wo arbeitest du?Verb Endings = Conjugationadd e when the verb stem ends in t

  • Verb ConjugationEr heit Heinrich.Er lernt DeutschEr heit Peter.Er arbeitet bei USF.Er heit Rainer.Er wohnt in Perth.

  • Verb ConjugationThey play together.

  • Verb ConjugationSie


  • Verb Conjugation zusammen.

  • Verb conjugation: Pronouns1st person singularWhen the speaker is the performer of the (action) verbthe I form, (the ich form)Ich heiss Alex. Ich wohn in Tampa.Ich lern Deutsch.eIcheIcheIch

  • Verb conjugation: Pronouns2nd person singularWhen the subject performing the verb is the person to whom you are speaking.the you form, (the du form) informal** There are other forms for the word you used when the subject is formal and/or plural.Du lernst Deutsch.Du st

  • Verb conjugation: Pronouns3rd person singularWhen the subject performing the verb is the person, thing or idea that you are speaking about.the he, she or it form, (the er/sie/es form) Er tlern Deutsch.

  • Personal Pronouns1st person

    2nd person

    3rd personSingular Pluralichwir


    er/sie/es sie

  • Personal Pronouns: Verb Endings1st pers.

    2nd pers.

    3rd pers.ichwir


    er/sie/es sie ~e~en

    ~st~t ~en~en


  • lernelernen




    er/sie/es siePersonal Pronouns: Verb Endings

  • ich bin wir sind

    du bist ihr seid

    er/sie/es ist sie sindThe special verb SEIN (= TO BE)

  • Danke schnViel Spa beim Deutsch lernen!