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<ul><li><p>1 </p><p>Detroit Tigers Clips </p><p>Saturday, February 27, 2016 </p><p>Detroit Free Press </p><p>Sharp: Tigers' Kinsler no fan of new rule on slides at 2B (Sharp) </p><p>Tigers aren't concerned with Sanchez's arm soreness (Fenech) </p><p>Tigers' Boyd added 'another dimension' in off-season (Fenech) </p><p>The Detroit News </p><p>Boyd's sharp slider raises eyebrows in Tigers camp (McCosky) </p><p>Sliding rules put onus on baserunner to stay within bag (McCosky) </p><p>Tigers have 30 giveaways planned for 2016 (Staff) </p><p> </p><p>Detroit Tigers notes: Justin Verlander a minor victim in apparent major crime spree (Iott) </p><p>Detroit Tigers notes: Brad Ausmus expects Anibal Sanchez to be ready for regular season (Iott) </p><p>Analysis: It's early, but it's understandable if fans are nervous about Anibal Sanchez (Iott) </p><p> </p><p>Under-the-radar Pelfrey could surprise in Detroit (Beck) </p><p>Renovations to Tigers' spring home on schedule (Beck) </p><p>Kinsler, Tigers weigh in on rule changes (Beck) </p><p>Associated Press </p><p>Detroits Norris taking things slower after turbulent 2015 (Trister) </p><p> Tigers' rotation set through Saturday; Miguel Cabrera dealing with illness (Strang) </p><p>Matt Boyd's slider making an impression in spring training (Strang) </p><p> </p><p>Detroit Tigers announce 2016 promotional schedule (Staff) </p><p> </p><p>Tigers Announce 2016 Promotional Giveaways Schedule (Staff) </p></li><li><p>2 </p><p>Daily Transactions </p></li><li><p>3 </p><p>Sharp: Tigers' Kinsler no fan of new rule on slides at 2B February 27, 2016 </p><p>By Drew Sharp/ Detroit Free Press </p><p>LAKELAND, Fla. Sports come with physical risks. Thats why they require special individuals comfortable </p><p>with pushing the limits of competitiveness for the sake of potentially changing the outcome of a game. </p><p>Sometimes that aggressiveness crosses the line. But isnt that balancing act competitions most seductive lure? </p><p>Thats sports, Ian Kinsler said Friday. People watch the UFC. But they get mad when a guy breaks his ankle </p><p>at second base because of a hard slide. I dont get it. </p><p>I know its also a lot about the kids and teaching them how to properly play the game. And I know that </p><p>baseball is a good old boy game. But as long as kids know the right way to play the game, I dont think were </p><p>hurting anything. </p><p>The Tigers second baseman understands Major League Baseballs rule change that seeks to eliminate the </p><p>neighborhood tag during the second base pivot on the double play. The change also placed tougher </p><p>restrictions on the aggressive take-out slide, which precipitated second basemen and shortstops into moving </p><p>off the base in the first place. </p><p>But Kinsler isnt a fan of removing an exciting, physical element of a sport many critics complain remains too </p><p>placid. </p><p>Its about affecting the game as a player, Kinsler said. If you can alter the opposing players state of mind by </p><p>taking him out or throwing up and in, or whatever it may be, thats the joy of the game as far as Im concerned. </p><p>These rule changes are indicative of players becoming investments more than people. Owners are looking at the </p><p>price tag now as much as the final score, regardless of the sport. The cost of potential injury is greater. </p><p>I dont know the reasoning behind it, Kinsler said. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone wants to rant on one </p><p>side or the other on something, and I think theres a lot of pressure when something like that happens and </p><p>somebody gets injured. It could be the money. It could be the pressure on MLB to change the rule. But I think </p><p>were fine the way we are. </p><p>Kinsler is old school. He appreciates the games nuances. But hes also a first-class athlete who understands that </p><p>the mental aspect of sports is as important as the physical aspect. Get inside your opponents head. </p><p>The pivot man on the double play is no different than a NFL wide receiver going over the middle. Both know </p><p>theyre going to get popped. Will the receiver still catch the ball? Will the pivot man still make the accurate </p><p>throw to first to complete the double play? </p><p>Im not for trying to change the exciting play of a guy getting taken out at second, he said. Thats part of the </p><p>game. The players understand thats part of the game and that you need to understand the speed of the runner </p><p>and the speed of the ball. The situation of the game. Thats all the stuff that makes baseball exciting. </p><p>Its funny how a guy throws up and in and theres all this talk, but a guy breaks his nose and gets his lip split in </p><p>UFC and I guess its considered part of the sport, but throwing up and in isnt. I dont know. </p><p>The rule change is a direct result of the Dodgers Chase Utley throwing a late rolling block on Mets shortstop </p><p>Ruben Tejada during last years National League playoffs. Tejada suffered a broken leg and missed the </p><p>remainder of the postseason. </p><p>It likely became a bigger issue because it involved teams from the largest media markets. But MLB overreacted. </p><p>Thats competition, Kinsler said. Thats business, right? Thats the competitive world of business. </p><p>Companies, CEOs, everybodys trying to push the limits to better their team. If youve got 25 guys willing to do </p><p>that, to push that envelope as far as you can within the rules, then it means youre going to be successful. </p><p>Kinslers opinion matters more because hes not an outfielder. Hes a middle infielder who would be on the </p><p>receiving end on a potentially dangerous hard slide. He understands the risks. He accepts the risks. </p><p>He just loves the highest level of competition possible. While he understands the rule changes are to promote </p><p>safety, Kinsler thinks theres an overemphasis on reducing the physical and mental challenges of athletic </p><p>competition. </p><p>Thats the part of sports that attracts people, he said. The raw reality of it. Thats what I like being a part of. </p></li><li><p>4 </p><p>Tigers aren't concerned with Sanchez's arm soreness February 27, 2016 </p><p>By Anthony Fenech/ Detroit Free Press </p><p>LAKELAND, Fla. Anibal Sanchezs arm soreness hasnt changed the Detroit Tigers plans. </p><p>At least not yet, manager Brad Ausmus said this morning, when asked how the right-handers right triceps </p><p>inflammation could affect the competition for the teams back-end rotation spots. </p><p>Were not even to that point, Ausmus said. The feeling is that (Sanchez) is going to be back and be back in </p><p>plenty of time. </p><p>Sanchez hasnt thrown since Monday, when he first experienced the arm soreness in a bullpen session, and </p><p>wont throw again until this upcoming Monday. In the meantime, Ausmus said, there are no plans to move top </p><p>prospect Michael Fulmer into a starting role. </p><p>The competition for at least one but perhaps as many as two spots if Sanchezs right arm doesnt rehabilitate </p><p>fully in time for the regular season consists of left-handers Daniel Norris and Matt Boyd and righties Shane </p><p>Greene and Buck Farmer. </p><p>Boyd starts the teams Grapefruit League opener against the Pirates on Tuesday, Fulmer starts in a split-squad </p><p>game on Wednesday and Norris on Thursday. Justin Verlander will start against the Yankees on Friday, </p><p>Ausmus said, and Jordan Zimmermann will start against his former team, the Nationals, on Saturday. </p><p>Ausmus said the early spring injury to Sanchez is different than the late spring injury to Verlander last season, </p><p>lower in the arm versus high in the shoulder, where Verlanders triceps strain was. </p><p>Were not concerned thats an issue, Ausmus said about losing Sanchez for an extended period, but in the </p><p>next breath, Of course, we werent concerned with Verlander, either. But this seems to be less concerning. </p></li><li><p>5 </p><p>Tigers' Boyd added 'another dimension' in off-season February 27, 2016 </p><p>By Anthony Fenech/ Detroit Free Press </p><p>LAKELAND, Fla. -- The evolution of Detroit Tigers pitcher Matt Boyds slider began last season -- late in the </p><p>season -- when he would have a good feel for it on one pitch but not be able to find it the next. </p><p>I didnt really have a slider, he said. Some days, it was like, Dang, this things great. And three pitches </p><p>later, it wouldnt be there. </p><p>But this spring, after an off-season focusing on the pitch, which he has termed a hybrid between a cutter and </p><p>slider, its there. And its the pitch that Tigers manager Brad Ausmus singled out as the most impressive in </p><p>camp so far. </p><p>Its shorter and firm and harder, Ausmus said. </p><p>On the advice of former pitching coach Jeff Jones, Boyd started throwing the new-look slider in January. The </p><p>mid-winter repetitions paid off, opening eyes in his first bullpen sessions in Tiger Town. </p><p>Its just another pitch in my repertoire now, Boyd said. I got confidence, just as much confidence as I have </p><p>with all the other five. </p><p>Boyds slider will allow him to throw an array of movement at hitters this season. His changeup and curveball </p><p>move down. His two-seam fastball moves horizontally. His four-seam fastball rises. And now, the refined slider </p><p>breaks hard right. </p><p>It adds another dimension, Boyd said of the slider. </p><p>After a struggle in his first major league season -- Boyd posted a 7.53 ERA in 13 games with the Toronto Blue </p><p>Jays and Tigers last season -- he recognized the need to evolve on the mound. </p><p>It was really just looking at it for what it is and saying, This is what I really need to work on, he said. I was </p><p>bad. I was deficient in these areas. In those areas, if I dont evolve, Im going to be done. Its just the nature of </p><p>the beast. So you just have to keep evolving, and I think those last two months were extremely beneficial for me </p><p>going forward. </p><p>Boyd will start the Tigers Grapefruit League opener against the Pittsburgh Pirates on Tuesday. He is one of </p><p>four players competing for the No. 5 starter spot, and there could be another job open if right-hander Anibal </p><p>Sanchez cant shake off his recent arm soreness. </p><p>I think that, however you shake it out with the seven, eight guys that we have, were going to have one of the </p><p>best rotations in baseball, Boyd said. Competition breeds success. </p><p>And he is looking forward to facing some competition with his new-look slider next week. </p><p>I cant wait, he said. We work hard often, so Im excited to go up against someone with a different uniform. </p></li><li><p>6 </p><p>Boyd's sharp slider raises eyebrows in Tigers camp February 27, 2016 </p><p>By Chris McCosky/ The Detroit News </p><p>Lakeland, Fla. Manager Brad Ausmus was asked early Friday if there was one pitch from any pitcher that has </p><p>impressed him in terms of showing improvement from a year ago. </p><p>Without hesitation, he said, Matt Boyds slider. Its shorter and firmer and harder. </p><p>Catcher James McCann seconded that. </p><p>Its a pitch he didnt have last year, he said. The way it looks right now, it has a chance to be a very good </p><p>put-away pitch. Its tighter, sharper and he has better control of it. He hasnt reinvented the wheel or anything, </p><p>but its a new pitch for him. </p><p>Boyd shrugged his shoulders. </p><p>Thats nice but it matters when you start throwing it April 3, or whenever, he said. Thats when it really </p><p>counts. This is all building up to that. </p><p>Boyd came to the Tigers from Toronto with Daniel Norris in the David Price trade last July and he took his </p><p>lumps in 10 late-season starts. He went 1-4 with a 6.57 ERA and 1.48 WHIP. He gave up 12 home runs in those </p><p>10 starts. </p><p>And he wouldnt trade the experience for anything. </p><p>It was extremely beneficial, said the 25-year-old left-hander. I firmly believe that, you know, Ive seen it </p><p>once and now I know what to expectI look at it for what it was. This is what I have to work on; I was </p><p>deficient in these areas and if I dont evolve I am going to be done. </p><p>The evolution starts with his slider, though it was far from his worst pitch last season. According to </p><p>, opponents hit just .158 off his slider, though the line drive rate on balls in play was high </p><p>(21 percent). </p><p>The problem was, his slider became too much like his curve ball a slow (80 mph) pitch with a 12-to-6 break. </p><p>The slider has always been a weapon for me, but as the season went on I just lost the feel for it and it started </p><p>turning into a slurve, he said. Really, down the stretch there was only one game where I threw it well. </p><p>His first start with the Tigers was a gem, a seven-inning victory over the Royals. In that one he kept the Royals </p><p>hitters off balance with the slower slider. His second start was also against the Royals, and though he wound up </p><p>losing, he pitched well and punched out six hitters with the tighter slider. </p><p>Unable to maintain consistency with the pitch, he began consulting with former pitching coach Jeff Jones and </p><p>veteran left-hander Randy Wolf and formulating plans to refashion the pitch in the offseason. </p><p>Its just really hard to make a change on the fly during the season, Boyd said. It took a few months of not </p><p>picking up a baseball and not thinking about it and starting new. I knew what I wanted to do. </p><p>Jonesy told me I was going to learn more and more from the season and sure enough, when I started spinning </p><p>sliders in January, I had an idea what I wanted to do. It was a clean slate. </p><p>He altered his grip, slightly changed his release point and, voila, the slider was boring in at 87-88 mph with </p><p>tighter spin and a sharper break. </p><p>It was just a matter of repeating it and getting consistent with it, he said. Just pound it, work it. I feel real </p><p>comfortable with it now. </p><p>As he competes to win the fifth spot in the rotation, he now feels like has a legitimate five-pitch arsenal. </p><p>I have a changeup and curve that go straight down, he said. I have a four-seamer (fastball) that kind of rises. </p><p>I have a two-seamer that goes left and a slider that goes right so I feel like I can work everything off those. </p><p>The battle for the fifth spot essentially is between Norris, Boyd, Shane Greene and Buck Farmer at this point. </p><p>There is added intrigue with Anibal Sanchezs triceps inflammation, though Ausmus reiterated he expects </p><p>Sanchez to be ready. </p><p>I think however it shakes out, with the seven or eight guys we are going to have one of the best rotations in </p><p>baseball, Boyd said. Competition breeds success. Were all friends and were all working toward the ultimate </p><p>goal of bringing a title to Detroit. </p><p>Boyd will make his first spring start Tuesday against the Pirates at Marchant Stadium. </p></li><li><p>7 </p><p>Sliding rules put onus on baserunner to stay within bag February 27, 2016 </p><p>By Chris McCosky/ The Detroit News </p><p>Lakeland, Fla. The way Brad Ausmus and Ian Kinsler see it, the league didnt so much redefine what </p><p>constitutes a legal slide as organize and clarify the definition on one. </p><p>It sounds like theyre going to enforce the basic rule that was there before, Ausmus said. They are clearly </p><p>trying to avoid injuries at second base. </p><p>In the new policy, which was negotiated between the league and players association and announced Thursday, </p><p>a baserunner must: </p><p>*Slide prior to reaching the base. </p><p>*Slide so you are able to and attempt to reach or touch the base. </p><p>*Slide so you are able to and attempt to stay on the base. </p><p>*Do not change your pathway to the base. </p><p>I think they are organizing the rule a little bit to make it more descriptive for the umpires and players to kind of </p><p>understand whats obstruction and what isn...</p></li></ul>


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