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  1. 1. ARIS HTASAVAN GAL : Ayurveda is a traditional indian medicinal system being practiced for thousands of years.More than 1,200 species of plants,nearly 100 minerals and over 100 animal products comprise the Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia Asava and Arishta are unique dosage form discovered by Ayurveda having indefinite shelf life and it was said that the older the better it is".Because this dosage form has an inherent attribute of continuous hydro-alcoholic extraction and probably formation of natural analogues of the chemical compounds present in the medicinal plants.The Mixture of ingredients is kept for specific period in a closed containerat controlledtemperature as mentioned in texts. The process of fermentation produces sell generated Alcohol Which acts as preservative. Asava-Aiishtas deliver fast resu| ts, they invigorate the body have long shelf and are more useful even in small doses. PRODUCT NAME INGREDIENTS INDICATION 8: RE TEXT 1.AbhayarislilamRef.Tex1:Asirlamgahnlthayam 2. AllirulharishtamRef.Text Sahasm yogam3. AragwadarislilamRef Text:Sahasra yogam4. AsnkarisblamRef Text :Sahasra yogam5. AyaskrulliiRef.Text :Asmamgahruthayam6. AswagandharislamRef.Text 2 Sahasra yogam7. BalarishlamRel.Texl :BaishachianiTerminalla chebuia,Emblica oflicinalla Citrulus colocynthis,Symplocos cochinchinensis.Piper nigrum, Piper longum,Embelia ribes,Jaggery. Tinospra cordifolia,Dasamoolam, Jaggery,Apium graveolens,Oidenlandica corymbosa, Cyperus rotundus,Picrrorhiza curroa,Aconilum heterphyllum.Holarrhena antidysenterica. Cassia fistula,Azadirachta indica, Tinospora cordifolia,Moringa oieifera,Cyclea peltala, Ficus glomerata,Trichosanthes anguina,JaggeryhSaraca asdca,Jaggery,Apium graveolens,Coscinium fenestratum Cuminum cyminum Emblica officinaiis Adhatoda beddomei,Santalum album. Pterbcarpus marsupium,Acacia catechu,Santalum albumPongamia pinnata,Panchakolam, Iron sheets,Honey. Withania somnifera,Curculigo orchioides,Rubia cordifoiia,Glycyrrhiza glabra lpmoea mauritiana,Santalum album.Acorus caiamus Hemidesmus indicus,Curcuma longa,Alpiniacalcarala,E| ettaria, cardamomum, Honey. Sida cordifolia,Withania sonifera.Jaggery,Holbstemma ada-Kodien, Ricinus comn1unis. AIpiniacalcarata,elettaria cardamomum, Merrimia tridentata,Eugenia caryophyllata,Vetiveria Zizanibides,Tribulus terrestris,Woodfordia fruiticosa. Piles,Constipation,Recommended in Anaemia.Fever,Cardiac disorders,Skin diseases,Squre, Worm-infestation,Pthiasis,Oedema. Fever,Flu,Indigestion . Skin dieases.Recommended in Chronic wounds Vitiligo, Scabies etc. Menstrual disorders like Dysmenorrhoea,Menorrhagia etc.l_eucdrrhoea, Abdurninai colic and indigestion,recommended as Uterine tonic. Diabets melitus,Aneamia,Viiiligo,Haemorrhoids,Skin diseases. Mental disorders like insanity,Epilepsy etc.Recommended in Rheumatic complaints,Cardiac complaints.Renders physical strength and vigour. Rheumatic and nervous disorders.Recommended as a general tonic to all age groups.renders appeeliie,physical strength and health.Eective in convalescence period15 - 25 mi b. d.,after food or as directed by the physician. 15 - 25 ml b. d.,afierfood as directed by the physician15 - 25m| .b. d.,afteer food or as directed by the physician. 15 - 25m| .b. d.,afteer food or as directed by lhe physician. 15 - 25m| .b. d..aftertood or as directed by the physician15 - 25m| .b. d..aflerfood bras directed by the physican. 15-25mi. b.d. . afterfobd or as directed by the physicianD2 wvvw. chamakkarl. coniPRODUCT NAME INGREDIENTS INDICATION & RE . TEXT8. DasamnnlarishlamRef.Text :Baishachiam9. DhandiarishiamRef.Text :Ashtamgahruthayam10. DraksharislllamRef.Text :Sahasra yogam11. DiiralabharishlamRef.Text :Aslrlamgahnlthayam12. JeelkarishlamRel.Text :Sahasra yogam13. KliadirarishlamRel.Text :Sahasra yogam14. Dasamnnlaieerak- arishlamRef.Text :Sahasra yogamDasamoolam,Tinospora cordifolia,Emblica,officinalis,Clerodendrum serratum,Alpinia calcaratecurcuma idnga,piper iongum,Cyperus rotundus,lpomoea rnauriliana, Withania somnifera,Raisins,Jaggery,Honey,Santalum album. Bailospemum montanum,Dasamooiam.Thriphalaplumbago roseadaggery.Woodfordia fruiticosa. Raisins,Jaggery,Piper longum,Chathuriathakam,Aglaia rbxburghiana,Piper nigrum,Embelia ribes. Tragia, invoiucrata,Baliospermummontanum, Cyciea peltata,Plumbago Rosea,Terminalia chebula,Embiica Officinails, Dried ginger,Adhaioda beddomei, Sugar,Aglaia roxburghiana, Piper spp. , Woodfordia lruiticosa. Cuminum cyminum,Jaggery,Woodfordia fruiticosa.Dried ginger,Myristica fragrans,Cyperus rotundus,Chathur jathakam,llliciumm verum,Eugenia caryophyllata. Acacia catechu,Psoralia corylifolia,Coscinium fenestratum,Thriphala,Honey,Sugar woodfordia fruiticosa, lllicium verum,Myristica fragrans, Pipper longum,Thrijathakam,Eugenia caryophyliata,Mesua ferrea. Koovalam.Kumizhu,Pathiri.Payyani,Maramoonja,Orila,Moovila.Cheruvazhuthina. Venvazhuthina,Nierinjil,Koduveii, Pushkaramooiam,Pachottithoii.Chitlamruthu,Nellikathode.Kodithoova,Karingali,Vengakadal,Kadukka,Kottam,Manjatty,Devadaram,Vizhalari,lrattimaduram,Cherutheku.Blangaya,Thanikya, Rheumatic disorders.Recommeended in Cough,Bronchitis,Dyspnoea.Gastric disorders,Vomiting,Dysuria and Anaemiait is a genaral tonic and can be used in Post-natal care.Renders Physical strength,vigour and vitality. Bleeding piles,Constipation,Loss of appetite.Recommended in Spurs,Worm infestation,Oedema. General weakness,Loss of appetite,Dyspnoea,cough.Bronchitis,Anaemia Chronic throat diseases.Recommended in Habitual constipation. Haemorrhoids,Anorexia and Constipation. Post-natal disorders.Indicated in loss of appetite,Flatuience,Indigestion hiccup,bronchitis dyspnoea,Sprue. Skin diseases.Recommended as anexcellent blood puiilier.Also indicated in Anaemia,Obesity,Worm infestation. Grahani,gulma,aruchi,general debility,and as a general tonic. 15 - 25mI. b.d. . after food or as directed by the physician15 - 25m| .b. d.,afteerfood or as directed by the physician15 - 25m| .b. d.,afteerfood or as directed by the physician15 - 25m| .b. d..afteerfood or as directed by the physician15 - 25 m| .b. d.,after food or as directed by the physician. 15 - 25 mi.b. d..after food or as directed by the physician. 5 - 10ml.twice/ thrice daily for children &15 - 30 ml.for adults twice/ thrice daily or directed by the physicianwww chainakkan com 03
  2. 2. PRODUCT NAME INGREDIENTS INDICATION & I1 .TEXTThazhuthama,Njazhalpoovu,15 - 25m| .b. d.,Kattumulakudadamanji,alter food or as Naruneenti,Karlmjeerakam,directed by the Kuzha| shivathaAdakya,Kacholam,physicianVarattumanial,Sathakuppa,Pathimugam.Nagapoovu,Muthanga,Kudukapalayari,Karkidagasrungi,Palmuthuku,Meda,Karkoli,Jeerakam,Chukku,Jathikka,Muthanga,Elavargam,Pachila,Kurasani.Thakolam, Grampoo,Tha1hiripoovu, Jaggery.15. Kumarryasavam Koovalam,Kumizhu,Pathiit,Dysmenorrhoea,15 - 25mi, b.d. , Payyani,Maramoonja,Orila,Oligomenorrhoea,after food or as Rel.Text:Mocvila,Cheruvazhuthina,Anorexia,Urinery tract directed by the Sahasra vacant Venvazhuthina,Nyerinjil,Koduveli,infection and abdominal physician.Pushkaramooiam,Pachottithoii,colic.Used as uterine tonic.Chirtamruthu,Neliikathode, Kodithoova,Karingali,Vengakadal,Kadukka,Kottam,Manyatly.Devadaram,Vizhalari. lrattimaduram,Cherutheku,Biangaya.Thanikya,16. Kanakasavam Datura stramonium,Adhatoda A reputed bronchodilator.15 - 25mI. b.d. . beddomei,Madhuka indica,Recommended in Bronchial alter food or as Rel.Text:Pipper longum,Solanum asthma,Cough,Hiccup,directed by the l3el5lle'2l| l3lell| |'|8Vell xanthocarpum,Mesuaferrea,Dyspnoea etc.physician.Dried ginger,Clerodendrumserratum,Abies spectabilis.Woodfordia fruiticosa,Raisins, Sugar,Honey.17. Kutajarishtam Holarrhena antidysenterica,Diarrhoea and Dysentery,15 - 25 ml. b.d. , Raisins,Madhuca indica (Flower),Recommended in Sprue,after food or as Rel.Text:Gmeiina arborea (fruit),Jaggery Colic,Flatulence and Fever directed by the Reiellellierellleveli Woodfordia fruiticosa.associated with diarrhoea.physician.18. Mltslharishtam Cyperus rotundus,Jaggery,Intestinal colic,Indigestion.15 - 25 ml. b.d. , Woodfordia fruiticosa,Carum Loss of appetite,Sprue,alter food or as Rel. Texl1 carvi, , Dried giger.Pipeer nigrum,Diarrhoea and Worm directed by the R3l5l3ll3T3llaV3ll Eugenia caryophyliata,Trigonella infestation.Effectively used physician.loenum-graecum,Plumbago with Aravindasavam in rosea,Cuminum cyminum.children,19. Partliadyarishtam Cyperus rotundus,Jaggery.Intestinal colic,Indigestion,15 - 25 ml. b.d. , Woodfordia fruiticosa,Carum Loss of appetite.Sprue,after food or as Rel.Texli carvi, , Dried giger,Pipeer nigrum,Diarrhoea and Worm directed by the Balmcllal Eugenia caryophyliata,Trigonella infestation.Effectively used physician.loenum-graecum,Plumbago with Aravindasavam in rosea,Cuminum cyminum.children.20. saraswatharishtam Bacopa monnieri.ipomoea Increases memory power,children: - 2 - 4 mauritiana,Asparagus restore mental harmony.drops perferably Rel.Texli racemosus,Honey,Sugar,Recommended in mental with milk at bed B3l3l3Clla" Merrimia purpethum.Acorus disorders,Stammering and time.calamus,Withania somnifera,Fear.Adults:4 - 804 wwwchamakkarl comPRODUCT NAME INGREDIENTS INDICATION & RE . TEXTTinosfora cordilolia,Embelia drops preferably ribes,Go| d(24 carat-processed).with milk or suitable vehicles at bed time or as directed by the physician.21. llasarislttam Adhatoda beddomei,Thrikatu,Productive cough,15 - 25ml.l). d.,Chathurjathakam,Pipper cubeba,Bronchitis,Laryngitis,afterlood or as Rel Tell Coleus zeylanicus,Jaggery,Recommended in Epistaxis.directed by the eahaela Veeaml Woodlordia fruiticosa.physician 22. Aravindltasavain Nelumbium speciosum (flower).Skin diseases,Loss ol 15 - 25ml.b. d.,Vetiveria Zizanioides,Rubia appetite and Indigestion in afterlood or as Rel Tell cordilolia,Elettaria cardamomum,children Recommended as directed by the eaheell legal Sida cordilollia,Cyperus a general tonic to children physician rotundus,Hemidesmus idicus,for achieving health and Acorus calamus,Merrimia st


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