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Introduction to the Unify JavaScript framework


  • 1. Cross-Plattform Mobile DevelopmentDesktop? Mobile? Unify!MobileTechCon 201205/Sep/2012 - Frankfurt/Main, GermanySebastian Fastner Stefan Kolb IT-Berater Indiginox GmbH

2. Agenda Was ist Unify? Features Live-Coding 3. Web vs Native 4. Java C / C++Symbian!CObjective!C 5. Opera Safari IEOpera MiniMobile SafariMobile IEOpera Mobile Google ChromeFirefoxAndroid BrowserMobile Firefox 6. Mobile app store overview Last updated: December 2, 2009 For more information, check Apple App Store Android Market Blackberry App World Nokia Ovi Store GetJarPalm App CatalogSamsung App StoreSony Ericsson PlayNow LG Application StoreWindows MarketplaceHandmarkIntel Atom Handster Launch date Jul 11, 2008 Oct 22, 2008Apr 1, 2009 May 26, 2009 Dec 1, 2004Jun 6, 2009 Feb 3, 2009 Aug 10, 2009 Jul 13, 2009 Expected Q3 2009Dec 1, 2000-May 26, 2005 Supported platformsiPhone OSAndroid OS Blackberry OS 4.2 Java, Symbian, Java, Symbian, WindowsPalm webOSSymbian,Java, Symbian Windows Mobile Windows Mobile, Android, BlackBerry, Java,Java, Debian Moblin Windows Mobile, Symbian, and higherFlash Lite, Mobile, Palm, Blackberry, Windows Mobiile Widgets Palm, Palm Web OS, Native, Windows Native, Android OS, BlackBerry, WRT Widgets Flash Lite, AndroidWindows Mobile, SymbianAdobe AIR, RedHat LinuxJava Amount of Users 50M1M 5-10M 5-10M15M