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<ol><li> 1. 3 Key Things to Consider when Looking for Designer Tennis Bags for Sale OnlineWhen looking for designer tennis bags for sale online, there are several things you need to lookout for to ensure you find the right bag that fits your needs both in function and style. Generally,you will be looking for a bag that provides adequate space for the racquet and other accessoriesyou carry around with you. The right bag will have good fabric and genuine leather to fit inwith your style. Here are the things you should consider.Space and PocketsWhen Shopping for designer tennis bags for sale online, look out for space allocated foraccessories. A good bag will have spaces for holding your keys, electronics and of course yourtennis racquet. For some, two inner pockets would do, while others may want something that canorganize all the little accessories they carry so that they do not have to fumble through the bagevery time they need their sunglasses or water bottle.Open pockets on the sides are great if you constantly use the water bottle and put it back whenon the court. A big bag may have lots of space, but the space is not important if it does not allowyou to organize everything you have.Some designer tennis bag for sale online can hold up to 6 racquets, but typically they hold onlyone or two racquets. If its a good design it will protect your racquet from the effects of extremetemperature and allow it to last longer. Some of them use a thermal guard technology to achievethis.Protection and durabilityYou may also want to look for something with metal feet to protect it from wear and tear. Quiteoften, you will find that you need to place it on the floor. These feet will protect the bag frommoisture and dirt. The importance of these little feet can be confirmed by looking at a bagwithout one. Also a padded shoulder strap comes in handy if you carry a lot of things, this isespecially important if you will be walking a considerable distance with it.Functionality and styleA good designer tennis bag for women will incorporate functionality with style. You need toestablish whether it is genuine leather or faux leather. Faux leather will most likely be cheaper;however, there is faux leather that is of superior quality. For something more feminine andattractive, you may go for bags with detachable straps which can also be used on a formalevening out.</li></ol>