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Just admit it, you all wish you could afford to buy Christian Louboutins new range of footwear each season but for roughly 500 a pair, why spend that amount of money on just 1 pair when you can buy 100 from the Everything5Pounds website?


<ul><li> 1. Just admit it, you all wish you could affordto buy Christian Louboutins new range offootwear each season but for roughly 500 apair, why spend that amount of money onjust 1 pair when you can buy 100 from theEverything5Pounds website?</li></ul> <p> 2. What is it that makesdesigner labels soprestigious? 3. It could be anything from the quality of the shoe,to the style or just the thought that you could havethe same pair of shoes as Beyonc or VictoriaBeckham. But really, how much better aredesigner shoes than your average everyday shoeswhich you buy at high street shops or on ouronline store? Lets take a look and compare shoes. 4. On the left we have our 5 Diamante Trim Satin CourtShoes and on your right we have Christian LouboutinsPrincess Glitter Heels which will set you back 495. Sowhats the big difference? Well of course if you knowanything about Christian Louboutins shoes then youllknow it has that distinctive red sole, but what else makesthem worth 490 more? 5. We know that adding a designer label to shoesmakes them way more expensive but are you reallyjust paying for the brand name? Look at it in thisperspective, if our shoes on the left fromEverything5Pounds had the Christian Louboutindesigner label on them, would you look at themdifferently? Would that make them appear moreappealing or do you just see them as an average pairof shoes? 6. As for boots we have our 5 Studded Buckle SideCalf Boots on the left and a pair of 550 MulberryAtholl ankle boots on the right. Now obviously theMulberry ones are real leather and the E5P onesarent but they look quite similar, they both havebuckles and are roughly the same style. So whats sowrong about buying cheap womens boots? 7. Fashion is constantly changing and because ofthis, so will your shoes so whats the point inspending hundreds of pounds on a pair ofwomens boots youll only wear for a few seasonswhen you can spend much less money and carryon revamping your wardrobe each month? If itsthe second one take a look at the E5P Range ofWomens Boots. 8. Lastly we have a pair of basic flats with a bit of golddetailing. One major difference is that the E5P pair onthe left are 5 and the pair on the right are a 335 Guccipair. Now flats needs to be comfortable and worn inproperly so you avoid those nasty blisters. The Gucci pairare made from real leather and of course its a light golddetail at the front and they are made in Italy which is afamous country for making good, quality shoes. 9. The pair on the left are made from a faux leathermaterial but after wearing them for a while theyllsoon be more comfortable. So would you spendan extra 330 on a pair of flats? If you want adecent, quality pair of leather flats you dont haveto spend designer money as many of your highstreet stores will sell real leather ones at areasonable price. 10. Of course it would be nice to be able to have thatluxury of being able to spend loads of money onshoes, but when you look at how much more youcan buy for your money, is having that designerlabel really worth it? What would you rather have,1 pair of shoes or 100 pairs? 11. The choice is yours! 12. Dont be shyConnect WithUs TodayAll of the following links are clickable </p>