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<p> 1. Designer Bags Waiting To Adorn YourWardrobe 2. Designer Bags Waiting To Adorn YourWardrobe A handbag is not just a bag to hang over your shoulder nor is it justa place to carry your things, its much more a piece of artwork, anaccessory that adorns you, that just completes you and even setsyou apart from the rest of the crowd. Cassandra Connors knew thatwhen she started Bella Bag, an online store that sells you a rangeof pre-owned ones designer handbags and even offers to sell yourauthentic designer handbag. 3. Designer Bags Waiting To Adorn YourWardrobe Fashionista as will swear that even with allthe designer wear and jewellery, thehandbag is the one piece of accessorythats the icing on the cake. It's everywomans wish and her right to look herclassic best at every occasion. That doesntnecessarily mean being ripped off yourmonths wages- theres a company whoknows it can provide every woman thatperfect bag of vintage collection thatshould adorn their wardrobe at areasonable price. Bella Bag offers thatglamour at a discounted cost. 4. Designer Bags Waiting To Adorn YourWardrobe With just a click of a button, thanks to the digital revolution, the store opens up foryou and you can find your display of lead designs- pre-owned, rare and limited editionhandbags that you can pick and choose. So go ahead, be a Diva and pick up that onecreation of art that you secretly desire- you deserve it. Gucci, Louis Vitton, Prada,Chanel the names can go on- you can have them if you want them.On the other hand if you already own adesigner handbag that youve carried longenough for a change, and youre looking tosell that classic, but are unable to convincepeople of its authenticity, go ahead andclick again because of Bella Bags theyrecognize design and authenticity. 5. Designer Bags Waiting To Adorn YourWardrobeYou will get your bags price that yourelooking for because business for Bella Bagis about a benefit for the customers aswell. Not many stores can boast ofbringing you fashion and glamour at agreat price. Bella Bag has broughtcustomers an opportunity to wear thedesigner and to sell their authentic bagsfor a good price. Theres a team of reallytalented people at Bella Bag, workinghard to bring you the best deal. If yourelooking to own that Dior or Hermes lookno further Bella Bag will give you therange of the most authentic handbagsyou can find. Its hard to turn away froman offer as good as this especially whenthe business is centred on making you theowner of a vintage or designer collection. 6. Designer Bags Waiting To Adorn YourWardrobe Theres a bag for every woman and a bag for every season, andthere are skilled designers or rather artists that are puttingtogether that magic that you can get at a price a price that youcouldnt get everywhere. Because, to bring class and style of adesigner kind, to your wardrobe- your business has to beauthentic and Bella Bag makes it its business to bring youauthentic handbags of a designer kind. </p>