designed by hunters for hunters 4’ x 8’ wild game coolers ... designed by hunters for...

Download Designed By Hunters for Hunters 4’ X 8’ Wild Game Coolers ... Designed By Hunters for Hunters 4’

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  • Designed By Hunters for Hunters 4’ X 8’

    Wild Game Coolers & Freezers Self-Contained Air-Cooled Refrigeration System with 5 Year Compressor Warranty Adjustable Temperature Thermostat

    4” Insulated Panel Walls are Fitted & Sealed to Keep the Cold Air In & the Hot Air Out

    Factory Pre-Tested & Assembled – Shipped Knocked Down for Easy Transportation and Handling

    Sliding Track System With (4) Hangers

    Easy to Clean Walls and Aluminum Floor

    Heavy Duty Self-Closing Door Hinges

    Door Latch With Internal Release Handle

    Large Dial Thermometer of Internal Temp

    Interior Light and Switch

    Southeast Cooler * 1520 Westfork Drive * Lithia Springs, GA 30122 * 1-800-241-9778 * 1-770-941-6703 *

  • 22 Gauge Painted Steel Surface Area with a White Embossed Stucco Finish

  • Fast and Easy Cam-Lock Field Assembly

    All Panel Section Seams Are Tongue & Groove

    Each is Fitted With Two Molded In Gaskets

    Creating an Internal Seal & External Sealing Surface

  • ½ Horsepower R-404a Commercial Refrigeration System

    with Adjustable Thermostat Controller (3) Fan System

    115/1/60 Electrical Required

  • Ceiling Mounted Sliding Track Rail System

    with All Stainless Steel Hangers

  • Easy to Read Internal Cooler Temp Indicator

  • Heavy Duty Polished Chrome Door Hinges

  • Locking Heavy Duty Door Latch

    with Internal Safety Release