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A recent graduate with IT degree needs a way to make his further study meaningful because he feels frustrated

Problem StatementForm a group of like-minded people to share experiencesForming a group of like-minded people is a good idea. You are surrounded by the peers who have more or less similar interests and goals. Therefore, it could work as a study circle where you can update your knowledge and enhance your study experience.

Prototype 1Group providing missing pieces to the overall puzzle

Group working to give a feedback to one person in need

Group sharing ideas to each other without addressing the problems of a certain project or a personPrototype 1

Integrate 2-3 or more options and experiment what works best for youIntegrating different options could be most disruptive for a person. If you choose just one activity and decide to be committed to it for a long time your choice may not meet your expectations. Thus constant experimentation is the key. You can test what kind of studying method is most suitable and exciting for you.

Prototype 22 months testing of freelancing

A training center with real-life projects

Travel abroad to get new and unexpected ideasPrototype 2 - Integration and Testing