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Creativity and Design Tudor Rickards

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Links creativity to the design process. Contains a training exercise for designers studying the appeal of products from a design perspective.


  • 1. Creativity and Design Tudor Rickards

2. What connects creativity to design? Design is about doing things consciouslyand not because they have always been donein a certain wayMargaret Bruce Companion to Creativity (2009) Creativity Design Innovation 3. The Design of a Chess Set We will take the design of a Chess SetTo explore how creativity and design interact Part 1:Assessing the consumer appeal ofA chess set Part 2:How structured techniques can support Design and creativity 4. Consumer Appeal of a Chess Set Take a closer look at the choices open to someone wanting to buy a chess set The choice will be dictated by the varied preferences and decision-processes Of potential customers The designer (team) draws on knowledge of the user needs and on skills at creating a productthat appeals to those needs 5. Put yourself in the place of a would-be consumer You have found a catalogue offering eight chess sets, all of similar but competing designs Which sets do you like best? Which pieces do you like best? How do these considerations interact? Which set will you chose for yourself? 6. Chess Sets (Designs A H) 7. Chess Sets (Designs A-D) 8. Chess Sets (Designs E-H) 9. Ratings Pawn Rook Knight Bishop Queen King Overall Design 1-3 Chess 1-3 Code Set H Set G Set F Set E Set D Set C Set B Set A 10. What does the exercise tell us about creativity and design? 11. Use Benign Structures to get Better Iideas To get better ideas regularly you need new structuresto help your idea awarenessand skills in improvingimplementation potential These are so-calledbenign structures which support creativity A benign structuresupports creativity byovercoming personal habits which are restrictingidea generation 12. Simple forms of benign structure Tip No 4: Reverse thinking(Lets turn that idea upside down) Tip No 5 Add-on thinking (Yes and ) Tip No 6 Blue sky thinking (If only) Tip No 7 Positive thinking (Whats good about it..?)Tip No 8 Inside-out thinking(e.g. Go from technical means to user needs) Hybrid Composite For Root Canal Treatment Think Food products to meet different needs 13. The role of leadership in design teams Creative leaders helpreconfigure the structures under which team members operate.Team-building structuresovercomeinter-personal barriers andestablish team norms In a dream team, leadership providesstructureswhichtranscend established norms 14. Conclusions Design and creativityare more closelylinked than has previously been believed Benign structureshelp individuals and teams achieveunexpectedly creative results