DESE AND OFFICE OF COLLEGE AND CAREER READINESS UPDATE Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education MCCTA Spring Conference February 12, 2015.

Download DESE AND OFFICE OF COLLEGE AND CAREER READINESS UPDATE Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education MCCTA Spring Conference February 12, 2015.

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  • DESE AND OFFICE OF COLLEGE AND CAREER READINESS UPDATE Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education MCCTA Spring Conference February 12, 2015 February 2015
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  • Sharon Helwig, Assistant Commissioner DESE Updates
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  • Dennis Harden, Coordinator Career Education Updates
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  • Staff Updates Chris Dzurick, Supervisor, BMIT and State FBLA/PBL Advisor Monica Silvey, Administrative Assistant to Dennis Harden Current Openings Agriculture Education Area Supervisor Skilled Technical Sciences Supervisor/SkillsUSA Director Time Pathways to Prosperity Director (MidMissouri)
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  • Perkins Updates Year 9 Extension State Plan Revisions Negotiate levels of performance for Year 9 FY2014 Performance Secondary Academic Attainment/Mathematics Postsecondary- Credential, Certificate or Degree Tiered Monitoring
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  • 50/50 Equipment/Educational Resources Grants Continuation of 50/50 funds for equipment Standardize application process among program sections Provides for more accountability of funds Requests due July 1, 2015 Final payments due February 1, 2016 so unspent funds can be reallocated
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  • Common CTE Criteria and Quality Indicators In revision for two years Utilized model rubric designed by SREB for Quality CTE programs along with our current CTE Common Program Standards and Quality Indicators Reviewed and approved by the CTE Advisory Group at their February 10, 2015 meeting Will initially be available for use by CTE teachers and administrators as a tool to review and improve programs Not A Requirement. Future: May be used to determine program approval, funding, etc.
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  • College and Career Readiness Accountability Administrative Memo QS-15-003 ACT Workkeys (Standard 3*1-3: College and Career Readiness) Expansion of Career and Technical Education (Standard 3*4: College and Career Readiness) College and Career Placement (Standard 3*5-6: College and Career Readiness)
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  • CTSO Data Collection Administrative Memo 15-003 Reported in June Core Data Cycle (June 2015) Levels of Participation determined locally based on guidance provided in memo Purpose is to provide the Department with a more concise look at student participation in CTSOs.
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  • Approved Business Ed Courses Administrative Memo CCR-15-002 Added the following courses as Business Education AP Macroeconomics AP Microeconomics IB Economics
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  • Janice Rehak, Coordinator NCI and NTI
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  • Dates for NCI & NTI New Counselor Institute (NCI) July 12-15, 2015 Capitol Plaza Hotel, Jefferson City New Teacher Institute (NTI) July 26-29, Hilton Garden Inn, Columbia
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  • Janice Rehak, Coordinator TSA and IRC
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  • Doug Sutton, Director Enhancement Grant Update
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  • FY15 Enhancement Grant March 31, 2015 is the remaining key date for FY15 Enhancement Grant administration EGFV2s and report describing grantees accomplishments are due no later than that date
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  • FY16 Enhancement Grant Key Changes Moved from a statement of need and description of improvements to a program improvement plan Transitioned to a web app-based application process Cost threshold for reimbursement up to 75% increased from $200 to $1,000 Process changed for allowance and monitoring of expenditures designed to provide units for student use at or near a 1:1 basis
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  • FY16 Enhancement Grant FY16 Enhancement Grant application deadline was Friday, February 6, 2015 Review and discussion: Volume and preliminary data What worked/what needs further adjustment? What benefits and/or barriers are being recognized locally?
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  • Kristie Davis, Director Pathways to Prosperity
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  • Pathway for Teachers Day In The Life-Video Challenge Asset Mapping Statewide Conference March 2-3 Summer Jobs Program 19
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  • Pathways to Prosperity Pathways for Teachers 117 administrators, counselors, core teachers, and CTE teachers in 9 school districts participating Affton, Ferguson-Florissant, Hazelwood, Normandy School Collaborative, Camdenton, Centralia, Blue Springs South, Ruskin, and Platte County Information Technology Hospitality and Tourism Health Science Advanced Manufacturing Bioscience/Biotechnology 20
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  • Pathways to Prosperity Day in The Life-Video Challenge Macon- Working together with employers Computer Programming On Shore $2,500 Towards CTE programs Must comply with Perkins Allowable and Unallowable cost expenditure guidelines 21
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  • Pathways to Prosperity Mid-Missouri and Kansas City Asset Mapping Key Points: Rural communities concerned with students leaving due to lack of local economic opportunity awareness Employers see many students lacking the soft skills that are essential in the workplace IT programing and networking are in high demand across all industry sectors Many educational programs/initiatives but in many cases lack of coordination among comparable programs 22
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  • Pathways to Prosperity Pathways/Building Bridges Statewide Conference March 2-3 Tan-Tar-A Highlighting a variety of programs and resources across the state Pathway districts, Innovation Campus, MERIC data, Educator Evaluation Tool, Project Based Learning, Business Panels, etc. 23
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  • Pathways to Prosperity Summer Jobs League Announced by the Governor 2,000 summer jobs in St. Louis 1,500 summer jobs in Kansas City Pathways collaborating with local Workforce Investment Boards and Summer Jobs League Committee 24
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  • PATHWAYS TO PROSPERITY MISSOURI Kristie Davis-State Director Gail Stewart-St. Louis Regional Director Ann Starlin-Horner-Kansas City Regional Director
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  • Office of Data Quality
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  • MOSIS Files This data is submitted via MOSIS PS-Adult Course Assignment file This data is used to verify courses/programs being taught for the reporting year. Opens February 1 Closes March 31 Student Graduate Follow Up file Due Date February 15 The use is used in Perkins, EIF, APR and MSIP files
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  • MOSIS June Student Core Due June 30 June Student Core This data is used to verify Perkins information for the reporting year. Student Course Completion NEW CTSO Student Participation
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  • Effectiveness Index Formula Data Effectiveness Index Formula (EIF) Combines 2013 June Student Core concentrators who graduated with the 2014 Graduate Follow Up with a status of Continuing Education (related and non-related) Employed Related Military (related and non-related)
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  • Sharon Helwig Dennis Harden Janice Rehak Kristie Davis Doug Sutton For More Information:


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