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  • 1.Smart M.I.C.E PublicationBuilding aSEAMLESS EXPERIENCEfor Visitors, Organizers, and Exhibitors

2. Virtuosity Indonesia DREAM: To promote tourism and Indonesian culture along with indigenious knowledge through quality products. 3. TASKS: Contributing to answer Indonesia's problems and challenges of the times through IT products. Creating products designed elaborately and beautifully to satisfy consumers especially in the field of user experience. Spreading fondness of Indonesia's products and culture, delivered through modern creative products. 4. ACHIEVEMENTS: Indonesia ICT Award 2013 Finalist Indonesia Creative Festival 2013 Finalist 4th Winner of Blackberry Business Plan 2013 1st Winner of West Java ICT 2013 5. The Core Members ofTeam SMICE-P CTOCOOCFOCEOCMODedy PrasetiadyOkihita SihalohoSuri HutagalungAbram SinagaCintya Sitanggang 6. PRODUCT RESEARCH BASIC IDEA: using green and white technology in promoting MICE tourismand encouraging the development ofGREEN SOCIETY 7. PRODUCT RESEARCH PRODUCT BACKGROUND: Smice-P is designed based on the result of our teams research inSmart Society for Innovative and Sustainable Cities. (An incubator of multidisciplinary research, owned by Institut Teknologi Bandung.) 8. PRODUCT RESEARCH RELATED STUDIES: ECONOMY Promoting local products and services; enhances investment potential.INTERNATIONAL AFFAIR Building trust and reputation as progressive and darting developing country.URBAN PLANNINGSOFTWARE ENGINEERING Delivering seamless user experience through integrated application modules.Implementing the most efficient and viral way to present every places unique eminence. 9. M.I.C.E.Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions 10. M.I.C.E.Kits and Preparations 11. M.I.C.E.Organizers Activities 12. AND YET... 13. meh...EFFETE EVENTS! meh... 14. EXCESS KITS! 15. !ouchPAPER WASTE! 16. AND NOW...(Dont lose hope yet.) 17. venue google kalender instagram beritamap ponselponselkrtu namatwitter jadwalfacebookmakanan 18. Our Beloved and Highly DedicatedResearch Mentor Prof. Dr. Suhono Harso, CGEIT Head of LPiK ITB & BlackBerry Innovation Centre ITB, doubles as Mentor of C-Gen Indonesia & Smarter Indonesia He dedicates his life into creating harmonization between industry and academy as the style of new business. 19. Our Kind and Always CaringProject Partners Ir. Lolly Amalia Abdullah, M.Sc.Ir. C. Triharso Director of Electronics and Telematics Field of Ministry of Industry.Director of Facility and Cooperation for Department of Creative Economy Based on Design, Media, and ICT of Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy 20. Some of Our Annual and PopularTarget Events 21. THE MARKET Foreign Tourists (3% of foreign tourists in Indonesia are MICE tourists) 2012 ada 8 juta wisman 2013 ada 8,5 juta wisman 2014 diperkirakan ada 9 juta wisman Jadi jumlah market adalah 270.000 wisatawan mice 22. Corporation and institution in Indonesia which frequently hold international-scale meetings or conference. -> Untuk ini aplikasi bisa bersifat ofine (tidak diunggah ke Google Play) There are approximately 600 province-wide or nationwide conferences nasional held in Indonesia annually. 23. THE MARKET gambar integrasi dengan berbagai macam handheld 24. BUILDING TRUST gambar pengunjung senyum bawa hapeSMICE-Pgambar customer service senyum ngetik + headset 25. itung-itungan duit 26. itung-itungan duit 27. itung-itungan duit 28. Smart M.I.C.E Publicationa business flan bybecau s your e it makes more business delic ious!! !Virtuosity Indonesia Under supervision and assistance by LPiK ITB


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