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1. Patrick Chanezon, Docker Inc. @chanezon With slides from @jpetazzo @vieux Couchbase on Docker 2. French Polyglot Platforms San Francisco Developer Relations @chanezon 3. 1995 2015 4. Docker in the cloud market 5. Cloud Market PublicHybridPrivate IT Pros Devops DevelopersArchitects 6. 7 7. History of containerization 1960s mainframe 1990s hardware virtualization 1990s OS virt precursors: BSD Jails, Solaris zones 2006 Cloud IaaS 2009 platform virtualization (PaaS) 2013 Docker See @bcantrills deck 8. Happy birthday! 9. Why Docker success now? Cloud adoption Portability Hybrid Devops 10. Its an ecosystem 11. Linux Container Ecosystem 12. Docker 13. Docker now A platform to build, ship, and run any app, anywhere docker engine docker hub docker-machine docker-compose docker-swarm kitematic 14. Isolation using Linux kernel features namespaces pid mnt net uts ipc user cgroups memory cpu blkio devices 15. Docker for developers 16. docker-compose: running multiple containers Run your stack with one command: docker-compose up Describe your stack with one file: docker-compose.yml web: build: . command: python ports: - "5000:5000" volumes: - .:/code links: - redis:redis redis: image: redis 17. docker-machine docker-machine create -d azureazure-subscription-id="c4f51be3-784c-xxx-7c50ad9e1b7c"--azure-subscription-cert="/Users/pat/.ssh/docker-azure- cert.pem"--azure-location="East US"--azure-size=Small--azure-username="pat"pat-docker-machine-n 18. Docker Hub 19. Docker Hub Enterprise 20. Docker Swarm 21. Docker CLI Docker CLI Docker CLI Docker Engine 22. us-west us-east Docker CLI Docker CLI Docker Swarm Swarm 23. Swarm in a nutshell Docker REST API (>85%) Resource management (CPU, Mem, Networking) Advanced scheduling with constraints and affinities Multiple Discovery Backends (hub, etcd, consul, zookeeper) TLS: Encryption & Authentication 24. Swarm beta integrations Fully integrated with Machine Partially integrated with Compose Mesos integration has started in collaboration with Mesosphere. 25. Kitematic 26. Deploy almost anywhere 27. Docker, the community >700 contributors ~20 core maintainers >40,000 Dockerized projects on GitHub >60,000 repositories on Docker Hub >25000 meetup members, >140 cities, >50 countries >2,000,000 downloads of boot2docker 28. Docker Inc, the company Headcount: ~130 Revenue: t-shirts and stickers featuring the cool blue whale SAAS delivered through Docker Hub Support & Training soon: Docker Hub Enterprise, behind the firewall 29. Its all about Devops 30. Separation of concerns: Dave the Developer Inside my container: my code my libraries my package manager my app my data 31. Separation of concerns: Oscar the Ops guy Outside the container: logging remote access network configuration monitoring 32. Plugins 33. Weave 34. Flocker 35. Powerstrip Prototyping Docker Plugins 36. Couchbase on Docker 37. Couchbase image docker run -d-v ~/couchbase:/opt/couchbase/var-p 8091:8091name my-couchbase-servercouchbase 38. Couchbase image 39. Sample travel app 40. docker-compose file 41. docker-compose up 42. Demo 43. Fire up your first container today! Ride the Whale! 44. Learning 45. Were hiring! 46. 10 3 References talk about cloud platforms: Managing complexity in giant systems complexity-in-giant-systems-approaches-from-several-cloud-providers talk about Devops, the Microsoft Way MS Open Tech Blog, VM Depot P@ Linux on Azure pages Tims CoreOS tutorial Tims Deis documentation @jpetazzos presentations @bcantrills deck @vieux deck on Swarm @htchen deck on Mesos + Swarm mesos 47. Q&A