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departamento de biologia

Human resources

Staff (34,3 eti):

Full professors 4

Associate Professors with habilitation: 5

Associate Professors 2

Assistant Professors with habilitation 5

Assistant Professors: 16

Invited Assistant Professors 6 (2,7 eti)

Assistente Convidado: 1 (0,6 eti)

FCT Researchers (Investigadores): 19 (1 Coordenador/3

Principais/15 Auxiliares)

Pos-doc grant holders: 75

Other clerical staff: 12


B.Sc degres (licenciatura)

com possibilidade de vrias especializaes dentro da Biologia, ou com percursos de major/minor (Biologia/Gesto ou Biologia/Geologia)

a nica do Pas com 4 anos (8 semestres) de durao, num formato 3 + 1 opcional - estgio incorporado: 6 a 9 meses fora da UA, em ambiente empresarial ou noutra instituio de investigao ou de ensino superior, em Portugal ou no estrangeiro


Biotecnology; Biochemistry; Biomedicine

Master Degrees

Biologia Aplicada / Applied Biology

Biologia Marinha / Marine Biology;

Biologia Molecular e Celular / Molecular and

Cellular Biology;

Ecologia Aplicada / Applied Ecology;

Microbiologia / Microbiology;

Toxicologia e Ecotoxicologia / Toxicology

and Ecotoxicology

PhD Degrees

Biologia / Biology com 10 ramos de especializao

Biologia e Ecologia das Alteraes Globais /

Biology and Ecology of Global Changes (co-tutela com a Univ de Lisboa)

dbio rcio alunos graduao: ps-graduao de 1:1 (cf. 2,5:1 da UA)

- mestrado: 59% (cf. 67% na UA); doutoramento: 41%. (cf. 33% na UA)


- ltimos 3 anos: 90 teses de mestrado em ambiente empresa / n


1-Biologia Molecular e Gentica 2-Biologia Celular 3-Microbiologia 4-Ecologia, Biodiversidade e Gesto dos Ecossistemas 5-Ecotoxicologia e Biologia Ambiental 6-Biologia Marinha 7-Biologia e Ecologia Tropical 8-Recursos Cinegticos e Aqucolas 9-Comunicao, Divulgao e Ilustrao Biolgicas 10-Biologia e Biocincias Aplicadas

1-Biologia e Ecologia Tropical 2-Biologia e Ecologia Marinha 3-Ecologia e Biodiversidade Funcional 4-Biologia do Genoma e Evoluo 5-Biologia Ambiental e Sade

Biologia e Ecologia das

Alteraes Globais / Biology

and Ecology of Global Changes

Biologia / Biology

1. Universidade de Aveiro (UA) 2. Faculdade de Cincias, Universidade de Lisboa (UL) 3. Universidade Federal do Cear (UFC) - Farmacologia; Cincias Marinhas

Tropicais 4. Essentia Portugal - Associao para a Cooperao e Desenvolvimento

Responsvel 5. Universidade Federal de Gois (UFG) Cincias Ambientais 6. Instituto de Investigacin en Recursos Cinegticos, Universidad de Castilla-La

Mancha (IREC-UCLMJCCM) 7. School of Biology, University of St Andrews 8. Instituto Ecolgica (IE-Ecotropical) 9. University of Michigan (UM) 10. Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBa) Ecologia 11. Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Ghent University (U Ghent) 12. Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research (Bioforsk) Associated partners: Univ Lrio (Moz), University of Calgary (Canada), Univ Amaznica Pando (Bolivia), Univ Aut Campeche (Mx), a UFMG, Instituto Homem Pantaneiro/UFMS

A joint degree between the University of Aveiro and University of Lisbon.

A flexible, state-of-the-art, research oriented program.

Prone to interdisciplinary research, combining branches of biology, ecology,

modeling, health, sociology.

Focused on training students in areas of biology/ecology so that these can

effectively counteract human-induced global changes.

All students with compulsory stays of 6+ months on a non-Portuguese


On a case-by-case basis and when a student spends at least 3 semesters in one

of the host non-Portuguese universities, the degree might also be awarded

under a joint degree/cotutelle agreement between the overseas host

institution and the Universities of Aveiro and Lisboa.

4-y program, total 240 CUs, 70 CUs to course/tutorial work,

including transferable skills, 170 to the thesis work.

Courses can be taken in any of the consortium institutions

Offers a wide range of topics and courses the following areas of


(1) Tropical Biology and Ecology,

(2) Marine Biology and Ecology,

(3) Ecology and Functional Biodiversity,

(4) Evolution and Genome Biology,

(5) Environmental Biology and Health.


Program Director

Board (and Executive Board) -1 from each partner

Thesis Advisory Committee for each student

Yearly monitoring scheme for the progress of students

External Advisory Committee

Funded by FCT ( 3,28 million over 4 years)

48 PhD grants for the first 4 editions (12 * year)

International calls for 12 mix PhD student grants per year

Outra Formao Avanada

Programa Anual de Cursos Modulares de Formao Avanada

Curso de Especializao em Ilustrao Cientfica (em evoluo para mestrado)

II.B.Investigao e Desenvolvimento

Source: ISI web of science jan/2014

n de artigos publicados por ano n de citaes por ano

ECOMARE research centre for innovation and

sustainability of the economy of the sea

The UAVR at the technological vertex of the sea economy triangle of innovation





UAVR marine strategy


Operational oceanography







Planning Governance

Ecomare is an anchor project of the Portuguese Sea Knowledge and Economy Cluster plan of action and it operationalizes the first priority line of the cluster, cross-cutting all other priority lines that organize the cluster strategy, including governance and marine environmental protection.

ECOMARE and the Portuguese sea cluster

ECOMARE: mission

Render R&D + Innovation services and technology transfer to companies and governmental and international organizations, on marine sciences and technologies, with a view to sustainable use of marine resources.

Location of ECOMARE on the grounds of the Port of Aveiro

ECOMARE: partners

Municipality of lhavo

Rehabilitation Center of Marine Animal at Quiaios (Portuguese Wildlife Society)

Port of Aveiro S.A.

Oceano XXI - Association for the Knowledge and Economy of the Sea

ECOMARE: fields of activity

CEPAM Extension Centre for Marine and Environmental Research: Blue Biotechnology (Living Library of Marine Invertebrates and Microbial

Symbionts) Aquaculture (new species and new production systems) Ecology, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Oceanography Geology and Geophysics Naval Engineering, Naval Robotic Applications and Coastal Engineering Offshore Energy (oil and renewables) Strategic studies for the evaluation of marine and maritime economic activities

CPRAM Centre for Research and Recovery of Marine Animals : Bank Tissue of Marine Animals Veterinary Hospital and Quarantine Room for care and rehabilitation of marine

mammals, turtles and seabirds Response Unit in case of Oil Spill

ECOMARE: plants

Floor 0

Floor 1


ECOMARE: investment

Action Budget


Construction of the R&D Infrastructure Equipment of the R&D Infrastructure

2.497.884 National Strategic Reference Framework (ERDF European Regional Development Fund)


1.001.673 UAVR




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AMADEU SOARES | [email protected]