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  • DENVER CAPITAL MATRIXFunding sources for entrepreneurs and small business.

  • Denver Capital Matrix Sept. 2017 | 2

    IntroductionThe Denver Office of Economic Development (OED) is pleased to release this sixth annual edition of the Denver Capital Matrix.

    This publication is designed as a tool to assist business owners and entrepreneurs with discovering the myriad of capital sources in and around the Mile High City. As a strategic initiative of the OEDs JumpStart strategic plan, the Denver Capital Matrix provides a comprehensive directory of financing sources, from traditional bank lending, to venture capital firms, private equity firms, angel investors, mezzanine sources and more.

    Small businesses provide the greatest opportunity for job creation today. Yet, a lack of needed financing often prevents businesses from implementing expansion plans and adding payroll. Through this updated resource, the OED strives to help connect businesses to start-up and expansion capital so that they can thrive in Denver.

    DefinitionsVenture Capital Venture capital is capital provided by investors to small businesses and start-up firms that demonstrate possible high-growth opportunities. Venture capital investments have a potential for considerable loss or profit and are generally designated for new and speculative enterprises that seek to generate a return through a potential initial public offering or sale of the company.

    Angel Investor An angel investor is a high net worth individual active in venture financing, typically participating at an early stage of growth.

    Private Equity Private equity is an individual or consortium of investors and funds that make investments directly into private companies or initiate buyouts of public companies. Private equity is ownership in private companies that is not listed or traded on public exchanges. This is considered an illiquid and long-term investment.

    Mezzanine Financing Mezzanine financing is a hybrid of debt and equity financing that is typically used to finance the expansion of existing companies. Mezzanine financing is basically debt capital that gives the lender the rights to convert to an ownership or equity interest in the company if the loan is not paid back in time and in full. It is generally subordinated to debt provided by senior lenders such as banks and venture capital companies.

  • Denver Capital Matrix Sept. 2017 | 3

    Venture Capital Firms - ColoradoName Website Address Phone Investment Focus

    3Lines Venture Fund 1415 Park Ave W, Denver, CO

    720-280-2571 Multi-region fund with investment area of focus Soft-ware Technology (AI, IoT, SaaS) in Colorado, USA and AgriTech in India

    5280 Partners 360 S. Monroe St., Ste. 600, Denver, CO

    303-333-1215 Early Stage Technology: Software; Business Process Outsourcing

    9th Street Capital 14143 Denver West Pkwy, Ste. 570, Golden, CO

    720-328-8623 Hardwood, winery, active lifestyle, restaurants

    Altira Group LLC 1675 Broadway, Ste. 2400, Denver, CO

    303-592-5500 Energy Technology: Oil & Gas; IT for the Energy Industry; Electric Power; Renewable Energy

    Aravaipa Ventures Cleantech

    Appian Ventures, Inc. 4810 Prospect, Littleton, CO 303-830-2450 Software and technology

    Aweida Venture Partners 500 Discovery Pkwy., Ste. 300, Superior, CO

    303-664-9520 Data Storage; Software; Life Sciences; Medical Tech

    Blue Note Ventures 831 Pearl St., Boulder, CO Technology

    Boulder Ventures 1941 Pearl St., Ste. 300, Boulder, CO

    303-444-6950 Early Stage; Life Sciences; IT; Software & Applications; Storage & Communications

    Centennial Ventures 10901 W Toller Dr., Ste. 206, Littleton, CO

    303-405-7500 Early & Later-Stage; Network Businesses; Enabling Soft-ware & Technology

    Colorado Impact Fund 1555 Blake St. Ste. 200, Denver, CO

    303-226-1717 Local companies with positive impact

    Cypress Growth Capital 100 Fillmore St., Ste. 500, Denver, CO

    303-385-8653 Technology, software

    Delta-v Capital 1941 Pearl St., Ste. 200, Boulder, CO

    303-405-7544 Technology

    eonBusiness Corporation 7430 East Caley Ave., Ste. 200, Centennial, CO

    303-850-9300 Seed & Early Stage; SaaS; Mobile Apps

    Farmore Capital Group Boulder, CO Clean tech, health care

    Frasier McCombs Capital 1035 Pearl St., Ste. 401 Boul-der, CO

    Early-Stage Technology Companies in the Automotive Industry.

    Foundry Group LLC 1050 Walnut St., Ste. 210, Boulder, CO

    303-642-4050 Early Stage; IT; Internet, and Software

    Greenline Ventures LLC 1324 15th St., Denver, CO 303-586-8000 Real Estate

  • Denver Capital Matrix Sept. 2017 | 4

    Venture Capital Firms - ColoradoName Website Address Phone Investment Focus

    Greenmont Capital Part-ners 1634 Walnut St., Ste. 301, Boulder, CO

    303-444-0599 Branded Consumer Products: Food & Beverage, Natural Products; Alternative Energy; CleanTech

    Grotech Ventures 1685 S. Colorado Blvd. Unit S-251, Denver, CO

    720-399-4952 High-Potential Technology; Approach is Personal and Long-Term, not Institutional

    High Country Venture LLC 831 Pearl St., Boulder, CO 303-381-2638 Unique Technologies & Concepts

    Infield Capital 1002 Walnut St., Ste. 202, Boulder, CO

    303-449-2921 CleanTech; Internal Combustion; Stored Energy; Mobile Energy Transmission; New Materials

    Iron Gate Capital 3000 Pearl St., Ste. 201, Boulder, CO

    303-395-1335 Growth stage

    iSherpa Capital 6400 S. Fiddlers Green Circle #975, Greenwood Village, CO

    303-645-0500 Wireless Media; Entertainment

    Lacuna, LLC 1100 Spruce St., Ste. 202, Boulder, CO

    303-447-1700 Early Stage; Undiscovered Opportunities

    Meritage Funds 1675 Larimer St., Ste. 400, Denver, CO

    303-352-2040 Communications; Data Centers; Hosting; Cloud Comput-ing; SaaS; Internet; Financial Technology; E-Commerce

    Point B Capital 1035 Pearl St., Ste. 428, Boulder, CO

    206-577-7221 Early-stage growth-oriented companies

    Resource Capital Funds 1400 Sixteenth St., Ste. 200, Denver, CO

    720-946-1444 Mining

    Rockies Venture Fund LP 1415 Park Ave West, Denver, CO

    720-353-9350 Seed & Early Stage; life science; software; medical; con-sumer products; impact investments

    Roser Ventures 1105 Spruce St., Boulder, CO

    303-443-7924 Early Stage; IT

    Rutt Bridges VC Fund

    The University of Colorado Business School; 1250 14th St., 2nd Fl., Denver, CO

    Seed Stage; Companies associated with CU Denver's Bard Center

    Sequel Venture Partners 4430 Arapahoe St., #220, Boulder, CO

    303-546-0400 Healthcare; Internet & Enterprise IT; CleanTech; Internet Based Services

    Service Provider Capital Boulder, CO Technology

    Techstars 1050 Walnut St., Boulder, CO 303-720-6559 Technology

    Vista Ventures 1011 Walnut St., 4th Fl., Boulder, CO

    303-543-5716 Early-Stage Software; Digital Media; Network Compa-nies

    *SOURCE: National Venture Capital Association, S&P Capital IQ

  • Denver Capital Matrix Sept. 2017 | 5

    Venture Capital Firms - NationalName Website Address Phone Investment Focus

    Aberdare Ventures 235 Montgomery St., Ste. 1230, San Francisco, CA

    415-392-7442 Healthcare Technology

    ABS Capital Partners 1700 Montgomery St., Ste. 440, San Francisco, CA

    415-989-5100 Late stage growth

    Access Venture Partners 8787 Turnpike Dr., Ste. 260, Westminster, CO

    303-426-8899 Early stage technology companies excluding pharma-ceuticals and medical devices

    Adams Street Partners UBS Tower 1, N. Upper Wacker Dr., Ste. 2200, Chi-cago, IL

    312-578-0415 software, mobile, healthcare, security and financial technology

    Advantage Capital Partners 190 Carondelet Plaza, Ste. 1500, St. Louis, MO

    314-725-0800 Small Business: Retail, Manufacturing; Health Services & Energy; CleanTech; IT; Internet; Telecommunications

    Alliance Consumer Growth 655 Madison Ave., 20th Fl., New York, NY

    212-940-9630 High Growth Consumer Companies: Food & Beverage; Health & Beauty; Household; Pet, Apparel & Leisure; Retail & Services

    Alsop Louie Partners 943 Howard St., San Fran-cisco

    650-520-6325 Entrepreneurs; Technology

    American Family Ventures 6000 American Parkway Block 100 Madison, WI

    800-692-6362 Data, Analytics and AI, Internet of Things

    Amgen Ventures One Amgen Center Dr., Thousand Oaks, CA

    805-447-1000 Healthcare; Bioscience; Pharmaceutical

    Arsenal Venture Partners 270 West New England Avenue, Winter Park, FL

    407-838-1439 Early-Stage Companies

    Atlas Venture LP 400 Technology Sq., 10th Fl., Cambridge, MA

    857-201-2700 Early Stage; Technology;


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