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<p>A Legacy of Firsts100 years of Passion, Artistry and Technology</p> <p>New Model Information</p> <p>AVR-A100</p> <p>DBP-A100</p> <p>PMA-A100</p> <p>DCD-A100</p> <p>DP-A100</p> <p>DL-A100</p> <p>AH-A100</p> <p>New Model Information100Special edition AV and HiFi components Denon 100 Anniversary Collection A100</p> <p>2010823 2010101100 100A100 A100 7 100 100 </p> <p>3 PCM </p> <p>2-1DM</p> <p>New Model Information100SACDPMA-A100 UHC-MOS Single Push-Pull PMA-A100CD/SACDDCD-A100Advanced AL32 Processing 32Bit/192kHzD/A S.V.H.SACDCD DCD-A100iPodUSBUSB 100 PMA-A100DCD-A100100 </p> <p>100100 1910NHK 19391970 AC DP-A10040 DP-A100 MCDL-A100 1964FMNHKDL-103 DL-10340Hi-Fi DL-A100DL-103 </p> <p>2-1DM</p> <p>New Model Information</p> <p>AV9.2AVR-A100HDMI Ver.1.4a3DARCDENON LINK 4thi/p AudioPhoto DBP-A100CDDVD DBP-A100DENON LINK 4thAVR-A100AVRA100 AVR-A100DBP-A100100 </p> <p>AH-A10050mm </p> <p>7100 100 111 </p> <p>2-1DM</p> <p>PMA-A100JAN 45-8211636-560-1</p> <p>231,000 220,000</p> <p> UHC-MOS 2 L.C. 27 100 SPECIFICATIONS CDSP OUT 80W80W 8 20Hz20kHz T.H.D. 0.07% 160W160W 4 1kHz T.H.D. 0.7% 0.01% -3dB 8 1kHz / LINE 135mV/23k ON PHONO MM:2.5mV/47k PHONO MC:0.2mV/100RIAAPHONO MM 20Hz20kHz0.5dBPHONO MC 30Hz20kHz0.5dB 5Hz100kHz 03dB SN A LINE:108dB PHONO MM:89dB 5mV PHONO MC:74dB 0.5mV AC100V 50/60Hz275W 0.3W kg </p> <p>DCD-A100JAN 45-8211636-563-2</p> <p>231,000 220,000</p> <p> Advanced AL32 Processing 32bit/192kHz D/A Advanced S.V.H. USBiPod USB MP3/WMA 100 SPECIFICATIONS CD 1 DSD2Hz50kHz -3dB SN119dB 114dB 0.0008% 1kHz CD 2Hz20kHzSN119dB 100dB0.0017% 1kHz 23W 0.3W kg </p> <p>DP-A100JAN 45-8211636-564-9</p> <p>304,500 290,000</p> <p> 331mm 103 S DL-A100 100 SPECIFICATIONS DENON 33 1/3 45rpm 0.1 WRMS 0.3 33 1/3rpm 80g0 0.003 S 244mm 14mm 3 6mm 04.0 g 1 0.25 g 18 g DL-A100 AC100V50/60Hz 10W 15.7 kg </p> <p>DL-A100JAN 45-8211636-549-6</p> <p>52,500 50,000</p> <p> DL-103 100 </p> <p>SPECIFICATIONS 0.3mV 20Hz45kHz 40 16.5 2.50.3 g 510-6cm/dyne g </p> <p>AVR-A100JAN 45-8211636-557-1</p> <p>294,000 280,000</p> <p>9.2AV HDMI Ver.1.4a 3D ARC 11.2ch HDMIDENON LINK 4th i/p iPhone/iPodUSB Audio&amp;Photo 4 100 SPECIFICATIONS 210W210W 210W 210W210W 210W210W / 210W210W 6 JEITA / 200mV/47k 10Hz100kHz +1,-3dB S/N102dB JIS-A 0.005 20Hz 20kHz D/A 0.008 S/N102dB 100dB 2.5mV RIAA 20Hz20kHz 1dB S/N74dB JIS-A 5mV0.03 1kHz 3V 5Hz10MHz/ 5Hz60MHz OFF FM:76.090.0MHz AM:522kHz1629kHz FM:1.5V 12.8dBf AM:20V W kg </p> <p>DBP-A100JAN 45-8211636-554-0</p> <p>294,000 280,000</p> <p> CD DVD HDMI DENON LINK 4th i/p S.V.H. Advanced AL24 Processing 100 SPECIFICATIONS HDMI480/60i 480/60p 720/60p 1080/60i 1080/60p 1080/24p 1Vp-p 75SY 1Vp-p C 0.3Vp-p 75 Y 1Vp-p Pb/Cb 0.7Vp-p YPr/Cr 0.7Vp-p 75 BD 2Hz88kHz 192kHz Sampling) DVD 2Hz88kHz 192kHz Sampling) Super Audio CD 2Hz100kHz CD-DA 2Hz20kHz SN125dB 110dB 0.0008% 1kHz 100V 50/60Hz 48W 0.3W 0.8W 2035W kg </p> <p>AH-A100JAN 45-8211636-567-0</p> <p>52,500 50,000</p> <p> 50mm 3.5mm 1.3mYOFC 3.5mOFC </p> <p>SPECIFICATIONS 50mm 32 101dB/mW 1, 00mW 537,000Hz g 1.3mY OFC 3.5mOFC 3.5mm </p>