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Definition of Planning And its Features in any business organization, planning is first task for starting any business planning is first function of management, Planning play vital role in management


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2. In simple sense whatever we decide in advance for doing any future events, is termed as planning. For Example: if I would want to go to Delhi tomorrow then. I will have to make plan either I will go by bus or by train. Hence, it is clear that planning is done for doing future events not past. According to managerial language planning may be defined as a forward looking process. Which is adopted by an organization with view to bring certainty in the present events or activities so that, organization may have more confidence regarding the accuracy of future events. Hence, it is clarify that planning is directly concerned with the forecasting of future events. 3. Goal-Oriented Approach Forward Looking Process Choice Making Activity Primary Function Planning is a Continuous Process Pervasive Function Planning is a Dynamic process 4. The features of planning can put to be a goal oriented approach because it is directly related with goals of organization. In the absence of goals or targets we can not assume about planning because within the organization all the various activities are done with a view to attain the primary goals of organization. In fact in the lack of goals there is no need to do plan towards any activity. On the whole we can say; planning is a goal oriented approach. 5. It is a salient feature of planning. Planning is forward looking process because it is directly concerned with forecasting of future events. The purpose of every plan is to determine the future events with a view to bring certainty in the present activities of the organization. Thus we can say that planning is forward looking process. 6. Planning can set to be a choice making activity because planning provides a large number of alternative courses to an organization to do a various activities in the most appropriate manner. It is matter of fact that an action may be performed by many ways but there is particular way to perform an action which is most appropriate to organization. Planning provides these alternatives to organization to perform its various actions in the most proper way. Thus, planning is a choice making activity. 7. The feature of planning refers to primary function because planning is the first task of business management. All other functions of business management such as organizing, staffing, directing & controlling are done after completing the planning. Infect, whenever we are going to do any event or activity at first we make plan & accordingly we will perform to attain result oriented work. Thus we can say to plan as primary function. 8. Planning can put to be a continuous process because it is not an event which is concerned with the point of time. It is needed every walk of life of an organization. Infect, in the absence of planning any organization cannot able to take even one step properly. Thus, it is clear that planning is a continuous process. 9. It is a unique feature of planning. Planning is a pervasive function because it can universally applicable at all the levels of management either it may be like top level of management, middle level of management or lower level of management. In fact planning is the function of all managers. So that, planning is a pervasive function. 10. Planning can be treated as a dynamic process because it is affected if any changes are made in the internal & external environment of organization. Such as if the goals of organization will change then it also affects the plans of organization. Similarly in external environment if any changes are made in the government policy, regarding business then it also affects the plans of organization. Therefore, it is clear that planning can put to be as a dynamic process. 11. All Content Are Written by MSO Team You are free to use these Presentations for your personal and business presentations. Dont do this. Resell or distribute these Presentations. Put these Presentations. on a website for download. This includes uploading them onto file sharing networks like Slideshare, Myspace, Facebook, bit torrent etc Pass off any of our created content as your own work


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